Best Education System Essay Samples And Tips for IELTS

Best Education System Essay Samples and Tips for IELTS

Updated on 18 January, 2022

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The IELTS writing test is designed to evaluate the writing skills of non-native English speakers. The section has two tasks, and task 2 is writing a formal essay of 250 words in 40 minutes. The essay topics are based on general interest. IELTS often uses similar topics by changing the words of the questions. Applicants need to practice writing on common topics like online education system essays, Indian education system essays, environment essays, technology essays, among other topics.

In order to do well in task 2, applicants need to have a complete understanding of the types of essays. We will discuss a very popular topic that is asked almost every alternate year. The topic is ‘education’ and there are chances that you’ll get to write an essay on similar topics.

Take a look at these sample education system essay topics for your IELTS test, along with the tips to write a winning essay. 



Sample 1 on education system essay

Sample 1


Some people say that the education system is the only critical factor for the development of a country. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Education is the pillar of development, and without any doubt, it is one of the best ways to develop a country. Many even argue that the education system is the only critical factor driving the development of a country. However, I do not agree with this point. I strongly believe that there are various factors responsible for development. Things like international relationships, technologies, agriculture, healthcare, trade, resources, and skills are some of the critical factors along with the education system that encourages development. Every aspect is essential for sustainable development.

Firstly, the education system has a huge role in the overall development and the developed economies have exemplary education systems. In fact, the education system grows some of the best skills and talents in the nation. This eventually increases the value of the economy. However, countries like Sri Lanka are still developing at a sluggish pace despite being an educated nation. The nation is struggling to cope up with mass poverty. It would be wrong to entirely burden the education system with the responsibility of development. Education helps in development, but it alone is not enough.

Secondly, development does not mean only a rise in GDP and revenue. Factors like healthcare, freedom, rights, lower crime rates, and safety are some of the key factors that contribute to the overall development of a nation. For instance, some South-Asian and Middle Eastern countries have huge foreign currency reserves, yet they are troubled with war, crime, and have a low freedom index. These countries are economically strong, educated, but lack peace and safety. Taking these two instances in mind, I  disagree that education is the sole reason behind the development. 

Similarly, considering a developed nation like Japan, things become easier to understand. Japan is one of the most stable economies in the world. The nation has used resources, utilized skills, maintained global trade relationships along with nurturing a good education system to build the country. It is a perfect example of how well the people of the nation worked hard to build the nation from scratch. 

There are various Asian countries like India that are using robust technologies to gain prominent economic growth. Soon they will turn out to be developed countries. They have developed the education system but they have not focused only on this single aspect. Increasing exports, democratic governance, leadership skills, living standards, trade, and safety are some of the essential factors that help a nation develop.

Putting my thoughts together, I would like to conclude by saying that along with a developed education system, leadership, technologies, trade, and government; a country can develop effectively. Education is just one factor, and not solely responsible for development. 



Education system essay samples – 2

Sample 2


The education system for all the levels, primary, secondary and higher levels should be free. Do you agree or disagree? 

Education builds an individual and it is universally acknowledged how important it is. Even with so much development, to see children not getting educated due to financial constraints is depressing. I completely agree with the statement that education of all levels should be free of cost, so that everyone in the country, irrespective of their background, can grow and develop. 

Making education free will be the best initiative taken by the government towards sustainable development. Sometimes even basic education becomes difficult to bear for many poor families. By making it free, one can ensure that no one will be deprived of education just because they cannot afford it. There are countries where the education system is free up to the primary levels. However, this does not sound effective. A child that aspires to take up medicine or engineering courses will be deprived of education. Hence, according to my opinion, the government should take initiatives to make education free for all levels. 

A nation grows and develops when the younger generation makes a paradigm shift so the financial crisis should not stop them. A lot of talent is lost every day just because they cannot afford education. Everyone needs to get a fair chance to showcase their talent so that the nation marches  towards becoming a developed one. Countries with maximum literacy levels are mostly the developed economies of the world. There will be less crime when individuals get educated. This is because knowledge is the power that helps in eradicating crime and violence. Education cultivates responsible and mature generations. 

An intelligent nation develops faster. When everyone gets educated, the nation gets better facilities, global exposure, and development. Signs of poverty will be negligible. Safety and freedom will prevail everywhere as everyone has their own share of knowledge and experience. 

We get better healthcare, services, doctors, professionals, businesses, and engineering facilities. The country becomes self-sufficient and the need for immigration and brain drain ultimately shows a declining curve. The education system should be considered a necessity and it should be free for all gender, class, social status, and region.

The more educated professionals in the nation, the better will be the developments in essential aspects like war equipment, agriculture, medicine, food, and technologies.

To conclude, the education system should be free and compulsory for everyone. Everyone should be given a chance to grow and build a noteworthy life. Uneducated youth is dangerous, so the government should make the education system free and a basic fundamental right for all. 

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Tips to write a winning essay on education system related topics

  • The time allotted to task 2 essay writing is 40 minutes and it cannot be extended.
  • The essay should be a minimum of 250 words. There is no upper word limit. It is better to write some extra words.
  • Avoid complicated long words and any sort of technical jargon. Keep the language simple, but accurate.
  • The essay should be divided into organized paragraphs. Every essay should have 3 parts, introduction, body, and conclusion. Draft the concluding summary well.
  • Brainstorming is important to attempt a problem-solution question. 
  • Understand the question well. There will be an opinion essay, direct, cause solution essay, agree-disagree, or problem-solution essay. Each one has a different question pattern. The two samples mentioned above on the ‘education system’ are opinion-based essays.
  • Work on vocabulary related to the topic. It is important to know some good words, phrases, and idioms related to every topic that you practice.
  • Submit an essay without any grammatical mistakes. 
  • Map out all your ideas. Ideas should be relevant and must match with the topic.
  • Be familiar with the essay topics that frequently come in the test over the year. 
  • Your opinion matters and you need to pen down your opinion well. Opinions should be supported with valid justification and ideas.
  • Organize the essay in three parts, introduction, body, and conclusion. 
  • If you are using idioms, do not stuff them. You must know the correct meaning before you use them.
  • If you are using facts, make sure that they match with the official source.
  • Take care of lexical resources. Do not use very common words that you use to speak regularly. 
  • Use a formal tone. Do not use any semi-formal or informal tone in your essay.
  • Your opinion should be the same from introduction to conclusion. You cannot agree in the introduction and disagree in the conclusion.
  • If you are working on a problem-solution essay, you need to focus on both aspects. Think about all the possible problems and then correlate the solutions
  • Proofread your essay once you are done writing. It will help you find various minor mistakes. 


Through a winning essay, you must prove your English language writing skills. The IELTS essay is a challenging one until you go through some samples. Practice regularly and follow the tips. Refer to the IELTS essay samples for a better understanding. You can consult the academic counselors of upGrad Abroad for clarifying any more doubts. 

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