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Describe a leisure activity in or on the sea- IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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describe a leisure activity in or on the sea

Here are practice samples for the IELTS cue card- Describe a leisure activity in or on the sea. These will help you understand the salient aspects of detailing your experiences. You can also use your imagination if you have not experienced sea vacations intimately or if you prefer the mountains more!

Describe a leisure activity in or on the sea: Sample 1 

I wish to talk about an enjoyable activity that we experienced together as a family sometime earlier. We were on an annual trip to our favorite beachside resort- Mandarmani in West Bengal. This part of the coastline is very pristine and undisturbed, although the footfalls are high at certain times of the year. The Mandarmani beach is well-maintained and clean. We also love going there for the delicious seafood available at the surrounding shacks. The lip-smacking food adds to the overall experience.

On this particular trip, we finally mustered the courage to go speed-boating on the sea. We were a family of four members, and another couple joined us for the memorable experience. It was an adrenaline-pumping affair, to say the least. The speedboat took us deep into the sea, and we loved the way it was jumping over the waves. The whole experience was at once nerve-wracking and enjoyable. Once we got used to the bobbing motion of the boat, we finally started enjoying ourselves. 

Ultimately, the ride came to an end (as all good things do) and we were reluctant to get out of the boat. In fact, we loved the experience so much that we did it again the next morning! A boat ride has now become our favorite leisure activity on the sea. I cannot wait for my next trip when I will certainly try it again.

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Describe a leisure activity in or on the sea: Sample 2

The seaside evokes many emotions in me, including relaxation, refreshment, passion, melancholy, and a vivid sense of wonder at nature’s magnificence. I have always enjoyed seaside trips ever since I was a child. My favorite leisure activity in the sea is bathing in it. 

While the activity may seem ordinary and trifling, to me, it is the highlight of any seaside trip. 

I cherish the feeling of the waves washing over me and their currents that tingle my nerves. I enjoy taking a dip in the water or sometimes lying down near the beach and letting the waves gently rock me into a state of bliss. I can bathe in the sea for hours at a stretch, no matter the tan or the hunger. Once in the water, it is hard to get me out as my family members will agree. 

This is my favorite leisure activity in the sea. I love the feeling of relaxation it evokes afterward. Hence, I always look forward to a long and comforting nap after my trysts in the sea. At the same time, relishing some delicious seafood after an ocean bath is also par for the course! That gives you an entire experience that is simply unmissable. 

Before I forget, let me also mention the simple pleasures of sipping on coconut water while at the beach. This is my second favorite leisure activity, i.e. getting a coconut for myself and lounging on a hammock. The gentle sea breeze washes over me, engulfing me in serenity and peace, something that is much-needed, considering the shifts that I go through at work.

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