Useful Details on TOEFL Exam Pattern! The Complete Guide

Useful Details on TOEFL Exam Pattern! The Complete Guide

Updated on 21 January, 2022

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Knowing about the TOEFL exam pattern is very important if you wish to crack this really important examination. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a proficiency test, designed to evaluate aspirants’ English language skills. This examination is majorly given by those who are non-native speakers of English and wish to study in foreign countries. The TOEFL exam structure and syllabus are suitably planned and tailored to ensure a more effective assessment of aspirants’ English language abilities. It is vital that candidates get an idea of the examination pattern and the entire syllabus in advance. This will help them plan out their study and practice schedules better, enabling the achievement of their coveted TOEFL scores. 


TOEFL Exam Pattern, Duration, Questions, and More 

Here’s taking a closer look at the TOEFL exam format along with other vital aspects. 

Basic Details Chart- 

Official Website
Examination ModeInternet-Based and Paper-Delivered Test
Number of Sections4
TOEFL Exam Duration

Approx. 3 hours (Internet-based test)

Approx. 2.5 hours (Paper-delivered test)

Skills Measured/Test SectionsReading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing
Overall Score Range0 – 120
TOEFL Score Validity2 years

Section-Wise Information

SegmentDuration of QuestionsKey Tasks
ReadingQuestions: 30–40 questionsReading 3/4 passages from the academic texts given and answering questions on them likewise.
Duration: 54–72 minutes
ListeningQuestions: 28-38Listening carefully to lectures, classroom discussions, conversations, and discussions before answering questions on the same.
Duration: 41-57 minutes
Break: 10 minutes
SpeakingQuestions: 4 tasksAspirants should express opinions on topics with which they are familiar and also speak on the basis of the listening and reading tasks.
Duration: 17 minutes
WritingQuestions: 2 tasksAspirants should write responses to the essay, based upon the listening and reading tasks along with backing the opinion given in this section.
Duration: 50 minutes


Testing Pattern for TOEFL

This table will give you an idea of the TOEFL exam structure and the range of scores and mean scores for all sections. Candidates get the ETS email after six days of taking the examination. This is when their scores can be checked online. The printed score reports are dispatched via email post 11 days after the test date. 

SectionScore RangeMean Scores*
Total Score0–12078


These details will help aspirants get a better idea of the TOEFL exam pattern and help them immensely in their TOEFL preparation. 

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