What is biometric for Canada visa- A helpful guide

Biometric for a Canada visa.You need a biometric for a Canada visa. This refers to the fingerprints and photographs that are taken for processing your visa application. Hence, you should be abreast of the biometrics for the Canada visa process along with other related aspects. 


Requirements for Biometric Enrollment 

People who have to provide their photographs and fingerprints: 

You will have to provide your biometrics if you are applying for the following: 

  1. Visitor Visa
  2. Study/work permit (U.S. nationals are excluded)
  3. Permanent residency
  4. Asylum/refugee status
  5. Extension of Canadian stay or visitor record
  6. Study permit/work extension 



Anyone who is present in Canada and applying for temporary residence status will be exempted from providing biometrics. Some exemptions include the following: 

  1. Already in Canada
  2. Applying or have applied for the following- 
  3. Extension of stay for workers, students, and visitors. 
  4. Study/work permits. 
  5. Restoration of status as workers/students/visitors. 
  6. Visitor visas.
  7. Temporary residence permit. 

Those who have furnished biometric details anytime in the last decade for study, work, or visitor visa permits (if they are valid) do not need to furnish the same once again. The Check Status option may be used to find out the validity of the same. Those with alien passports will have to give biometrics irrespective of the passport-issuing country. 

Here are some other points to keep in mind: 

  • When to provide photographs and fingerprints- To be provided as part of the application (visitor visa, study/work permit, etc.) 
  • Frequency of providing biometrics- Once in ten years. 


Way to Enroll/Provide Biometrics 

  1. First-time applicants need to furnish biometrics. 
  2. Those who have given them before should check their validity with the tool mentioned above. 
  3. Pay the fee while submitting the application. Those applying for transit visas do not have to pay any fees for biometrics. 
  4. Get the confirmation letter on providing biometrics. Carry it with you on the scheduled date. 
  5. Visit the official site of collection. Make an appointment swiftly after receiving the letter. 
  6. Let temporary wounds, injuries, cracks, and cuts on your hands heal completely before visiting to give your biometrics. 
  7. Do not apply henna or other things on your hand for this appointment. 
  8. Avoid headgear and light-colored clothing if possible. Headgear is only allowed for religious reasons. 


Post-Biometrics Requirements for a Canada Visitor Visa. 

Once you have provided these details, you may have to wait for eight weeks to get the visa, provided everything is approved by the authorities. 


The biometric fees for Canada student visas or other applications are the following: 

  1. CAD $85 for individuals. 
  2. CAD$170 for families applying simultaneously. 
  3. CAD $255 for groups of three or more members who are performing artists and also their staff members. They should be applying simultaneously for their work permits. 

These details will help you out with the biometrics process for your Canadian visa. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a biometric test for a Canada visa?

You will have to provide your biometrics, i.e., your photograph and fingerprints, as part of your Canadian visa application. The staff members at the Visa Application Center (VAC) will ask for proof of payment of the fees for biometrics before taking a photograph and fingerprint. The fee will also include the costs pertaining to handling your application. 

Q2. How long does it take for a Canada visa to be approved after biometrics?

After you submit your biometrics, it should take approximately eight weeks to get your visa. This timeline may vary, and you should be patient. If your biometric details are not approved for some reason, you may be called to provide them again at a later date. 

Q3. Does biometrics mean approval for your application for a Canada visa?

If you are asked to provide your biometric details, it does not equate to the automatic approval of your application. It is only one of the steps or tasks in the application process for a Canadian visa. Your biometric details will be used for processing and evaluating your visa application. 

Q4. Can a visa be refused after biometrics?

Visas may or may not be refused after submitting your biometric details. Your visa/permit application may expire or be rejected. However, your biometrics will remain valid for a period of ten years. You will not have to provide them again while submitting another application in the future. 


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