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Statement Of Purpose for Undergraduates: Format & Samples

Updated on 21 May, 2024

Akansha Semwal

Akansha Semwal

Study Abroad Expert

A statement of purpose for UG or SOP is an essay, submitted by a student to the university, that highlights their important details. As the name depicts, this essay is to be written by an undergraduate who is interested in pursuing higher education abroad in a certain institution. 

Knowing how to write an SOP is very important if you are planning to study abroad. SOPs are required by most of the educational institutions abroad before accepting the applicant as a student for a course.

What is Statement of Purpose

A description of a person as a student, along with their interests and personal goals, is known as the Statement of Purpose. Individuals must also mention what they look forward to achieve in their careers. 

This description allows educational institutions to why you are interested in joining their college and how they can assist you in reaching your academic goals.

A statement of purpose includes the following content:

  1. Introduction to oneself. 
  2. Academic experience and previous career.
  3. Interest in the program.
  4. Academic achievements or professional memberships must be highlighted. 

Other Course-Wise SOPs

Importance of SOP

  1. The quality of this document can make or break your chances of getting admission/scholarship at your desired educational institution.
  2. The document's main aim is to get the selection committee’s attention. The personal statement must convince the committee.
  3. This statement is also called the letter of introduction as it introduces the candidate to the education institute’s selection committee.
  4. An applicant can showcase his/her experiences, aspirations, and academic qualifications. 
  5. The description also allows the applicant to show his/her communication skills.
  6. The quality of the statement decides whether the candidate will qualify for an interview or not.

SOP Format for Undergraduate

The student’s SOP reflects the overall personality of the candidate. It will include various details about the student. This can start with a basic introduction of the candidates, including their academic qualifications, reasons for choosing that university, and expectations from the institution.  

While the statement of purpose of students of various categories differs, here is a basic and most generic format for the SOP for an undergraduate, which upGrad Abroad  also suggests:

Anecdote of What Motivated the Student

It is crucial to hook the admissions committee from the start. Ensure you communicate what motivated you to pursue the course only in the first paragraph. 

For instance, if you are writing a statement of purpose for a bachelor of business program, you can include if you hail from a business family or what inspired you.

Gist of your Academic Achievements

It is crucial to highlight your past achievements and even focus on your achievements in extracurricular activities. This will provide the admissions committee with better insight into your profile. 

Also, participation in state-level competitions will help you to stand out and showcase a holistic profile. 

Note: Post mentioning the past academic achievements; if the applicant has work experience, that should be explicitly mentioned. This will provide further insights into the student’s profile.


Choice of the Program

Applicant should state the reason for picking a particular course and how it can be beneficial for them for their future goals. 

For instance, if you are writing an SOP for bachelor in computer science, your future goals should align with it.

Purpose of the Study

Writing in brief about the purpose of the study is essential for the student. 
It should include:

Student’s Expectations from the Course -

The undergraduate student has certain expectations behind pursuing a particular course. 

The candidate must explain the expectations from the university, the course content, learning modules, and, if possible, the teachers and professors.

The Intentions after Completing the Course-

The intention behind selecting a course should be explained in detail. 

For example, if the student wants to complete the course and join a certain field for occupation, the individual should specify that. Or, if the person has plans for further education, it is better to explain that as well. 

They should state the short-term and long-term goals.

The Reason to Select that University

The candidates must also write about why they have selected a particular university. If the candidate has done proper research and inquiry about the university, he/she may put forward those theories in the SOP to create a better impression. 

For example, suppose a university is tagged as number one worldwide for computer science education. In that case, the student intending to pursue a computer science course can specify this. 

Also, one could state if they are inspired by the professor's project or are interested in being a part of certain clubs or more.

The Reason to Study in that Country

If a candidate is applying to a foreign university, he or she must highlight the reason behind choosing that country. For example, suppose an undergraduate wants to opt for business management in Canada. 

In that case, he/she should write a small summary about why the business management courses in Canada inspire him/her and why he/she chose Canada.

Other Crucial Pointer to Include in Your SOP 


The candidate should also provide some information about his/her personal traits. It helps the officials know in detail about the student’s personal life and character. 

