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Paid Internships in UK for International Students

Updated on 29 September, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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Embarking on paid internships in UK for international students is a great idea, not just for gaining work experience but also to broaden your own exposure while studying. Several universities offer chances to land UK-paid internships that will give your career goals a major fillip, to say the least. There are various kinds of internships that are available, encompassing multiple academic disciplines and fields. This article briefly guides you on top institutions' available options and other helpful details. 


Top Internship Programs in the UK Universities 

There are several paid internships in UK for international students that you can consider. Some of the top internships in UK include the following: 

University NameInternship Details
Coventry University
  • Students get internships or work experience opportunities. Some projects include developing business strategies, new product development and research, identifying emerging markets, and promoting key marketing campaigns along with business expansion.
  • Internships are flexible with regard to the location, student count, duration, and more. There are options like individual consulting projects and group consulting projects available. 
  • Final Term Option- Internship is another option where students are interviewed and chosen by employers. 
  • The Internship Consulting Programme is also available for the Global Business MBA course. 
  • International Fashion Management MBA students also have an opportunity to do an internship consultancy in their final semester. 
Oxford University
  • The Summer Internship Programme offers innumerable funded opportunities during the vacation. 
  • Internships are provided by global entities, private companies, NGOs, research institutions, and others. 
  • 2022 saw students completing internships in 35+ countries and gaining work experience. 
  • Sectors include finance, law, and many others. 
  • The programme is open to all matriculated and present students. In-person and remote internships are both available. 
  • Full-time work is undertaken for 2-12 weeks with a defined project, mentoring, stipend, and more.
Loughborough University
  • There are internship opportunities for graduates and present final-year students to take up a placement year to join the Marketing and Advancement team. 
  • There are multiple paid intern positions available throughout student recruitment marketing, student recruitment, alumni engagement, academic school marketing, and communications, among other areas. 
  • These are full-time positions for 12 months. 
  • Salaries usually range around £20,863 per annum. 
  • There are Graphic and Digital Design internships available with 12-month placements. 
University of Edinburgh
  • There are internship schemes, including on-campus summer internships, overseas internships, and internships with SMEs. 
  • The Careers Service offers assistance with finding advertised and unadvertised internships. 
  • The Information Services Group (ISG) also offers on-campus employment for students. 
University of Cambridge
  • Internships are fixed-term periods between 4-12 weeks. They represent mentored work by students. 
  • Internship vacancies are advertised on the Careers Service site and some other departmental sites. 
  • The Temporary Employment Service manages internship schemes and applications. 

These are some of the top options if you are looking for an internship in UK for Indian students. 

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Application Process

When it comes to applying for paid internships in UK for international students, the application procedures vary across universities. Some may list opportunities on their career services or employment pages, while some may ask for direct email-based applications. Some universities may ask students to fill up specific forms and submit written work or other documents as well. You should check your university’s internship application process carefully in this regard. You can speak to the careers service at the university for more information or contact prospective companies through platforms like LinkedIn. You can also look at specialist portals like Milkround to apply for internships. 

Other Universities in UK that Offer Paid Internships

There are many other leading universities in the UK that offer paid internships. Some of them include the following: 

Anglia Ruskin University- 

Optional placement years are available for many courses along with internships across finance, business, psychology, sports, science, etc. 

University of the West of England, Bristol- 

There are internships and volunteering opportunities along with placements. 

Royal Holloway, University of London- 

There are 6-12-week summer internships offered by top organizations in sectors like consulting and law, IT, finance, and more. The Careers Service helps find and manage internships. There are internships offered abroad to students as well. 

University of Salford- 

There are internships up to 12 months available and students can find opportunities listed by the Vacancy Service. There is the internal Santander Universities Employability Programme along with external internships. This programme offers paid supervised work for students to build their skills and employability. Interns are paid at £10.90 per hour, going up to £381.50 per week for 35 hours. 

Tips for Finding Internships in the UK for International Students

Here are some tips that will help you find internships in UK as an international student: 

  • Note that there are summer internships, graduate internships, and industrial placements that are usually available. Virtual internships are also offered by some companies. 
  • You should start looking as early as possible and ideally at the start of the academic year/session. This will help you get time to explore available opportunities and submit your applications before their deadlines. 
  • Use university career and vacancy pages along with tracking the job and bulletin boards. You can also find several job portals that help you shortlist and filter internships based on several parameters. 
  • Networking is a good way to find internships. Participate in your university’s career fairs and other industry events. Connect with alumni of your institution and network with recent graduates who are already working in the UK. 
  • Do your homework on the available internship options at your university and also top employers in your field that offer these options to students. 
  • Build your cover letter and resume while keeping all your supporting documents in order. 
  • Apply to multiple internships in order to increase your chances of getting an opportunity. 
  • Be prepared for an extensive visa process to be eligible to work in the UK. 
  • Stay connected to your university’s careers team/counselors for advice, guidance, and all other assistance.

Signing Off

As you can see, finding paid internships in UK for international students is not hard, with a little bit of research and determination. There are several opportunities available for you to start working while studying, thereby broadening your global exposure and enhancing your employability. There is nothing like an internship with regard to making aspirants job-worthy and helping them build valuable professional connections. 

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Do you get paid for internships in UK?

All interns in the country are to be paid as per legal guidelines. Anybody classified as a worker should get the minimum wage in the UK. Most internships offer at least a stipend and reimbursements for travel and other costs. 

Can foreigners do internships in the UK?

International students can do internships in the United Kingdom. They have to ensure that their visas are in order and they are eligible to work there. 

How much do you get paid for internships in UK?

The average salary for an internship in the country is approximately £23,374 annually or roughly £11.99 per hour. Entry-level positions usually start from around £21,000 annually, with experienced workers earning up to £35,487 or more annually. 

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upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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