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Disadvantages of Mass Media: IELTS Essay Samples

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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disadvantages of mass media

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is an English language proficiency test taken for study, migration, or work. The essay has to be relevant to the topic and present the candidate’s ideas in a logical sequence. Candidates can elaborate on the omnipresence and usage of mass media in everyday life to write the essay.

Disadvantages of Mass Media: Sample 1

Do you think the cons of mass media outweigh its pros?

Initially hailed as an effective form to spread information, mass media has come a long way. Now with the advent of technology, there are multiple sources through which information can reach an individual. However, all these sources have a different way of reporting an incident, and when the news spreads, it takes a whole new meaning.

Drawing on the famous quote, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” I believe that the advent of mass media has brought more harm than good. Now with social media, information spreads immediately, and there is no need to rely on next-day newspapers. Many individuals do not fact-check the news and often consider it true. 

My belief that the cons of mass media outweighed its pros was strengthened when there were religious riots in some cities across the country. All these groups were incited by multiple fake news that spread through various mass media platforms. The situation worsened to the point that internet services were suspended in the areas where violence erupted.

After witnessing such violent incidents, I can conclude that mass media is primarily used as a tool to manipulate people into choosing a side. Unbiased information is a luxury that an ordinary person cannot afford in the present day. But since there are no alternatives to mass media, it continues to thrive and create havoc.

Even with its way of providing an easy way of sharing information, mass media will not be a positive tool until serious checks are put in place to ensure unbiased news reaches the masses. But with companies operating independently and often having more powers than a country’s government, it might seem like a distant dream.  

Tentative band score: 6.5, Total word count: 279

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Disadvantages of Mass Media: Sample 2

Does the presence of mass media hurt more than it helps?

It is a fact that no tool can work on its own, it needs human intervention. Mass media is one such tool that, in theory, seems to be the peak of our technological innovation. But using powerful mediums like these depends on the humans who wield them.

Mass media arrived in the 21st century, making its indistinguishable mark on the technological landscape. But years later, one cannot say that it has been all smooth sailing with this tool. I believe it has affected a considerable part of our lives, and not just in a good way.

The internet is a highly relevant example in this case. I recall being a young adult when my parents installed an internet connection in my home. It seemed like a magic gateway, letting me play games, helping me keep track of everything happening around the world, and more.

However, the reality of this tool was understood later. Various crimes, including shootings and hate crimes against communities, have been streamed over the internet without checking. This is a testament that without proper rules and regulations to check content online, mass media will continue to be a place of great violent propaganda, inciting crimes along with the other positive benefits it carries.

Even though this situation could improve in the future, it is vital to acknowledge the present issues and devise solutions.  Unbiased information is a luxury that an ordinary person cannot afford in the present day. But since there are no alternatives to mass media, it continues to thrive and create havoc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which mass media can be considered the most questionable one?

Social media websites are often considered questionable due to the spread of misinformation. Not only do they reach hordes of users at once, but they might also influence people and promote mob mentality.

Is mass media a reliable source of information?

The trickiest part about mass media is that it can be used freely and easily. The information can be factually inaccurate or false. Therefore, it can be said that mass media is not necessarily a reliable source of information.

Is it possible not to use mass media at all?

Unfortunately, the present landscape requires you to keep track of everything happening around the world. In these circumstances, forgoing mass media isn’t an option. Instead, it is advisable to fact-check the information you receive.

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