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How To Write An Ielts Essay On Modern Technology?

Updated on 02 February, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

An IELTS essay is structured like all other essays - introduction, body, and conclusion. Task 2 or the essay writing test of the IELTS writing section needs to be completed within 40 minutes, and the minimum word count is 250 words. The questions around general interest topics are mostly repeated by changing the question pattern and wording. Essays on modern technology have been frequently included as a part of task 2 over the years. 

Success in IELTS task 2 is purely based on technique and practice. These tips and samples of IELTS essays on modern technology will help aspirants prepare for the writing task.

Essay on Modern Technology: Sample 1

Modern technology is a Gift of God. Discuss the Advantages and disadvantages. 

It was not very long ago when we had to actually pull out a large folded map to get directions while traveling. Nowadays, we click on Google Maps or ask Siri and we can access the entire map on our devices. The modern generation is quite technical and we can access any information with ease. Now, we like everything to be 'quick'. The days of searching for a book in the library are gone. The world is at our fingertips with the help of smartphones, the internet, technology, and various smart devices. Throughout the day, we use technologies to accomplish our daily tasks and assist in our routine activities.

However, it is disheartening that modern technology has changed the way societies were tied to each other. Bonds were emotional and genuine, cultural aspects were there, and humans were more physically active. These shiny pieces of tech do have some drawbacks. Let us take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology. 

Modern technologies have helped us stay connected with people from all across the world. We have taken to technology like fish to water and it has become very difficult to survive without it. 

How many lives have been saved so far with the help of modern medical technologies? Well, the numbers are uncountable. Modern equipment, technology, and better healthcare facilities have helped humans defeat chronic and acute health crises. 

Secondly, satellite communications continuously broadcast data around the globe to our computers and handheld devices. We get to watch our favorite shows, movies, news; know the weather conditions, forthcoming disasters, and even trade-in stock markets. 

Thirdly, the education system has improved. It is due to modern technology that the students were able to study from home during the pandemic. Modern technologies have helped mankind with a better standard of living. Innovative technologies for household chores and modern facilities have made a significant contribution towards better living conditions. At times, it seems like a gift of god for the betterment of mankind. But it has its drawbacks too.

Ours is a technology-dominated society. Even the simplest of things are done with the help of a machine or devices. Eventually, everything seems artificial. Below are some of the threats that individuals need to be careful of. 

Simply put, even the things that need little effort are now being done with the help of technology. We prefer to read on a light-emitting device and instead of books. We prefer to drive instead of walking a mile. Our social skills are also getting compromised as we believe in communication through online modes. Gone are the days when we used to understand non-verbal cues more than the texts.

What impact does it have on our minds? Will technologies like AI and ML replace manpower in the coming years? Maybe! Without realizing the extent of dependency and the cons associated with it, we are blindly adopting modern tech to make life easier. It makes everything virtual and impairs the power of real human interaction. We tend to find more value in communication through a device rather than face-to-face interaction. 

By making things easier, modern technologies have also invited a lot of crimes. Modern technologies open more opportunities for crime. Smart devices and technological advancements are being used in negative ways too. Many illegal activities are carried out online through social media platforms, targeting the young generation.

Technological dependency has made the lifestyle sluggish and costly too. Our standard of living is getting higher and higher with more expensive technologies coming into our day-to-day lives. Hence, we end up taking the massive burden to get more materialistic happiness. 

Technology is changing the way we used to live. The famous saying 'technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master' needs to be implemented in our lives. Nowadays, it is apparent that we are not controlling our smart devices, but our devices are controlling us. Modern technologies have both advantages and disadvantages to offer to mankind, it depends upon how sensibly we embrace them.

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IELTS Essay on Modern Technology: Sample 2

Modern technologies have boosted the Agricultural Sector. Give Your Opinion.

