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Benefits of Canadian Citizenship with Application Procedure

Updated on 08 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

The benefits of Canadian citizenship are multifarious, prompting most people with permanent residence status to apply for the same. Many factors make Canadian citizenship highly coveted for anyone. There are many Canadian citizenship benefits for Indians and people from other countries, in the form of social, financial, and other advantages. 

Application Procedure for Canadian Citizenship 

Before learning about the social benefits of Canadian citizenship, you should know more about the application process. Here is a brief guide to the same- 


  1. Permanent resident of Canada
  2. Residence in the country for three out of the last five years
  3. Filing taxes (if required)
  4. Passing the citizenship test
  5. Language skills


  • Mandatory for those between 18-54 years of age on the day of signing the application
  • Questions will be asked about Canadian citizens’ rights and duties.
  • The questions will cover the topics related to the country’s economy, history, government, geography, symbols, laws, and other topics.
  • The test takes place in English/French and covers half an hour.
  • You will have twenty questions in total.
  • Fifteen answers have to be correct to pass the examination.
  • The examination is mostly written, although it may be oral at times.
  • There are true/false questions, along with multiple-choice queries.
  • It is based on the official guide for study- Discover Canada.

Application Procedure- 

  • Online/offline applications
  • Fees are $630 for adults and $100 for minors (less than 18 years of age) 
  • Fees have to be paid online, while the receipt should be included in the application
  • You may be asked to submit missing documents/data/receipts if the authorities deem fit
  • Once the application is deemed complete, processing will begin, and a confirmation letter will reach you
  • Processing timelines are usually 27 months long, including the citizenship test, ceremony, and interview
  • You may get the citizenship test invitation within a few weeks of getting your acknowledgment letter for the receipt 
  • You will get the date, location, and time around 1-2 weeks prior to your test


  • There is an interview with an official after your test
  • You will get your test results
  • The official will examine your language proficiency (those between 18-54 years of age)
  • Your application and documents will undergo verification
  • You will be asked any questions that still remain

Passing this interview means getting the ceremony date and test results simultaneously in some cases. Or else, you may get a letter with the time and date of the ceremony. 


Here are some key pointers- 

  • The oath has to be taken by anyone who is 14 years and above
  • Parents of children under this age will get citizenship certificates
  • You will get the date, location, and time approximately one to two weeks prior to your ceremony
  • You have to remain within the designated room for your ceremony
  • You will have to take the Oath of Citizenship and sign the form (Affirmation of Citizenship)
  • You will get the certificate and sing the National Anthem (O Canada)

You need to follow these steps for a seamless application process. 

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship 

There are numerous social and financial benefits of Canadian citizenship. Here’s looking at some of them: 

1. Peace of Mind/Certainty 

Once you get citizenship of the country, you will not have to keep renewing/maintaining the same actively. Losing citizenship is only possible in the rarest of circumstances, especially after the reforms of 2017. 

2. Travel privileges

As a Canadian citizen, you can go to most global nations without needing a visa. You may not even need one upon arrival in many countries. This includes the USA, Schengen Countries, UK, and more. Your passport (Canadian) also secures you with regard to entry, exit, and residence in the country. 

3. Perks for Children

Citizenship may be transferred to children/descendants. Anybody born in the country will also have natural citizenship. 

4. Employment Benefits

Many job openings come with special consideration/preferences for citizens of the country. Needless to say, citizenship opens doors to more opportunities in the job market, especially spanning the Government and security sectors. 

5. Political Rights

The Constitution grants voting rights solely to citizens. At the same time, those not born in the country can also vote if they become citizens. Getting citizenship thus empowers you with political rights as any other Canadian citizen. 

6. Dual Citizenship Perks

Canada allows dual citizenship. This means that you can continue being a citizen here while maintaining the citizenship of your home country. 

7. Community Integration

Citizenship paves the way for deeper integration into the community. Becoming a citizen brings people closer to the country’s ethos. It also makes them feel more connected to their local areas and people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the social benefits of Canadian citizenship?

There are many social benefits of Canadian citizenship, including coverage under healthcare and the right to reside, live or work anywhere in the country. Holders of citizenship can also get constitutional protection as per the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They can get better employment, rebates, and more. They can transfer citizenship automatically to their descendants, get dual citizenship rights, and have the right to vote. They can also travel without visas to several global nations. 




What are the financial benefits of Canadian citizenship?

There are numerous financial benefits of Canadian citizenship. These include getting access to more employment opportunities (with consideration given more to citizens), especially in the government, security, and other sectors. Citizenship also comes with tax rebates/benefits, along with disability benefits, retirement payments, survivors’ benefits for workers who are deceased, and more. 

How is Canadian citizenship beneficial for Indians?

There are many benefits for Indians with Canadian citizenship. Firstly, they get more job opportunities (especially in sectors where preference is given to Canadian citizens), along with getting medical coverage without paying anything. There are tax benefits and other retirement benefits along with procuring cutting-edge free education for their children. 

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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