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Instrumentation engineer jobs in Canada: Top Universities, Scope and Jobs

Updated on 10 October, 2023

Bulbul Sharma

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

There are several instrumentation engineer jobs in Canada for skilled graduates. The prospects of instrumentation and control engineering are many, not just in Canada but throughout the world. Instrumentation engineering is about the functioning, operation, and core principles of instruments and devices in various industries, including the mechanical industry. 

The subject is vast since it has relevance in almost all applications in engineering. A system’s core components include devices and instruments, and professionals should know more about their functioning. Instrument engineers work in maintenance, design, operations, and purchase divisions. 

Some of the top industries for instrumentation and control engineering jobs in Canada include chemicals, oil and gas, power, automobiles, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and many others. The scope of instrumentation engineering in Canada is immense, along with other countries like the United States, UAE, Australia, and more. 

Companies Hiring Instrumentation Engineers

Some leading Canadian companies that hire instrumentation engineers include Worley, Walmart, Shell, Hatch, and MDS Aero, per job listings on Glassdoor. 

Jobs for Freshers 

There are several instrumentation engineering jobs in Canada for freshers. Some of the top profiles include the following, according to Glassdoor: 

  • Instrumentation Engineer- CA $51,000
  • Automation Engineer- CA $60,000 
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer- CA $46,000 
  • Instrument Technician- CA $58,000 
  • Graduate Engineer Trainee- CA $55,000 

It is not hard to find a job in Canada for an Indian instrumentation engineer with the requisite skills and qualifications required for the job. 

Jobs for Experienced Professionals

Here are some of the top job profiles for experienced professionals in the field, according to Glassdoor: 

  • Instrumentation Engineer- Median salaries of CA$ 88,829 per year, with the most experienced professionals earning up to CA$ 155,000 per year
  • Automation Engineer- CA$ 84,698 per year
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer- CA$ 76,748 per year
  • Graduate Engineer Trainee- CA$ 75,925 per year
  • Instrument Technician- CA$ 86,613 per year

Leading Universities for the Course

University NameRanking (Electrical and Electronic- QS WUR by Subject 2022)CourseFees in CAD
University of British Columbia (UBC)31Automation and Control Engineering $54,986 per year 
McGill University54Electrical and Computer Engineering- Systems and Control$55,389 per year 
University of Alberta132Electrical and Computer Engineering-Research-Control SystemsN/A
McMaster University151-200Electrical & Computer Engineering- Instrumentation and Control$43,000 per year 
Concordia University201-250Quality Systems Engineering (MEng)$25,126-29,607 per year 



Studying instrumentation and control engineering in Canada will prove to be a wise decision, considering the handsome median salary for skilled graduates. There are numerous job openings across industries for qualified instrumentation engineers. Several reputed institutions also offer the course to their students. 

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Which engineering jobs are the most in-demand in Canada?

Canada has a steady demand for instrumentation engineers, chemical engineers, electrical engineers, and civil engineers. There is also high demand for computer or software engineers and mechanical engineers.

Which is the best job for an instrumentation engineer?

Some of the top job roles for instrumentation engineers include positions like automation engineer, instrument engineer, instrument mechanic, control engineer, process analyzer, control systems technologist, and instrumentation technician.

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

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