Bachelor In Architecture In Canada – A Guide

A Bachelor in Architecture teaches the various architectural styles and the science of designing. This course covers modules such as Design Structure, Architecture, 3D Designs, and more. In addition, a student will also learn computer software like Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

In terms of the destination, Canada is a country infamous for its diverse culture and is known to provide an excellent location to study Architecture. Moreover, Canada boasts of a number of structures and well-known architects like Moshe Safdie.

Course brief

The programs available for a bachelor’s in architecture in Canada may vary according to the institute. Even so, some common programs you may encounter include:

1. Design Studio

2. Visual and Digital Media

3. Introduction to Cultural History

4. Building Construction

5. Architecture of the Urban Environment

6. Digital Fabrication

Additionally, the Architecture curriculum will also focus on teaching you design rules, and where you should follow them. Not to forget, it will enable you to expand on your creativity by teaching you how to work with texture, colour, contrast, and lighting.

Top universities offering a Bachelor of Architecture in Canada

There are several architecture colleges in Canada for Bachelor studies. Based on their rankings, some colleges to consider include:

1. University of British Columbia

2. McGill University

3. University of Toronto

4. University of Waterloo

5. Université de Montréal

6. Concordia University

7. Ryerson University

Specializations in Architecture

An Architectural degree teaches a candidate about the basics of the world of design. However, they are free to choose a specialization if they wish to ultimately find employment in a specific field of Architecture.

Some of these common specializations can be that of:

1. Residential

2. Commercial

3. Landscaping

4. Interior Architecture

5. Urban Design

6. Green Building Design

7. Industrial Architecture

Levels of education of the Bachelor of Architecture in Canada

Universities in Canada offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Architecture, i.e., B. Arch. and M. Arch. degrees. Most of the Architecture colleges in Canada for Bachelor’s consist of a three or four-year course while the Master’s course further takes up duration of three years.

Bachelor in Architecture in Canada fees

The course fees for pursuing a Bachelor’s in Architecture degree in Canada vary across different universities. Nevertheless, the fees of this degree in some of the top universities of Canada include:

University Name

Course name

Fees in CAD (INR)

University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism CAD $41,857.80 (INR 25,00,000)
McGill University Bachelor of Science in Architecture

CAD 26,927.59 (INR 16,50,000) annually

University of Toronto

Bachelor of Architectural Studies CAD 55,432.86 (INR 33,00,000)
University of Waterloo Bachelor of Architectural Studies

CAD 61,000 (INR 36,00,000)

Ryerson University

Bachelor of Architectural Science

CAD 34,815.27 (INR 21,00,000)

Job prospects

After the completion of a Bachelor of Architecture in Canada, a student can find work in the industry as an Architectural Drafter, Designer, or even an Engineer. Additionally, they can also find work as an Interior Designer or a Town Planner.

Additionally, post the completion of the degree, the candidates can find employment in many renowned companies such as:

1. Arquitectonica International

2. Whiting Design

3. AODBT Architecture & Interior Design

4. Diamond Schmitt Architects Inc.

5. Bryden Wood Ltd.

Expected remuneration/salary

The average salary for an experienced architect in Canada is CAD 97,391 (INR 58,00,000) per year.

The entry-level positions after formal education start at CAD 79,235 (INR 47,00,000) per year while more experienced architects make a sum of around CAD 139,881 (INR 83,00,000) annually.

Additionally, there are some other roles that can be undertaken after Architecture, with the below-mentioned pay scale.

1. Solution Architect– CAD 114,000 (INR 68,00,000)

2. Interior Designer– CAD 57,248 (INR 34,00,000)

3. Urban Designer– CAD 113,090 (INR 67,00,000)

Disclaimer! All course fees/salaries/expenses are indicative.”

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