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Master’s in Physiotherapy in the UK : Everything to Know

Updated on 01 February, 2024

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

The UK is considered one of the best places to train in physiotherapy. As it invests heavily in the healthcare of its citizens, physiotherapy is taught extensively using the latest research methods. It also focuses on the overall development of the graduates by helping them improve their communication skills to maintain healthy relationships with patients and other doctors. Pursue a master’s in physiotherapy in the UK to get world-class training and pursue a fulfilling career.

Why Study Physiotherapy in the UK?

The UK has been a top destination for international students for a long period. It houses some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Physiotherapy is among many other courses that the country offers for higher studies. Several factors make the UK the best place to get a master’s in physiotherapy:

  •     Prestigious Universities: 

Every student has an aspiration to get into the best university in the world. Besides the University of Oxford and Cambridge University, the University of Southampton and Robert Gordon University are the leading universities for an MSc in Physiotherapy in the UK. 

  •     Structural Support:

The UK government provides support of every kind to help international students get the best education and learn the best practices for a successful career. It provides financial support as well. Numerous scholarships and monetary grants are provided by every university to foreign scholars. 

  •     Job Opportunities:

Ample post-study opportunities are available in the UK. Besides world-class research facilities for scholars, many jobs are available to students after completing MSc Physiotherapy in the UK.

  •     Advanced Facilities:

Being one of the most developed countries in the world, the UK provides various facilities to its students. The facilities cover comfortable transport services, accommodation, and easy visa processing. Ultra-modern libraries and well-equipped laboratories make it a complete and wholesome learning experience.

  •     Unique Peer Learning:

The UK attracts the best scholars from every country. Hence, you will get to interact with the best minds in the world. Besides some delightful intellectual conversations, you may develop lifetime acquaintances with some of them.

  •     Exquisite Environment:

It could be a secondary but important factor. The UK has great weather conditions. The temperature ranges between 1°C and 15°C throughout the year. The weather is pleasant, with breezy skies and a moderate summer.

  •     Great Lifestyle:

With people coming from all corners of the world, the UK has become a brilliant blend of several cultures and festivities. Amazing food, great nightlife, and loads of extracurricular activities add to an interesting student lifestyle.

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Top Universities for Master’s in Physiotherapy in the UK

Various institutes provide high-quality education in physiotherapy. The universities in the UK are consistently ranked among the top 100 institutes worldwide. Some of the best universities for master’s in physiotherapy in the UK are discussed below: 

Ranked highly across the globe, this institute has an MSc Physiotherapy program that aims to enhance the skills of physiotherapists. The course consists of 2 pathways: the generic MSc pathway and the Neuromusculoskeletal pathway. The program consists of several compulsory and optional courses that you can choose from and an extended dissertation project.

It is a public research university located in the Uxbridge area of London. Advanced Clinical Practice (Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation) PgCert, PgDip, and MSc are available as 1-year programs. MSc Physiotherapy and MSc Occupational therapy are the 2-year degrees offered there.

  •     Robert Gordon University

It’s a renowned university situated in Aberdeen, Scotland. At Robert Gordon University, the MSc Physiotherapy Pre-registration course is an accelerated program. It takes advantage of prior learning and experience to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to practice physiotherapy. It is a mixture of academic and clinical learning.  

It’s the only Welsh member of the Russell Group of research-initiative British universities. Cardiff University offers two full-time MSc courses in Physiotherapy and Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy.

  •     University of Southampton

Ranked among the top hundred universities globally, it has a 2-year full-time MSc Physiotherapy program. After completing the course, you will have the basis to apply for accreditation with the HCPC and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

Incepted in 1993, it’s one of Scotland’s newest but prominent institutions. It offers MSc courses in several disciplines related to physical education, such as Advanced Physiotherapy Practice, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Advanced Practice.

  •     University of Wolverhampton

Originally founded in 1851, it got its university status in 1991. Being a pioneer in various streams of higher studies, it offers an extensive two-year program of MSC Physiotherapy.

Based in Edgbaston, the University of Birmingham is consistently ranked among the top 100 universities globally. The MSc Physiotherapy course offered here can make you a qualified and competent physiotherapy practitioner. It also provides Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy MSc/Postgraduate Diploma degrees, which explore manipulative physiotherapy and its application in clinical reasoning development.

  •     University of Liverpool

This prestigious institute is a founding member of and for research collaboration. It offers courses such as MSc physiotherapy, a Postgraduate diploma in veterinary physiotherapy, and MSc occupational physiotherapy.

Note that the master’s in physiotherapy in the UK spans one to two years. It’s a one-year course if it’s an MSc program and the duration is two years if it’s a pre-registration MSc.

For Further Details: Universities for Masters in Physiotherapy in UK

Cost of Studying MS in Physiotherapy in the UK

The UK is among the most desirable places. The standard of living is quite high there, so the cost of living would be higher. The cost of living is estimated at GBP 10,000 annually.

The course fees vary from program to program and institute to institute. A list of the best universities for master’s in physiotherapy in the UK and their fees are given below:

Institute NameApprox. Fees (annually)
Cardiff University£23,450
University of NottinghamTo Be Confirmed 
Coventry University£16,950 
University of Birmingham£23,040
University of Plymouth£15,700
Leeds Beckett University£16,000
Oxford Brookes University£16,800
University of East Anglia£18,500
Sheffield Hallam University£16,555
Brunel University£20,450

Admission Requirements

The gold-standard education provided makes the UK the best destination for higher studies. Every young scholar aims for their dream university. And this makes it all more competitive to crack. It would help if you had an illustrious academic and otherwise profile to get selected into the best universities for a master’s in physiotherapy in the UK.

