Jobs in the USA for Indian Freshers- Things to Know

There are so many Jobs in the USA for Indian freshers in every sector. It is quite natural, considering the country’s diversified and strong economy with multiple opportunities across sectors. The USA is known for its excellent post-study job opportunities, with some annual reports indicating the addition of 4.8 million jobs alone to the economy. Despite the pandemic and other fluctuations, there are still numerous openings for freshers in the country across sectors like Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, Technology, Business Management, and more. 

Based on the reports, employment in healthcare professions should increase by 15% between 2019 and 2029, creating a whopping 2.4 million new opportunities for aspirants. At the same time, the forecasted growth is at least 10-15% and higher for IT and Management alike. Hence, if you were wondering how to get a job in the USA for Indian freshers, now is a good time to start planning your strategy. 

Best Ways to Find Jobs in the USA 

There are several ways that you can use to find jobs in the USA. Here’s looking at some suitable avenues: 

  1. Online/Digital Channels- 

Freshers can look up websites of leading companies in their sectors for available openings and application information. There are several job portals and search engines as well. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Upwork, Indeed, Snagajob, USJobs, Care, and many other portals have job openings for candidates. You will have to build a strong profile with all relevant information while choosing to receive periodic job alerts and posting your resume online as well. 

  1. Community Outreach- 

Spread the message to your colleagues, fellow aspirants, friends, family members, neighbors, and others regarding your job search. If you are recommended or referred by an employee at any organization who is within your personal network across social media and LinkedIn among other channels, it will give you an advantage. 

  1. Local Opportunities- 

Many employers advertise local employment positions in specific neighborhoods. Keep an eye out for signs of Help Wanted or others. Local websites and newspapers may be good places to search for jobs, along with community boards. Check for local companies and their hiring information. 

  1. Employment Centers- 

These centers offer assistance in helping freshers land jobs. They also offer help with resumes, job counseling, and computer access. You may search for nearby centers online and contact them accordingly. 

  1. Direct Outreach- 

You can first make a list of contact numbers and emails of companies and then reach out to them. While many may not answer or get back to you, a few might. While reaching out, ask for the HR or hiring department in charge, introduce yourself and explain the reasons for contacting you. Be ready to offer more information and answer questions. If nothing else, ask for the email address to share your CV with them. 

  1. Job Fairs and Networking Events- 

Job fairs are mostly organized by universities for students. They have several companies offering details of open positions, and you can apply for the ones for which you are suited. Networking events will help you connect with people working in different positions, along with university alumni and other resources. You should always have resume copies or QR codes for online sharing, dress formally and prepare for conversations regarding your job preferences and other aspects. 

  1. Volunteering and Training Programs- 

You can get a head start by volunteering in your community or participating in training programs. The Government also offers free employment and training programs which you can look up, along with apprenticeships. Other options include the Job Corps, H1B Skills Training Grants, YouthBuild, and CareerOneStop. You can also intern at various organizations as a first step toward landing a job. 

Top 10 Jobs for Indian Freshers in the USA 

Here are the top jobs for freshers in the USA as per Glassdoor. You will find information on the salaries for mechanical engineering jobs in the USA for Indian freshers along with those for jobs in the USA for Indian software engineers freshers as well. Along with these professions, other coveted ones include research assistants and jobs in the USA for Indian MBA freshers. Here’s taking a closer look: 

Job Type Average Base Pay Entry-Level Pay (Freshers)
MBA $75,722 per year $43,000 per year
Software Engineer $1,13,736 per year $76,000 per year 
Mechanical Engineer $88,064 per year $60,000 per year 
Research Assistant $41,094 per year  $27,000 per year
Finance Manager $1,12,309 per year $71,000 per year 
Healthcare Manager $82,429 per year $49,000 per year
Physician  $2,09,454 per year $100,000 per year 
Psychiatrist $2,33,092 per year $100,000 per year
Marketing Manager $1,10,428 per year $64,000 per year 
Teacher $54,067 per year $36,000 per year 

Tips to find Jobs in USA as a fresher

Here are some tips for finding jobs in the USA as a fresher: 

  • Always begin your job search process early, before completing your course. Contact the university career cell and find out details about job fairs and other networking events. 
  • Apply for internships and volunteering while studying to boost your career prospects. 
  • Do your homework on available openings, what companies offer, and what you can get with your skills. 
  • Keep your resume, personal information, and other details updated, including references. 
  • Tap into university resources, including job boards, part-time openings, alumni and other networks, and career counseling. 
  • Build your personal and professional networks across social media and other platforms. 
  • Focus on building CVs properly and prepare for interviews thoroughly 


What is the easiest way to get a job in the U.S. if you’re from India?

There are no easy ways.  Those getting jobs swiftly often include qualified professionals sponsored by their employers and obtain the requisite work visas for working in the USA. You should get a green card which is employment-based, and your employer can help with the same. You should also adhere to eligibility guidelines if you take the self-sponsorship route. Those with U.S. bachelor’s or master’s degrees have higher chances of landing jobs more quickly. 

Which job is best for Indians in the USA?

There are several jobs that are suited for Indians in the USA, including positions like healthcare workers, software developers, front-end engineers, nurse practitioners, data scientists, and physical therapists, to name a few. 

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