UK Student Visa Processing Time Up From 3 Weeks to 5 Weeks

The processing time for UK student visa applications has gone up to an average of 5 weeks from the usual 3 weeks. The cause of the delay has been attributed to the surge in visa applications after the resumption of flight services for work, education and travel. 

In an interview with a news portal, a British High Commission spokesperson apologized for the inconvenience caused and said, “We are working urgently to reduce the current processing time as quickly as possible.”

“There is always a significant number of student visa applications in July and August. Therefore, we encourage student visa applicants to apply for the visa as early as possible to avoid any delays. We are working with the education sector and our commercial partners to get this important message to students,” he added. 

In addition to the UK, the USA, Canada, and several European countries have also updated their visa wait time, requesting visitors to apply in advance while factoring in the delay.

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