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Cyber Security Diploma in Canada

Updated on 11 October, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

Canada has always been a hotspot for international students willing to study abroad. The process of application in most Canadian universities is simple along with minimal visa requirements, making Canada, the most sought-after destination for studying.


There are a host of universities and colleges offering diplomas and graduation certificate courses in Cyber security in Canada. Let us have a look at the top colleges offering the best Cyber Security Diploma in Canada.

Centennial College, Toronto

Cyber Security Diploma in Canada offered by Centennial College, Toronto, is one of the best and. The program allows students to groom themselves to be world-class security professionals having varied exposure to areas such as cryptography, cyber forensics, network security mobile network security, cloud security, and various ethical hacking tools catering to both private and public sectors. 

Most of the admissions take place by September and the following is the fee structure:

Name of the Course

Graduate Certificate Program-Cybersecurity



Duration1 year
IntakesFall (September 22)
Fees$17,956.24 (2022-2023)

University of Winnipeg

This university offers a diploma in Network Security in collaboration with the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT). The students get practical exposure and understanding of the various protocols, standards, and solutions related to IT security. The program runs on a hybrid model, with maximum course content covered in physical classrooms to provide students with added flexibility.

Application Cycle: The intakes happen during Summer/Spring and winter and the current batch starts on August 17, 2022, and February 22, 2023.

Name of the Course

Network Security Diploma



Duration1.4 years
IntakesSummer/Spring/Winters (August 22/February’23)
Fees$ 25,080 (2022-2023)

Toronto School of Management

This is also one of the popular colleges for pursuing a Cyber Security diploma in Canada. The course, powered by CompTIA, is specially designed for students to become thorough professionals in the fields of Blockchain, Bigdata, and the Internet of Things.

Application Cycle: Fall and Winter Intakes with the current session starting from September 6, 2022.

Name of the Course

Diploma in Cybersecurity Specialist Co-op



Duration1 year
IntakesFall/Winters (September 22/January 23/May 23/September’23)
Fees$11,500 & 12,500 (2022-2023 and 2023-2024 respectively, after scholarship)

 Kensley College

The Cyber Security program at Kensley College, situated in Montreal, is one of its kind and focuses on making professionals job-ready in the IT sector. The delivery module is a combination of On-Campus and Virtual set-up, enabling flexibility for its students.

Name of the Course

Cyber security and Ethical Cyber Piracy



Duration1 year
IntakesFall/Winters (Jan/Mar/May/Sep)
FeesCA $14000

Canadian College of Technology and Business

The Cyber Security program at the Canadian College of Technology and Business, Vancouver, allows aspiring students to gain an in-depth understanding of the cyber security sector and become top-notch professionals in the IT Industry.

Name of the Course

Cyber Security Analyst with Practicum



Duration1 year
IntakesFall/Winters (Jan/May/Sep)

For Canadian Students- $8,500 (2022-2023)


For InternationalStudents-$11,500 (2022-2023)


Cyber Security Diploma in Canada takes 1-2 years to complete. The eligibility criteria are:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer/electronic/communication engineering, IT, or related discipline; OR High School diploma with relevant IT work experience
  2. IELTS/TOEFL with min. 5.5/6 score, for English Language proficiency

Career Prospects:

After acquiring a Cyber Security Diploma in Canada, professionals get employed in various sectors like Financial Services, IT, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, and government as they are always in high demand. They can have profiles like Cybersecurity consultant, Incident and Threat Manager, Network Security Consultant, Risk Analyst, Forensic Analyst, Network Security Consultant, Education, and Training Manager, the list goes on the opportunities are lucratively immense. We have tabulated a list of the most popular positions prevalent in the Cyber Security space along with an Average Annual Salary figure as sourced from various job portals.

·         JOB TITLESAverage Annual Salaries in CAD

·         Cyber Security Manager



·         Cyber Security Analyst $70,979
·         Network Security Analyst$65,634

Forensic Analyst



·         Risk Analyst$65,275

·         Risk Consultant



·         Incident and Threat Manager$65,536

·         Security Specialist




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  1. FAQs


Which universities are good for doing Cyber security in Canada?

The career options for courses related to the Cyber Security Diploma in Canada are huge and when we talk of universities, the best ones for studying it are the University of Winnipeg, Ontario Tech University, and Concordia University. Although there are a few standalone premium colleges also for the same, such as Centennial College and Toronto School of Management, which provide Diploma courses in Cyber Securityafter graduation, students can opt for the popular universities mentioned above for graduate courses. 

How’s the demand for Cyber security professionals in Canada?

The growing need for robust security solutions has created an employment pool worldwide in the cyber security sector. Working as an IT professional in the Cyber security domain has motivated average salaries. The job profile allows work-life balance as well as flexibility, making it a high in-demand profession for prospective employees.

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

She is an experienced writer and journalist who has extensively covered the education sector in India and Abroad. Now helping Indian aspirants realise their foreign education dream by providing them with relevant content and information through upGrad Abroad. Amateur traveller, loves to read Architectural Digest!

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