The requirements for each college and each program would vary a bit. But the standard eligibility could be as follows:

  • Typical International Baccalaureate requirements: 32 points.
  • A-levels requirements: ABB with either biological science or physical education.
  • English proficiency: An IELTS score range of 6.0-7.0
  • A solid statement of purpose comes in handy for selection.

Entry scores for the best programs of MSc Physiotherapy in the UK are listed below:

Name of the Institute

IELTS score

Cardiff University6.5
University of Nottingham7.0
Coventry University7.0
University of Birmingham7.0
University of Plymouth6.5
Leeds Beckett University7.0
Oxford Brookes University6.5
University of East Anglia7.0
Sheffield Hallam University7.0
Brunel University7.0

Job Prospects after Master’s in Physiotherapy in the UK

Physiotherapy has been in a lot of demand for the last few decades. With the amount of exposure and academic rigor you will go through in the UK, you will undoubtedly become a successful physiotherapist.

With a degree of master’s in physiotherapy in the UK, you will become either of the below:

  • Acupuncturist
  • Osteopath
  • Chiropractor
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Health service manager
  • Dance movement psychotherapist
  • Health improvement practitioner
  • Personal trainer

You will have all the diversity with you inculcated with high-quality cognitive and emotive training. 

  • A lot of opportunities would be provided at public and private practices or companies, the NHS or sports teams, and sports centers. You can choose obstetrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, and sports medicine and get assigned different roles.
  • The master’s in physiotherapy in the UK is among the most productive foreign studies programs. The average physiotherapist salary in the UK after a master’s is Euro 36,000 annually. This grows with experience and expertise.

Visa Process

According to the UK government’s guidelines, you can submit a student visa application if you are above 16 years of age and:

  •  A licensed student sponsor has offered you a place on a course in the UK.
  • Have sufficient funds to cover all expenses for the study duration, including tuition fees and living costs. 
  • Have functional knowledge of the English language.
  • Those who are 16 or 17-year-old will have to provide evidence of parents’ consent

In case of application from outside the UK-

  • You can apply for a visa as early as six months before the start of your course.
  • You’ll usually get a decision on your visa within three weeks.

If you are applying from inside the UK-

  • You can apply for a visa as early as three months before the start of the course.
  • You must apply before the current visa expiration date. Your new course must begin within 28 days of your current visa expiring.
  • You’ll usually get a decision within eight weeks.

The cost for visa application and processing (exclusive of the health care surcharge) is as follows:

  • GBP 348 (35,000 INR) to apply for a student visa from outside the UK
  • GBP 475 (48,000 INR) to extend or switch to a student visa from inside the UK

How long you can stay depends on the length of your course and what study you’ve already completed in the UK.

  • If you’re 18 or over, you can usually stay in the UK for up to five years.
  • There are also various provisions for visa extension, switching, etc.

 Scholarships Offered

The best thing about MSc physiotherapy in the UK is the availability of tons of scholarships and financial grants. It enables a level playing field for the economically challenged students. The following table illustrates some of the important scholarships:

Name of the Scholarship


UK International Postgraduate Excellence AwardUniversity of Nottingham
Chevening scholarshipsRobert Gordon University
Vice-Chancellor’s International ScholarshipCardiff University
Postgraduate Academic Excellence ScholarshipBrunel University
Postgraduate Ambassador StudentshipGlasgow Caledonian University
Transform Together ScholarshipsSheffield Hallam University
RGU International Student Discount for Master’s StudentsRobert Gordon University
Commonwealth ScholarshipOxford Brookes University
Dean’s ScholarshipsLeeds Beckett University
Commonwealth Shared ScholarshipBrunel University

Disclaimer! All course fees and salaries are approximate amounts subject to change depending on various conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UK good for physiotherapy?

There are enough reasons to believe that it’s one of the best places for physiotherapy studies. The extensive research facilities, well-equipped libraries, genius faculties, and a pool of ignited peers make it a whole package.




Which college is best for physiotherapy in the UK?

Some of the best universities for master’s in Physiotherapy in the UK are:
1. University of Nottingham
2. University of Essex
3. University of Birmingham
4. University of East Anglia
5. Cardiff University
6. Robert Gordon University
7. Glasgow Caledonian University
8. Oxford Brookes University

How much does it cost to study physiotherapy in the UK?

The average cost for MSc physiotherapy in the UK is around 15-20,000 GBP (INR 15-20 lakh). Besides, the cost of living would be around INR 8-10 lakh. Different colleges charge different fees for physiotherapy courses. You need to check the exact details on the college websites.




Where can I study physiotherapy in the UK?

The options are high. Various types of UK institutes provide a range of programs. You can check out all the details and select accordingly. The selection standards are high, so the better your profile, the better college you will get. Some notable institutes include the University of Nottingham, Oxford Brookes University, Cardiff University, University of Birmingham, University of East Anglia, etc.



Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

She is an experienced writer and journalist who has extensively covered the education sector in India and Abroad. Now helping Indian aspirants realise their foreign education dream by providing them with relevant content and information through upGrad Abroad. Amateur traveller, loves to read Architectural Digest!

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