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Collecting As a Hobby Reading Answers IELTS Sample

Updated on 25 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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"Collecting as a Hobby" is a topic that explores the fascination and enjoyment of collecting various items as a pastime. This passage delves into the reasons why people engage in collecting, the types of items that are commonly collected, and the personal fulfillment it brings. It discusses the thrill of finding and acquiring collectibles, the knowledge and expertise gained in the process, and the joy of building a unique collection. The passage also touches upon the social aspects of collecting, such as connecting with like-minded individuals and participating in collector communities. The accompanying Questions & Answers section allows test takers to showcase their understanding of the passage and demonstrate their ability to analyze the motivations and benefits of collecting as a hobby. By engaging with this topic, test takers can exhibit their comprehension and critical thinking skills regarding the world of collecting and its significance in the lives of enthusiasts.

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Read the above passage on “collecting as a hobby carefully and attempt the reading answers IELTS sample questions below. 

Complete the notes below.

Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the passage for each answer.

  1. The writer mentions collecting _____ as an example of collecting in order to make money.

2.  Collectors may get a feeling of ­­­______ from buying and selling items.

3.  Collectors’ clubs provide opportunities to share ___

4.  Collectors’ clubs offer ____ with people who have similar interests.

5.  Collecting sometimes involves a life-long ___ for a special item.

6.  Searching for something particular may prevent people from feeling their life is completely ____

7.  Stamp collecting may be _____ because it provides facts about different countries.

8.  _____ tends to be mostly a male hobby.

Do the statements below agree with the information in the Reading essay?

TRUE   if the statement agrees with the essay

FALSE if the statement contradicts the essay

NOT GIVEN if there is no information

9.  The number of people buying dolls has grown over the centuries.

10.  Sixteenth century European dolls were normally made of wax and porcelain.

11.  Arranging a stamp collection by the size of the stamps is less common than other methods.

12.  Someone who collects unusual objects may want others to think he or she is also unusual.

13.  Collecting gives a feeling that other hobbies are unlikely to inspire.

Answer Table :

Question Serial NumberAnswerExplanation



The answer is presented in the second paragraph. Selling antiques can allow the collector to earn a living, as these items are usually expensive. It is among the most successful businesses globally. So, anybody interested in collecting antiques or vintage items can convert their hobby into a source of income.



Answer: accomplishment/triumph  


This answer is clearly explained in the twelfth paragraph of this reading answers IELTS sample. Here, it's mentioned how collecting makes the hobbyist feel. The activity can be exciting, providing a sense of accomplishment and positivity. It makes the hobbyist satisfied and brings them joy. 

Overall, collecting as a hobby can boost a person’s confidence, improving their life.   



Answer: Information/ideas


The answer is given in the third and fourth paragraph. Collector clubs provide opportunities to exchange ideas and information about collectibles. Hobbyists can also meet other collectors to know more about rare items.

Moreover, collectors can understand various techniques to collect desired items.



Answer: Contacts 


In the third and fourth paragraphs, the features and benefits of collector clubs are mentioned. These clubs enable collectors to meet like-minded people, and share their experiences. Collectors can also obtain the contact information of other hobbyists through these clubs. 


Answer: search/desire



In the seventh paragraph, the story of world-famous collector Alice Walton is given. She has collected art and many other items throughout her life. Subsequently, she converted her collection into a museum for everyone to view, demonstrating her passion. So, collecting items is search process that can take an entire life.  


Answer: dull/empty 

This answer is mentioned in between paragraphs ten to twelve. Collecting items can make someone feel excited and distract them from their life's problems. It can be a truly exciting activity that can rejuvenate their life and make them more interesting.

Thus, collecting as a hobby can prevent people from feeling dull or empty. 


Answer: informative/educational 


In the fifth paragraph, the advantages of collecting items like stamps are described. Not only is this an engaging activity, but it helps the collector acquire a lot of information about the object.

Stamp collectors know a lot about the stamp's origin, history, and cultural aspects associated with it.



Answer: Trainspotting


The answer is presented in the last paragraph. Trainspotting was a hobby that men used to notice the technical details of passing trains. No item collection was involved, but the hobby is still considered masculine.


Answer:  True


In the eighth paragraph, the information is included. Doll collection is still one of the most popular hobbies in the world. The number of collectors continues growing every century, as they're interested in knowing the item’s details.



Answer: False



The statement is false as the correct answer is presented in the eighth paragraph. European dolls of the 16th century were made of wood and not porcelain and wax.


Answer: True


As mentioned in the fourteenth paragraph, most stamp collectors arrange their stamps according to numeric or alphabetical order. Arranging them by size is not a common method.




In paragraph eleven of the essay, "collecting as a hobby," the feelings connected with collecting are described. The activity can make someone feel unique. Moreover, they feel proud of themselves for collecting that specific invaluable item.


Answer: True 


In the last two paragraphs, the answer to this reading answers IELTS sample is given. The statement is valid as collecting as a hobby sparks motivation, passion, uniqueness, and a sense of victory. There are a variety of hobbies, but not all activities lead to these feelings together.  


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