This should include:

Unique Points of Difference -

Out of the thousands of aspiring applicants in a certain educational institution, each candidate should have some unique quality that makes him stand out. A student must specify that quality in this section of the SOP.

Why the candidate is the best for the seat -

The student must reveal the reasons why he/she is best for the seat in that course at the university. This is a promise or assurance by the student as to how he/she will use the opportunity to study in the university.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) with respect to countries

SOP for AustraliaSOP for GermanySOP for Canada

SOP Samples for Undergraduate

There is no fixed pattern to be followed for an SOP in any university. That is why students can find many SOP samples for undergraduate and graduate courses online. However, some universities do provide the candidates with certain specific rules to follow. 
Accordingly, here is a sample statement of purpose for undergraduate admission of a student aspiring for an engineering degree:

SOP for Undergraduate Sample 1

I was very young when I started developing an interest in automobiles and their parts. This appreciation for these machines remained at the back of my mind throughout the years as I grew up. I gradually decided to study to be a mechanical engineer. After clearing my 10th grade with excellent marks, I was sure that the engineering field will suit me. That is why I opted for entrance coaching during my 12th studies to crack the tests to enter the top colleges in India.

I recently came across a lot of studies and research published at your esteemed university. That is how I understood that it is one of the best in the world and can help me achieve my goals. Apart from the awards and recognitions, I also learned about students from this institute who have attained great success in bringing glory to the institution. All these reasons inspired me to opt for this university as the preferred institution to pursue my further studies and get an engineering degree.

Since I already had the dream of pursuing engineering as my career, I started taking extra interest in the coaching available for this field through the best classes available. I have made engineering a prime focus area in my life. That is why I can assure you that once I am a part of your university, I will give my best to be a student worthy of your institution. I also plan to complete my master’s in the same field. I want to take myself to the highest levels of gaining knowledge and wish to serve not only my country but the world, too.

Just as a vehicle requires quality fuel to run smoothly and for a long, my dream of becoming an engineer requires the best education. With the right guidance and my skills, we can make the world a better place to live in. I hope that you will consider my application and provide me with a seat in your prestigious institution for a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering.

SOP for Undergraduates Sample 2:

Here is a sample statement of purpose for postgraduate admission of a student aspiring for an MBA degree

Growing up in a family that comes from a business background, I always aspired to become a businessman. I realized that it would give me ample opportunities to communicate with different people. I can also use my creative skills to take forward my business ideas. I like the idea of starting something on my own and connecting with people. I believe I possess all the qualities that are needed to start my journey as an entrepreneur. This realization has led me to seek admission to this university.

SOP for Undergraduates Sample 3:

Here is a sample statement of purpose for postgraduate admission of a student aspiring for PhD in Marketing degree

I am presently working as a guest lecturer at ———College. My teaching responsibilities involve marketing management, brand and product management, modern banking, entrepreneurship, sales production, and advertising. South California University offers dedicated support to international students and is one of the top institutes offering this internationally recognized degree. 

The university also covers every aspect of marketing, like a channel of distribution, globalization issues, market response forecasting, and more, through proper research papers and methodologies. I am eagerly waiting to be part of the institution and mold myself into becoming a future leader.

If individuals write their SOPs in an impressive, precise, tactful, original, and unique manner, they can be sure that the institution will consider their application and provide the opportunity welcomingly.

Soft Skills to be Included in Your SOP for Undergraduates

Developing soft skills and personality traits is crucial for students to prepare them for academic and professional challenges. 

Here are some essential soft skills for a statement of purpose sample for undergraduates:

Leadership entails initiating actions, offering guidance, inspiring others, and problem-solving for SOP for UG. Developing leadership skills during college by engaging in competitions and organizing events enriches one's personality and fosters growth beyond academic realms.

2.Interpersonal Skills: 
Exceptional interpersonal skills contribute to becoming valuable corporate resources, fostering understanding, empathy, conflict resolution, and relationship-building. This umbrella term includes empathy, active listening, motivation, and patience.

Adaptability reflects flexibility in accepting new roles, environments, or challenges, essential for thriving in diverse settings such as studying abroad with varying academic approaches for SOP and a bachelor in computer science.

