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MBA in Sports Management in the UK

Updated on 11 October, 2023

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upGrad Abroad Team

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A Master of Business Administration or MBA is a postgraduate degree that prepares a student to lead a business. It is one of the highly sought-after degrees worldwide.


An MBA in Sports Management is an interdisciplinary course that equips students with the skills and tools required to thrive in the ultra-competitive world of Sports Management. And if you wish to have a multi-faceted career, the world of sports could be ideal. It is a multi-billion-pound industry with immense growth opportunities.

Additionally, the United Kingdom is one of the most famous study-abroad destinations for international students. With high-ranked universities, an enriching curriculum, and strong ties with MNCs, an MBA in Sports Management in the UK is a great option.

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Course Brief

A Sports Management MBA in the UK allows students to gain business skills and work as directors, agents, recruiters, and directors for athletes. 

As the sports industry has constantly been advancing, the need for proper management training has emerged. Correct knowledge of the skills in management and a passion for sports are the two main requirements for succeeding in the sector.

The curriculum includes modules on 

Through these courses, students will become adept at analyzing and picking a business opportunity, creating varied strategies, optimizing resources, examining the information with good sense, and forecasting changes. 

Top Universities Offering the Course

Some of the top universities offering the program include: 

Specializations of MBA in Sports Management in the UK

An MBA in Sports Management is itself a specialized degree- catering specifically to the managerial disciplines in the sports industry. 

Depending on different schools, students can take specific courses such as leadership and management, ethics, or marketing management.

You can also opt for extra coursework in deal-making and negotiations, sponsorships, and legal issues.

Levels of Education

An MBA degree is a postgraduate degree that you can complete in a year full-time or two years through a part-time model. 

Students with undergraduate degrees in Leisure and Tourism, Sports Science, and Business Studies can advance their knowledge in Sports management through an MBA although the course is typically open to all backgrounds and bachelor’s coursework.

Average Fee Required for an MBA in Sports Management in the UK 

Following are the tuition fees for an MBA in sports management at top universities in the UK:

University NameAverage Tuition Fee
Loughborough UniversityGBP 26,500 (INR 16,78,900)
University of LiverpoolGBP 30,500 (INR 30,83,300)
University of Salford ManchesterGBP 17,550 (INR 17,74,200)

Job Prospects of Sports Management MBA in the UK

Sports Management graduates from top institutes are actively involved in the global and national sports sector. They work in management and commercial roles linked to this industry.

The typical roles after graduating from an MBA in sports management in the UK are: 

  • Sports marketing manager
  • Health and facility/fitness managers
  • Sports development officers
  • Local authority sport and leisure officers
  • National sport federation officers
  • Commercial account managers in sports and events agencies

Typical recruiting companies include:

  • Adidas
  • Arena Sports
  • Australian Rules Football Association in India
  • England Handball Association
  • Escape Fitness
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education (Switzerland)
  • Grass Roots
  • Greenwich Leisure Ltd
  • GroupM 
  • China
  • Hawk-Ey
  • e Innovations Ltd
  • Kidpower Gymnastics Club (Taiwan)
  • Leicestershire & Rutland Sport
  • London Irish Rugby Club
  • Major Events International
  • NHS
  • Norwood Park Golf Centre
  • Qatar Sport Investment

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Expected Remuneration

Below are some of the usual job roles offered post graduating from an MBA in Sports Management in and their average salary package:

Job RoleAverage Salary
Account ManagerGBP 34,900 (INR 35,28,100)
Chief Executive OfficerGBP 65,700 (INR 66,41,700)
Fitness InstructorGBP 14,300 (INR 14,45,612)
Technical CoordinatorGBP 38,900 (INR 39,32,500)
Digital Marketing ManagerGBP 40,600 (INR 41,04,300)
Data CoordinatorGBP 27,000 (INR 27,29,500)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UK suitable for Sports Management?

The UK has high-level facilities and top-notch infrastructure in its universities. These factors are essential for a practical-driven degree like an MBA in Sports Management.

With well-versed faculty members and an enriching curriculum, students are allowed to explore both the practical and theoretical aspects of the world of sports sciences. Thus, the UK is an excellent option to pursue an MBA in Sports Management. 

Is Sports Management as a career worth it?

If you have a profound interest in sports, community engagement, and public relations, Sports Management is perfect for you.

Even though this industry is stressful and resource-intensive, it is hugely profitable, and the stability of the sector is bound to develop exponentially in the future.




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