Cost of studying in London- Things to know

The cost of studying in London is slightly higher for international students in comparison to other cities and towns in the United Kingdom (UK). The cost of study in London for Indian students is higher owing to the exchange rates. However, the decision to study in London is always worth considering the excellent career opportunities, globally acclaimed educational institutions, and top-notch teaching and research infrastructure.

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Top Universities and Courses in London

London houses some top-ranking universities offering courses in different domains. 

Institution London Ranking World Ranking Courses Offered
Imperial College of London 1 7 Bachelors, Masters, MBA
University College London  2 =8 Bachelors, Masters, PHD, MBA
King’s College London 3 35 Bachelors, Masters
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 4 49 Bachelors, Masters, MBA
Queen Mary University of London 5 117 Bachelors, Masters, PhD
City, University of London 6 =330 Bachelors, Masters, PhD
Birkbeck, University of London 7 =332 Bachelors, Masters, PhD, MBA
Royal Holloway University of London 8 =334 Bachelors, Masters
Brunel University London 9 =351 Bachelors, Masters, PhD, MBA
SOAS University of London 10 =391 Bachelors, Masters, PhD

Source: QS World University Rankings 2022

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Cost of Studying in London- Tuition Fees

Before we delve further, here’s taking a look at the cost of education in London for the public as well as private universities: 

Private Universities- 

If you choose to study abroad at private universities then your costs may be slightly higher than in public institutions. Here are some of the leading private institutions in London and their fees: 

  • GSM London- GBP 10,000 
  • BPP University- GBP 9,500 
  • Regent’s University London- GBP 18,500 
  • St. Mary’s University London- GBP 12,900 

Public Universities- 

Here are some of the top public universities in London with their tuition fees  (average annual fee for 2022-23) and other expenses: 

Institution Tuition Fee ((average annual fee for 2022-23)
London School of Economics GBP 23,088
Imperial College London GBP 10,000
The University of London GBP 10,000
London Metropolitan University GBP 4,500-9,000
The University of East London GBP 21,000


Source: University websites

Course-Wise Cost of Study

Here are the average costs for studying various types of courses in London (approximate figures): 

  • Undergraduate/bachelor’s degrees- GBP 10-20,000 
  • Postgraduate / Master’s degree- GBP 10-20,000 

Doctoral degrees- GBP 15-24,000

Average Cost of Living in London for Students

Students should have at least GBP 1,015 for every month in living costs outside London. This becomes an average of GBP 1,265 (INR 1.26 lakh) per month for the city of London or roughly GBP 15,180 (INR 15.18 lakh) per year. Here are some of the costs that you should note: 

  • Accommodation- Average accommodation costs may start from GBP 8, 100 per year in London. Yet, some affordable options are still available like shared apartments or university halls
  • Food- This will cost you around GBP 3,000 per year in London as per estimates
  • Travel & Transportation- You can expect a cost of around GBP 1,220 per year in transportation expenses
  • Leisure and Miscellaneous Costs- These work out to at least GBP 2,200 per year
  • Books and Supplies- This will cost you at least GBP 30 per month in London
  • Phone Bills- This may be roughly GBP 15 per month
  • Television License- GBP 147 is the average cost

Scholarships to study in London

There are several scholarships offered to international students in London. Some of the scholarships are as follows:

Scholarships Average Amount (GBP)
Gates Cambridge Scholarship 17,500 stipend per annum
Imperial College London PhD Scholarship 16500
GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarship 2,000 fee reduction each year
Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 30,000 

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Q. How expensive is London for Indian students?

Studying and living in London can be considerably expensive for Indian students due to the difference in currency pricing. Here are some of the costs an Indian student ahs to incur to study in London:

Cost Factor Average Annual Cost (in GBP)
Tuition Fee Bachelors- 10,000-38,000 

Masters – 11,000 – 30,000

Accommodation 8, 100
Food 3,000
Travel 1200
Leisure 2200

Q. Can one study in UK for free?

Although there are no tuition-free universities in the UK, both private or public, many government-aided scholarships are available for students. These scholarships, at times, are fully-funded and cover all the costs. Some also offer a certain amount of annual/monthly stipend to students. 

Q. Is the UK more expensive than the USA?

The overall cost of studying and living in the UK is slightly lower than the one in the US. As per studies and reports, if a person needs around $47,00 per month for a decent living in the UK, he will have to shell out about $5800 per month in the USA. 

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