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COVID-19 pandemic opportunities and challenges Essay Samples

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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covid 19 pandemic opportunities and challenges essay

IELTS, or the International English Language Test System, is a famous test designed for students who want to study, migrate or work abroad. This test assesses the candidate's ability to read, write, speak and listen in English. COVID-19 pandemic opportunities and challenges is a common IELTS essay question that needs a better understanding of the situation to write and score well.

Describe some of the COVID-19 pandemic opportunities and challenges: Essay 1

The COVID-19 pandemic affected economies and societies across the globe in a way that wasn’t predicted. It has permanently reshaped our way of living and continues to do so as it unfolds.

In the whirlwind of extraordinary opportunities, challenges, uncertainties, and numerous tragedies, leaders were forced to make decisions that would impact the world for years to come. One such challenge was the emergence of the online mode of learning worldwide.

The most significant obstruction in e-learning was the unavailability of electronic devices for every student. In e-learning, an electronic presence is a must for a meaningful learning and interactive experience. Students from rural areas and poverty-stricken regions did not have access to electronic devices. They were helpless and had to drop out unwillingly. 

I remember when Mr. Ram, our neighborhood cobbler came to my father in the early months of lockdown to ask for a small loan. Mr. Ram has a daughter who dreams of becoming an IPS officer and making her family proud. Due to the pandemic, the local schools had to shut down. Consequently, his daughter could not keep up with her studies because they did not have the means to buy a smartphone. So, Mr. Ram came to our house in the hope that we might be able to help him.

Seeing such an unfortunate event unfold in front of my eyes made me aware of the loopholes in the online learning mode. However, there was a silver lining in this crisis as well. This incident brought to the forefront the flaws of the present prevailing system, which leaders can use to build a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous world.

Tentative band score: 7 , Total Word Count: 274

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Talk about your experience regarding COVID-19 pandemic opportunities and challenges: Essay 2

COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the entire framework of the education system in 150 countries, affecting more than 1.6 billion students. I, too, being a student, wasn't left untouched by the difficulties of remote learning.

I remember being unenthusiastic and unable to focus on my classes at home. I found adjusting to the new routine with all the unnecessary distractions at home that was quite challenging. Moreover, in the absence of a routine, I found myself overwhelmed with too many backlogs and the inability to decide what to do first. 

Although slow and steady, I started developing a flow to complete my daily tasks. To do so, I sought the counsel of my teachers and peers, who were facing the same issues. When I discovered that I wasn't the only one struggling with these issues, I felt less overwhelmed and motivated to overcome them.

Thus, to the credit of my hard work and persistence for a few weeks, I could seamlessly adapt to the new circumstances. I intentionally designated a separate space to study at home. Gradually, I increased my studying time, which helped me complete my classwork diligently each day. I also took breaks in between studying and classes to enhance my focus and ability to grasp. 

Doing this exercise allowed me to combat the frustration and monotony of tasks. So, despite a considerable decline in the performance of several students, I managed to keep my performance stable with a little extra effort and discipline.

This enriching experience offered me the opportunity to learn values like discipline and integrity, which are essential professional skills.

Tentative band score: 7 , Total Word Count: 264

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you add an explanation to an IELTS essay question?

Yes, you should. Adding a personal experience or opinion to an IELTS essay question can fetch you additional marks. Such experiences allow the examiners to understand your critical and logical thinking ability.

How to explain challenges faced during the pandemic in an IELTS essay question?

To explain your challenges in an IELTS essay question, you must follow a mix of normative and positive statements.

To put it simply, you first need to introduce the problem. State your stance or opinion and offer an ‘ought to be’ scenario. Then, justify your argument, the ‘ought to be’ statement with facts and claims. 

You can also draw from instances from your personal experience and propose a solution. However, remember that the solution should be beneficial and well-suited to counter the problem's ill consequences.

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