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Essay on Water Scarcity- Practice Samples For IELTS

Updated on 27 June, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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You can readily write the IELTS essay on water scarcity without any hassles. What you should do is plan your essay logically, while sticking to a proper introduction, some core points, and a conclusion. Here are some samples to help you practice this essay seamlessly.

Essay on Water Scarcity: Sample 1 

Water scarcity is a pressing issue throughout the world. India is no exception to the scenario. A report by NITI Aayog in 2019 confirmed how India is plagued by arguably the largest water-related crisis today, where a whopping 600 million of the country’s population are deprived of water. 

These reports have also stated that 21 major cities, including metropolises like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, and Chennai, will end up depleting their resources of groundwater over the next few years. Water scarcity has been caused due to a combination of factors in the country. These include privatization and rampant flouting of norms by industries along with faulty execution/planning by the government, human and industrial waste, pollution, and red tape. 

By the year 2050, water scarcity in the country is expected to acutely get worse, with a population increase forecasted to 1.6 billion people. There are still seeds of hope, especially on the back of measures like the Jal Jeevan Mission and others. Several state governments and urban development authorities are also taking steps to lower overall dependence on groundwater and drive a shift towards potable water in several areas. Awareness campaigns are also on the rise, encouraging water conservation. We also need more rainwater harvesting and water recycling programs in order to tackle the issue from a long-term perspective. To conclude, I would like to state that water is the most precious resource of all. We cannot survive without it. Hence, governments, individual citizens, agencies, and all other stakeholders should come together to save water as much as possible. 

Tentative Band Score: 7

Word Count: 259

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Essay on Scarcity of Water: Sample 2 

Water scarcity is perhaps the biggest problem affecting India today. The government has officially released its blueprint under the Jal Jeevan Mission in the 2021-22 Union Budget, allocating Rs. 2,87,000 crore for ensuring water supply to 4,378 towns in total. Tap-drinking water will also be supplied by the government to all households in rural zones by the year 2024. 

While these measures are aimed at addressing the acute shortage of water throughout the country, especially in rural and semi-urban areas, a lot more needs to be done. Some of the biggest reasons behind water scarcity include inefficient and wasteful usage of water for industries, agriculture, and other activities. Pollution and drainage of wastewater are other reasons along with rising construction, and the reduction in water recharging mechanisms for groundwater. There is also the absence of a proper water management and distribution blueprint, especially in urban areas, which emphasizes minimal wastage and resource optimization. 

Groundwater resources are depleting swiftly while draining industrial and sewage-related waste into water bodies is hindering potable water availability alongside. Some of the possible solutions include strict tracking of industries and agricultural practices to avoid inefficient water usage and dumping of waste. Governments can also consider public awareness campaigns for minimizing water usage in our daily activities including washing dishes, cars, and so on. Rainwater harvesting should be made mandatory for all residential projects along with water recycling facilities in neighborhoods. Concrete and sustained measures will go a long way toward helping us mitigate the problem in the near future. 

Tentative Band Score: 7

Word Count: 255

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