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IELTS Scholarship for Indian Students: Application Process & Eligibility

Updated on 01 February, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a leading language proficiency exam for evaluating communication abilities in English for the purpose of immigration, education, and professional certification. It is one of the important admission requirements for international students aspiring to study in a university based in an English-speaking country. But let us not forget that studying abroad is certainly an expensive affair. 

Therefore, to compensate for the expenditure, British Council, several universities, and governments grant IELTS scholarships to Indian students. It is offered upon achieving exceptional scores in the IELTS exam. Read on to learn about the eligibility criteria, application, and selection requirements. 

Applications and Selection Details for IELTS Scholarships

Before applying for an IELTS scholarship, the candidate must first take an IELTS exam and receive their results. After receiving the IELTS results, Indian students can apply for IELTS scholarships. IELTS scores are valid for up to two years. For instance, past years' IELTS scores may be used to apply for the present year's IELTS Scholarship.

Candidates must also produce the following papers to apply for an IELTS scholarship:

● A filled and signed application, a copy of the IELTS Test Report Form, and a current photograph.

● A 300-word task submission 

● A disability certificate (as applicable)

Note that the scholarship is applicable only to postgraduate aspirants who want to study abroad.

How to Apply for an IELTS Scholarship?

The IELTS scholarship application form is available to be downloaded on the website of the British Council. The application deadline is posted on the website each year. A candidate needs to mail the completed application, and the relevant documentation to the address stated below.

IELTS Scholarship

British Council Division

British Deputy High Commission

737 Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600002

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The selection for the British Council IELTS scholarship award for Indian students is made by a panel of officers from the British Council. They make the evaluations based on the 300-word task that the candidate is expected to submit along with their application as listed on the IELTS Scholarship eligibility criteria.

Applicants shortlisted for the IELTS scholarship are notified of their status through email. Before the deadline stated on the British Council website, all shortlisted applicants must deliver a brief presentation in person on an assigned topic. 

Additionally, they must provide a letter of acceptance from a university that recognizes IELTS as a requirement of their admissions criteria. If the candidate fails to submit the letter of acceptance, it will remove the candidate from the shortlist for the IELTS scholarship for Indian students.

A panel of skilled external raters will select the final eight winners. The panel will also include a senior British Council official. 

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IELTS Scholarship Eligibility

IELTS is acknowledged as a credible test of an individual's English-language proficiency by over 11,000 organizations in 140 countries worldwide. Over 3,400 US higher education institutions accept IELTS as a reliable source of English language proficiency and all the UK, Canadian, and Australian universities.

The eligibility criteria for the British Council IELTS scholarship award for Indian students are as follows:

● The candidate must be an Indian resident and citizen.

● The student must attend a university that recognizes IELTS as part of its enrollment criteria.

● They should have an IELTS band score of at least 6.5. 

● They should have recently taken an IELTS test. 

● They will be pursuing full-time postgraduate studies outside of India.

● A letter of admission from the institution they wish to attend.

There are nine places, each with a monetary value of £10,000 (INR 9,08,690). The funds are directed toward the payment of tuition fees. If the fees are less than £10,000 (INR 9,08,960), the surplus amount can be used to cover the student's living expenses.

Students may utilize the cash prize at any university in any nation other than India that accepts IELTS towards their postgraduate entrance requirements.

FAQs: GREAT Scholarship

How much scholarship amount can I get from IELTS?

Under the GREAT scholarship for Indian students, each winning candidate is eligible for monetary compensation of £10,000 (INR 8,40,000) directed towards their tuition funds on being selected to a university. 

If their tuition fees are less than £10,000 (INR 8,40,000), the remaining sum is added to their living expenses in the foreign country where the university is located.

What is a good IELTS score for a scholarship?

Ideally, a candidate needs to score an average of 6.5 on the band scale. Any number of points higher than that only increases their chances of selection for the GREAT scholarship for Indian Students by the British Council. 

Can I get a scholarship through IELTS in Canada?

Yes, there are provisions for IELTS scholarships for Indian students in Canada. If the university that a candidate has applied to accepts IELTS scores for admission to the institution, they are eligible for the IELTS British Council scholarship for Indian Students.


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