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Paramedical Courses in Canada- Universities, Eligibility and more

Updated on 10 September, 2023

Neha Uppal

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

Compared to a full-time MBBS degree program, paramedical courses involve more profession-oriented medical training. The purpose of a paramedic is to provide emergency treatment and medical assistance to licensed doctors. They are also trained in diagnostic technology. 

Although not a substitute for a full-time medical degree (since paramedics are not doctors), there is still sufficient opportunity for the course. Speaking of opportunities, Canada has remained a popular destination for international candidates and duly so. The country has some of the best universities for medicine, providing globally recognized paramedical courses in Canada.

The diversity of study, culture, and infrastructure makes Canadian institutions a lucrative educational destination to explore. However, the courses offered at each university may differ from the others. 

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Course Brief

The study programs for paramedical courses in Canada usually involve both hands-on and in-class education. The simulated training sessions are equally crucial as classroom education. 

Some of the paramedical courses in Canada subjects entail

  • Ambulance operations 
  • Anesthesia
  • Basic CPR
  • Crisis prevention 
  • First-aid
  • Human Anatomy
  • Obstetrics and gynecology nursing 
  • Pathology 
  • Patient care 
  • Pediatric Nursing 
  • Practice of paramedicine 
  • Radiodiagnosis 

Studying these paramedical courses in Canada offers students the necessary insight into the field to become reliable professionals. Along with competence, students also develop soft skills like reasoning, assessing, and empathy. As a paramedic, these qualities are an absolute necessity. 

Top Universities offering Paramedical Courses in Canada

Canada has a highly prominent healthcare industry and pharmaceutical sector. The country also hosts many renowned universities that offer globally recognized courses. 

Some of the best-taught Paramedical Courses in Canada Universities are as follows: 

Paramedical courses in Canada Eligibility Factor: Levels of Education

There are some prerequisites for being considered eligible by Canadian universities. The paramedical courses in Canada require the completion of a secondary school diploma or equivalent degree with a prioritization on English and Sciences. 

In addition, a class “F” ability in minimum physical standards and a driver’s license are considered bonus points.

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Paramedical courses in Canada Fees: Cost Required for the Program at Each Level

Name of institutionUniversity  Rank (As per QS Rankings 2023)Course nameYears Fees
University of Toronto Medical Faculty34Paramedicine (Joint Centennial) – Honors Bachelor of ScienceFourCAD 59320
University of British Columbia47Master of Occupational Therapy ProgramTwoCAD 96,859
University of Alberta 110Emergency Medicine Certification programTwo
University of Ottawa 237Ottawa Paramedics Study ProgramTwo

Specializations in Paramedical courses in Canada universities for International Candidates

Many specialization programs in paramedical courses in Canada universities offer ample job opportunities. These include certification, diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. 

Diploma courses in paramedicine in Canada are one to two years, while a bachelor’s degree takes three to four years. 

A Master’s degree in paramedicine takes two years to complete. However, the duration of certification courses varies for each university. 

Nonetheless, specializations in paramedical courses in Canadian universities include

  • Nursing 
  • Obstetrics and gynecology nursing 
  • Anesthesia
  • Radiodiagnosis 
  • Auxiliary nurse-midwifery 
  • Clinical research 
  • Operation theater technology 
  • OT technician 

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Scope of Education/Course: Job prospects

Currently, there is sufficient scope for students opting for paramedical courses in Canada admission. With the average age of the Canadian population reaching middle age and increasing, there is a surge in medical emergencies. This requires immediate medical attention, and paramedics are the best professionals for the job.

Naturally, there is a rising demand for paramedic assistants, medical technicians, and paramedics. This makes pursuing Paramedical Courses in Canada more lucrative for international candidates. 

Paramedicine graduates in Canada can get hired in various occupations, such as ambulatory health care services, hospitals, and other public administrations. 

Expected remuneration Salary 

Graduating in paramedicine in Canada can typically fetch CAD 32 hourly, with an average range of CAD 21-42/hour. That makes the annual compensation for paramedics in Canada about CAD 76,272. 

Of course, experienced professionals can earn even more than that, up to CAD 108K annually. 

Here is a basic idea about the different pay packages for various job roles that paramedicine graduates join in Canada:

  • Critical care paramedics earn the highest remunerations, about CAD134903 annually
  • Firefighter paramedics and field paramedics come second in terms of annual remuneration, with consecutive yearly pay of CAD 87706 and CAD 84565. 
  • EMTs also receive a decent pay package, about CAD 64896 per annum. 
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What is the average duration of paramedical courses in Canada?

The duration of paramedical courses in Canada depends on the university and course type. However, on average, it takes about two years to complete a master’s or certification course. However, diploma and Bachelors programs can take up to three years or more. 

What are paramedics called in Canada?

Paramedicine professionals or paramedics are also known as EMTs or emergency medical technicians. Some even call them emergency medical services providers. 

Is choosing to study paramedical courses in Canada a good decision?

Being a paramedic is a rewarding profession. If you are not just thinking of remuneration and considering job satisfaction and making an impact, this is one of the most exciting professions to pursue. Also, paramedics receive handsome remunerations due to being a vital part of the healthcare industry. 

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Sr. Content editor

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