Average Doctor Salary in US- Profession, Specializations & Education

Before learning more about the average doctor salary in the US, you should first get an overview of the specializations and other educational aspects of the profession. Anybody wishing to build a medical career in the US should prepare for training that will last for a minimum of seven years post-college. Medical school is for four years, while doctors will also complete a one-year internship before a three to seven year residency, based on the chosen specialization. Some popular specializations include cardiology, pediatrics, audiology, podiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, neonatology, oncology, neurology, rheumatology, urology, dermatology, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, endocrinology, radiology, nephrology, and psychiatry among others. 

Many institutions often use the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) to evaluate aspirants or equivalent qualifications. They can select from MD/Medical Doctor or the DO/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degrees. The latter offers more hands-on osteopathic medicine techniques and learning. Osteopathic and allopathic medical learners in the US usually sit for two out of three national licensing examination parts at the time of medical school itself. MD students sit for the USMLE, while DO students take the COMLEX-USA. Fourth-year students try to land residency programs within their chosen specializations. A medical residency in a specific field is required for independent practice. The last part of the COMLEX-USA or USMLE is taken at the start of the residency program. One also needs to apply for jurisdictional medical licenses. One should also pass requisite board examinations before applying for board certification via the American Board of Medical Specialists. 

Average Salary of a Doctor in the US

The average annual doctor salary in the US was more than $200,000 in May 2019, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (median salary). Now you know the answer to the question- how much does a doctor earn in the USA? Hence, the median monthly salary of doctors in the USA is more than $16,666 as per this calculation. 

Salary of US Doctors for Specific Job Types

Here is the average salary of US doctors based on various job types as per Indeed.com: 

Job Role Average Annual Salary
Epidemiologist $73,562
Audiologist $94,808
Podiatrist $89,690
General Practitioner $108,221
Pediatrician $118,288
Obstetrics and Gynecology $125,821
ENT Specialist $146,808
Dentist $178,564
Oncologist $169,061
Neonatologist $179,879
Surgeon $190,268
Orthopedist $185,126
Neurologist $191,843
Geriatric Physician $193,403
Rheumatologist $193,376
Gastroenterologist $208,875
Urologist $197,809
Dermatologist $220,517
Endocrinologist $223,146
Psychiatrist $228,608
Plastic Surgeon $226,889
Nephrologist $239,028
Anesthesiologist $226,974
Cardiologist $262,937
Radiologist $251,292

These are the average figures with regard to the salary of doctors in the USA for various jobs and positions. 

Salary of US Doctors by States 

Here are the average salaries for US doctors by States, as per the Medscape 2022 compensation report:

Name of State Average Annual Salary 
Florida $346,000 
Connecticut $346,000
Texas $346,000
North Carolina $348,000 
Oregon $352,000
Indiana $350,000 
Missouri $357,000
Alabama $358,000
Tennessee  $364,000
Kentucky $364,000 

Salary of US Doctors: US vs. Globally 

Here are some points to remember in this regard, as per Physician’s Weekly: 

  • Physicians earn far higher in the USA as compared to their global counterparts according to reports. 
  • They earned the highest sum of $316,000 per year, which was followed by Germany at $183,000 and the UK at $138,000. Mexico had the lowest salaries of $12,000. 
  • US physicians have an approximate net worth of $1.7 million with UK physicians having an average of $657,000. 
  • Other physician earnings include $98,000 for France, $57,000 for Spain, $70,000 for Italy, and $47,000 for Brazil. 


As can be seen, doctors are handsomely paid in the USA, and medicine is a lucrative career in the country by all means. There are several job positions and opportunities available for aspirants with attractive salaries. 


What is the average pay of a physician in the US?

The average pay for a physician in the US stands at approximately $200,000+ per year as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2019).

Why do doctors earn so much in the USA?

Doctors earn high salaries in the US since they render indispensable care and service to citizens, while working for long and unseemly hours, treating varied ailments. Their salaries are high due to the high-risk nature of their jobs.

Which medical degree should I do to become a doctor in the USA?

A DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) or MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree is suitable for practicing in the US.

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