Agriculture & Food Production is one domain which has been in dire need of innovation and technological advancement. Climatic change, low awareness among farmers, natural hazards, resource depletion, floods, and opaque supply chains have led to low productivity and profitability in farming. Modern technologies have developed a digital agricultural presence, where the high yield makes the country self-sustaining. Modern technologies like artificial intelligence, GIS Software, big data, applications, sensors, and cloud computing have boosted agricultural productivity. In my opinion, the incorporation of modern technologies has been a blessing to the agricultural sector. 

Modern technologies in precision agriculture have been developing new ways of managing farms, treatment of crops, and food systems. Digital presence has made agriculture profitable, safe, and effective. Modern farms get significant benefits from digital agriculture. Let us check some of the ways modern technologies have helped agriculture. 

Firstly, GIS Software or Geographic Information System is a digital technology that helps the farmers stay alert about the changes that are taking place in the farms like plant health, crop yield, changes in moisture, and temperature. The GPS integrated software applications enable pesticide optimization and fertilizer control so that the farmers can treat a specific affected area and not the entire farm. This helps in the conservation of time, manpower, and capital.

Secondly, drones offer data from the sky. It takes images of the large farmlands with high precision. Several conditions like crop height, mass cultivation, soil erosion, waterlogging, and level of precipitation can be traced. These drones help the farmers monitor each part of the land effectively. Within a short time frame, drones can offer every information and data about a large farm. Various hazards are prevented and decision-making has become easier with the application of drones in farming. 

Thirdly, mobile applications have kept the entire agricultural supply chain transparent and in proper coordination. Through these mobile applications, retailers, farmers, sellers, and suppliers can communicate with one another and receive all the latest updates and insights. Mobile applications help in decision-making and awareness increase, which results in productivity, transparency, and profitability. 

Fourthly, agriculture has incorporated Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to produce healthy crops, organize data for farmers, control pests, workload management, and decision-making throughout the agricultural supply chain. Data is important. AI and ML process the unstructured data into a useful insight that can be used to make better decisions regarding the productivity of agriculture. Artificial Intelligence makes the farmers aware of the weather forecasting so that they sow and reap the crops accordingly to reap maximum yield. 

Simply put, modern technologies are not only automating the entire agricultural sector but also enabling precise cultivation with high productivity and sustainability. The concerns of labor, resource depletion, soil health, data, and opaque supply chain in agriculture are slowly being eradicated with modern technology.

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Tips to Write a Winning Essay

  • The minimum word limit for writing task 2 is 250 words. If test takers submit an essay below 250 words, they will lose marks. 
  • The time limit is 40 minutes for task 2 essay writing. Plan your essay, so that you complete it within the time given. 
  • Practice common topics like art, crime, education, modern technology, historical sites, social problems, public smoking, and many others. 
  • There are various types of essays that are asked in task 2. Practice all the types of essays. Some of the common ones are opinion-based essays, advantage and disadvantage essays, problem-solution essays, and agree-disagree essays.
  • Learn vocabulary relevant to topics. You need a rich vocabulary to come up with good ideas and avoid repetition of words. 
  • Understand how task 2 is evaluated. The important criteria are lexical resources, vocabulary, grammar, and coherence. Focus on all the aspects. 
  • If you are writing an opinion essay, you need to give your opinion after you discuss both sides (agreeing and disagreeing). Stick to the same opinion from introduction to conclusion.
  • For an advantage and disadvantage essay, you need to write an introduction, then two paragraphs on the advantages and disadvantages of the issue, followed by your opinion and a conclusion. Give equal weight to both advantage and disadvantage. One side should not be outweighed unless the question demands. 
  • The introduction should have an outline or overview of some of the most important features and facts about the topic. 
  • Organize your essay in short paragraphs. This increases the readability of the essay. 
  • Proofread your essay to scan minor and major mistakes.

Practicing essay samples are helpful for IELTS task 2 preparation. Writing task 2 contributes to 66% of the total writing score. It is important to learn and practice the right writing skills. For more information related to task 2 essay on modern technology or other topics, get in touch with the experts of upGrad Abroad.

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