Paramedical Courses in UK- Universities, Eligibility & Scope

Paramedic science is a domain where the associated individuals handle emergency and non-critical situations. In cases where a healthcare practitioner is immediately required, paramedic professionals attend to the situation promptly. So, they need substantial training. 

The United Kingdom has some of the most eminent universities offering paramedical courses. With excellent hands-on training and enriched curriculums, paramedical courses in UK produce well-rounded professionals.

Course Brief

Paramedical courses aim to equip students with clinical knowledge and practical skills to tackle critical situations. These courses are usually full-time and have a duration of 3 years, preparing students for real-world situations.

Students will be introduced to the appropriate medical equipment and understand clinical anatomy. Most universities provide simulated scenarios and manikins to allow students to practice the concepts they learn.

Moreover, the Health and Care Professions Council recognizes these courses to ensure students receive appropriate career-oriented knowledge. The paramedical courses in UK subjects students can explore include –

  • Fundamentals of paramedic science
  • Applied Pharmacology
  • Assessment and management of emergencies
  • Emergency patient care
  • Neonatal and Obstetric care
  • Trauma management
  • Safety principles of paramedic science
  • Physiology and anatomy

Top Universities Offering Paramedical Courses in UK  

Most institutes offer substantial knowledge and skills to students, so they can become paramedics after completing the degree. They are also provided relevant industrial exposure and professional strategies to offer unsupervised care.

The most distinguished universities offering paramedical courses in UK are –

University Name QS World University Ranking 2023  Course Name Course Duration 
University of Surrey 305 Paramedic Science BSc (Hons) 3 years 
University of East Anglia (UEA) 342 BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science  3 years 
University of Hull 651-700 BSc Paramedic Science 3 years 
University of Portsmouth 701-750 Paramedic Science BSc (Hons) 3 years
University of Bradford 701-750 Paramedic Science

BSc (Hons)

4 years 

Paramedical Courses in UK Eligibility Criteria

The paramedical courses in UK admission criteria differ according to the student’s place of residence.   

International students are generally required to have completed their high school education from a recognized institute, with biology as a part of their curriculum. Moreover, they must also secure approximately 70% or more in the English proficiency exam like IELTS to be eligible for the paramedic course.  

For UK students, the paramedical courses in UK eligibility depend upon their UCAS points, A level passes, and diploma certifications. Further, they must have a GCSE subject combination matching their preferred university.

Most importantly, having a background in biological sciences is essential to become a paramedic.

Specializations Offered By Paramedic Courses

Students can work for private healthcare emergency and urgent patient care teams after completing the undergraduate degree. After gaining experience, they can specialize to become a critical paramedic or a paramedic specialist.  

Additionally, candidates can opt for a graduate degree or MSc in Paramedic Science degree after their bachelor’s program.     

Scope of Education

After completing paramedical courses in UK universities, students will be ready to work as a paramedic for any healthcare organization. They will also send an application to the HCPC for their paramedic registration.

Moreover, paramedic students can pursue research under the different sub-domains of paramedical science. Or, they can focus on training and teaching services at reputed institutes after gaining sufficient exposure.  

Average Paramedic Course Fees in the UK

The paramedical courses in UK fees depend upon the level of education (graduate/undergraduate) and institute. Below are the fee structures of the best paramedical colleges in the UK.

Name of institution Course name Fees in Pounds (Yearly)
University of Bedfordshire BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science (Bedford)  £14,300
University of Hull  BSc Paramedic Science £18,300 
University of Bradford BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science 
St George’s, University of London BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science
Anglia Ruskin University BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science

Job Prospects

Students can avail of employment opportunities in UK hospitals and ambulance services after degree completion. Some students find jobs in private healthcare firms, prison services, pharmaceutical companies and the armed forces. Working for the NHS is also a prime objective for most students.

They can also apply for instructor jobs at paramedic institutes after acquiring professional experience of 2 to 3 years. Students might work in an ambulance, in a community setting or at a patient or client’s house.

After gathering more than three years of experience, professionals can become team leaders or paramedic experts. Further, they can work as emergency care providers in government or non-government facilities.


Expected Remuneration for Paramedics

The approximate salary of a paramedic is between 25,655 GBP to 31,534 GBP, which is considered Band 5. When the candidate moves to Band 6, the compensation might increase to £39,027. Team leaders, senior paramedics and consultant paramedics earn around 45,057 GBP to 75,874 GBP.

However, the average base salary of a paramedic in the UK is 25,769 GBP. Senior paramedics earn almost 37,638 GBP a year. Some of the highest-paying cities in the UK include London, Nottingham, Coventry, Bristol and Lincoln.


Is studying Paramedic Science in the UK worth it?

Yes, the UK has an outstanding atmosphere for paramedical science education. With career-oriented courses offered by distinguished universities, students can get jobs right after completing the course. The NHS and HCPC monitor all courses to ensure the highest academic standards.    

Can I pursue a master’s degree in paramedical science in the UK?

Students can opt for a graduate degree in paramedical science after completing their undergraduate program successfully. An important paramedical courses in UK requirement will be a bachelor’s degree in human sciences.     

How long are paramedic courses in the UK?

These courses are usually between two to four years. This duration includes theory and practical exposure for equipping students with paramedic skills.

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