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Your One-Stop Semi-Formal Letter for IELTS Guide

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Your One-Stop Semi-Formal Letter for IELTS Guide

The semi-formal letter for the IELTS writing task is not as complex as it may appear! You will get detailed instructions and three points that you need to include within the letter. You should not neglect any of these points while writing your letter.

Carefully understand the semi-formal letter format for IELTS beforehand so that the content can be easily taken care of. Think of the person to whom you will be addressing in the letter and phrase it accordingly. Clear targeting will help you choose the right tone and style of the letter.


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Semi-Formal Letter for IELTS Samples: 

There are several IELTS semi-formal letter sample questions that you can check before taking the examination. Here are some of them: 

  1. You are employed at a company and have to go on a break. You wish to discuss the matter with your team lead and take his/her approval on the leaves. 

Write a letter to your team lead:  

In your letter: 

  • Talk about the reason for taking time off 
  • Give details about the time that you require
  • Give suggestions on covering up for your work during this time 
  1. You are to shift to a new place on rent next Friday. However, you will be unable to move due to a sudden problem. 

Write a letter to the property manager. 

In your letter: 

  • Describe your problem with an explanation
  • Talk about your condition
  • Inform the manager when you can shift 
  1. You have been staying at a rented unit for a year. A new tenant recently moved in and has been blasting loud music non-stop. 

Write a letter to the landlord. 

In the letter: 

  • Talk about the present condition
  • Elucidate the reasons for your botheration
  • Recommend solutions 
  1. You have been selected for a job profile in a new organization but have chosen to not pursue it. 

Write a letter to the company HR manager who interviewed you. In the letter: 

  • Talk about your reasons for not taking up the offer
  • Talk about your reasons for remaining at your present organization
  • Convey your gratitude 
  1. You have planned a Diwali party next Saturday afternoon and have invited more than 30 colleagues to celebrate at your terrace garden. The party may go on till the wee hours. 

Write a letter to your elderly neighbour. In your letter: 

  • Provide an explanation on the upcoming celebration
  • Apologize for the inconvenience in advance
  • Invite him/her to be a part of the celebrations 
  1. You have to present your thesis in a month, but your sister is also getting married during the same time in a foreign location. You wish to reschedule your thesis presentation. 

Write a letter to your academic mentor. In your letter: 

  • Talk about your condition
  • Discuss your academic accomplishments over the years
  • Request another date for your presentation 
  1. You have been selected for a better position. You are to join the new organization on 8th November. Yet, you need to shift your joining date a week later due to personal commitments. 

Write a letter to your new team lead. In the letter: 

  • Talk about how excited and enthusiastic you are about the job 
  • Explain your situation and the problem 
  • Offer a suggestion as to what you can do 
  1. You have been invited to a conference for networking with like-minded industry professionals in your field. 

Write a letter to your manager. In your letter: 

  • Inform about the invite and talk about why you feel it is important
  • Talk about why the event will benefit both you and the organization
  • The request leaves to attend the conference and ask coverage for a part of the travel expenditure 
  1. You are going on holiday to Paris, France. A friend’s grandmother lives there and has invited you to stay at her house.  

Write a letter to your friend’s grandmother. In the letter: 

  • Express gratitude for the offer but turn it down in a polite manner
  • Detail her about your itinerary for Paris and plans 
  • Invite her for a special outing with you 

These are some of the question types that you can expect. You will have to write a minimum of 150 words without mentioning any addresses. 

If you were looking for examples of IELTS semi-formal letters, here are a few that may help you. 

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Your car insurance firm has informed you about their decision to increase insurance amounts payable for your car every month. You are not happy about their decision. 

Write a letter to the insurance company. In your letter, explain: 

  • Why you are communicating with them
  • Why do you feel that insurance amounts should not be increased
  • What you want as an alternative or solution 


Dear Sir / Madam, 

I am writing to you in response to the letter received from you, informing me about my car insurance premiums increasing from next month. 

I have been a loyal customer at your firm for close to ten years as you will know when you check my file. In this period, I have never had a car accident or made a single claim on my insurance policy. 

I do understand how prices have to be hiked in certain situations. Yet, the increase proposed by you will lead to my car insurance premium going up by 30% each month. I feel that this rate is excessive. 

I would therefore be grateful if you write back to me, explaining the reason behind the proposed hike in car insurance premiums. If you cannot justify the reasons to my satisfaction, then I will have no other choice but to shift to another insurance firm. 

I look forward to hearing from you, 

Yours faithfully, 

(Your Name) 


You have received an invitation to a friend’s engagement party in a foreign destination. You cannot attend although you have purchased his/her gift. 

Write a letter to your friend. In this letter: 

  • Convey your feelings about his/her engagement 
  • Explain your reasons for not attending 
  • Tell him/her about the gift that you have purchased 


Dear Grace (Illustrative Name), 

I am delighted to learn of your engagement with Marlon. It all seems like yesterday when you were taking my advice on going out with him and whether he seemed like a nice person to spend time with. I simply cannot wait to see you both in your wedding finery! 

I know you are currently tied up with the arrangements for your engagement bash, and of course, beginning preparations for your wedding, so I ask your forgiveness in advance for being unable to attend the party. Unfortunately, my thesis presentation coincides with the date of your engagement party. I tried applying for a different date with my professor but no other dates are available in the current semester. I have no choice but to skip the eagerly awaited event. 

But don’t fret about the day of your wedding. I have taken leave in advance from my professor for your special day. In the meantime, I will be dispatching my gift for the engagement through courier. You will be pleased to know that it is the same dress that captivated you in the shop window in London. My friend recently visited the city on business and I requested him to buy it for me. I am informing you in advance so that you can wear it to the party if you wish. Think of the dress as symbolic of all the happy times we had and as a precursor to your wonderful future ahead. 

I will stop here for now. Do not forget to post pictures of the celebrations. 


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