MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK – All You Need to Know

An MBA in healthcare management in the UK goes a long way towards equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in a country‚Äôs flourishing healthcare sector. The handsome salaries paid to healthcare managers make it worthwhile, especially if you have an aptitude for the subject and are willing to work hard. 

Reasons for Studying MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK 

There are many reasons behind studying MBA healthcare management courses in the UK. They include: 

‚óŹ The UK has the world‚Äôs best healthcare system, focusing on preventive, predictive, and customized management. 

‚óŹ The scope of an MBA in healthcare management in the UK is vast, with the field expected to witness rapid future growth over the next five years. Some aspects driving the same will include newer technologies, enhanced awareness regarding public health, and improved policymaking. 

‚óŹ The National Health Services (NHS) is one of the world‚Äôs biggest healthcare frameworks and hires skilled professionals in large numbers.

Leading Universities for Studying Healthcare Management in the UK

Most universities offer 1-2-year programs in healthcare management.

‚óŹ MBA (Healthcare Management) at Brunel University, London

‚óŹ Healthcare Management MBA at the London campus of York Business School

‚óŹ MBA in Healthcare Management at Anglia Ruskin University

Some other related specializations include:

  • MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care, Global Health Science, International Health and Tropical Medicine – the University of Oxford
  • Masters in Public Health, Primary Care Research, MSt in Healthcare Data – the University of Cambridge
  • MSc in Health Policy, Public Health – The University of Edinburgh
  • MSc in Public Health – University of Bristol
  • MSc Healthcare Operational Management, the University of Warwick 

Eligibility for MBA in Healthcare Management 

‚óŹ Minimum 55-75% in undergraduate 2:1 degree. Those getting 2:2 degrees with 5+ years of work experience may also be admitted by institutions. 

‚óŹ PTE/IELTS scores.

‚óŹ Work experience of at least three years. 

Documents Required for MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK

‚óŹ Official academic transcripts. 

‚óŹ If needed, score sheets of examinations like IELTS/PTE and GRE/GMAT.

‚óŹ Proof of work experience. 

‚óŹ A valid passport and passport-size photographs. 

‚óŹ CV/Resume.

Cost of Studying MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK

You should budget roughly ¬£10,000-40,000 or INR 10-40 lakh for your MBA program in healthcare management. The cost includes tuition fees, living expenses as well as other miscellaneous costs. The city and university you choose will also determine your actual cost of completing the program. 

How to Apply

You can directly apply at the websites of MBA universities and colleges and submit all your documents. Once your application has been processed, you will hear from the university. Upon getting your confirmation letter, you should pay your admission deposit swiftly and confirm enrollment. 

Scope of MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK

The scope of an MBA in healthcare management is vast in the United Kingdom (UK). Candidates can pursue job roles like healthcare administrators, biostatisticians, healthcare managers, public health educators, epidemiologists, facility managers, health information managers, and facility managers. They can also work as hospital administrators. MBA in healthcare management salaries in the UK usually hover around ¬£90,000-¬£100,000 with experience (approximately INR 90 lakh to INR 1 crore). 

Master‚Äôs in healthcare management offers practical and hands-on knowledge for equipping students with the capabilities needed for operating healthcare units in real-time. 

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Scholarships for MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK

Here are some of the scholarships available for aspirants: 


Amount Granted

Rhodes Scholarship at the University of Oxford

Coverage for tuition costs, health insurance, accommodation, etc. 

Felix Scholarships

100% waiver on tuition costs 

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Coverage for tuition costs 

Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships

Coverage for a stipend, tuition fees, and more. 

Think Big Scholarship

INR 4.25 lakh onwards 

David Vowles Postgraduate Scholarship

Approximately INR 1.70 lakh onwards 

You can also apply for the Chevening scholarships along with the Commonwealth master’s scholarship program.

Jobs with MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK 

Healthcare managers take up a variety of roles in the United Kingdom. They work as healthcare administrators and managers along with taking care of various aspects of running healthcare centers, facilities, hospitals, and more. There are job opportunities present throughout healthcare and IT consulting firms, insurance companies, healthcare consulting, hospital administration, finances, pharmaceutical product management, etc. 

Many public institutions hire graduates in large numbers, while private healthcare recruiters also abound in the UK. Some of the top names include the NHS, Global Data, and Greenwich Council, to name a few. 

Required English Language Test for MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK

Necessary English language tests for studying MBA in healthcare management in the UK is TOEFL iBT and IELTS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is healthcare management in demand in the UK?

Healthcare management is highly in demand throughout the UK, across private and public healthcare facilities, centers, consulting firms, insurance firms, hospitals, etc. Public giants like the NHS hire graduates in large numbers as well. The scope in the UK is expected to increase by 20 percent by 2026 to ensure good healthcare service delivery to its citizens.

What is the salary for healthcare management?

Healthcare managers earn handsome salaries, which increase consistently. Average salaries start from approximately INR 27 lakh per year while going up to INR 1.11 crore annually after the experience. With more experience, salaries can go up to a whopping INR 2.68 crore.

What is an MBA in hospital and healthcare management?

MBA in hospital and healthcare management is a course teaching aspirant about managing and operating healthcare facilities, covering finances, human resources, legal aspects, administration, and more. This MBA provides students with a sophisticated understanding of the principal business functions and healthcare policy and how to manage the constantly evolving needs of the healthcare sector.

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