4.Conflict Resolution: 
Highlighting your skill in resolving disputes and fostering harmonious relationships within academic and social contexts. Share experiences where you successfully mediated conflicts or facilitated constructive dialogue to reach mutually beneficial solutions.

5.Communication Skills: 
Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, facilitate clear expression of ideas in group discussions, presentations, and interactions. These skills are crucial for confidence-building and effective understanding of subjects and peers when writing the statement of purpose for undergraduates.

Teamwork facilitates information exchange and communication, vital for achieving collective goals. Cultivating this habit during academic years prepares students for collaborative success in their careers.

Problem-solving skills are universally valued, demonstrating critical thinking and creativity in addressing challenges. Being adept at finding innovative solutions enhances one's competence and adaptability.

8.Time Management: 
Effective time management enables students to excel academically while balancing multiple tasks. Those proficient in time management can navigate various responsibilities and excel across different domains of life.

Illustrate your ability to make well-informed and timely decisions, even in challenging circumstances. Share instances where you demonstrated decisiveness in academics or extracurriculars, showcasing your ability to assess options, weigh alternatives, and take decisive action for writing the bachelor of business administration SOP sample.

Difference between SOP, Personal Statement & Motivation Letter

People find it difficult to differentiate between SOP, Personal Statement and Motivation Letter. Let us look at the three to have a clear understanding. 

Difference between SOP and Personal Statement

Generally speaking, the personal statement describes what kind of a person you are, while the SOP explains what you aspire to do in life. Both these documents play a vital role in determining your seat for the study program in the college. 

When it comes to grad school, both documents are different yet the same. Both of them demonstrate your nature and aspirations which help the admission committee understand you as a person. The personal statement is more informal than the statement of purpose.  

Difference between SOP and Motivation Letter

One can be confused between SOP and Motivation Letter as many European universities in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and others, ask for the latter. 

The motivation letter focuses on the career goals, future aspects, specific grad program, skills, and other professional work or internships that showcase your experience.

However the SOP allows you to talk about your past grades, qualifications, volunteering experience, internships, and other activities. The SOP explains how you performed in the academic field, your choice of subjects, past experiences, and more.

Many colleges, universities, and employers use these terms interchangeably.

How is LOM Different from SOP & Personal Statement?

The major difference between the three is the intention behind writing them and the length. 

In general, personal statements are in-depth and more personal about the applicant’s enigmas, strengths, personal life, weaknesses, failures, past achievements, etc.  While a motivation letter consists of more unique elements related to the personality.

The LOM is more focused on the applicant's future aspirations and plans. It allows candidates to talk about their past achievements, showing their commitment toward future goals. 

It allows candidates to talk about their past achievements, showing their commitment toward future goals.

Candidates must ensure that they have enough time to write down their LOM in detail. It also requires good research on the university and the specific program the candidate is interested in.


We have talked about all the nitty-gritty of writing an SOP for Undergraduates. So, be sure to keep all these elements in mind before submitting your SOP. Use this document to communicate your personality to the admissions committee better than your competitors. 

Still, worried if you would miss out on any crucial information? Then, connect with our counselors to learn how to write a compelling SOP. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the statement of purpose needed for undergraduates?

For undergraduate admission, students must present their statement of purpose that can help them achieve their future goals.

The document serves as a weapon for getting educated in one of the top institutions of a country. This education will help them widen their knowledge and augment their learning.

What do universities look for in a statement of purpose?

A statement of purpose must show a candidate’s educational qualification, data analytical skills, and leadership since universities look for students with strong and varied interests and relevant experience.

How do you start a statement of purpose?

After brainstorming and writing down your ideas, you must start drafting your statement of purpose that must cover the following elements when applying to a desired university or school:

1. Introduce yourself and talk about your goal.
2. Write about what motivated you to choose a specific degree/program.
3. In the next step, explain why you deserve to be considered for the program.
4. Also, mention what you want to achieve by studying this field.

How do you write an undergraduate statement of purpose?

An undergraduate’s statement of purpose must have an introduction. It captures the reader’s attention and allows the admission committee to shortlist the deserving candidate.

Is SOP the same as the study plan?

This document explains why a candidate wants to attend a specific university. It also lays down the essential details about the applicant based on which they are selected or rejected. It can also be considered a study plan in which the students represent themselves, their skills, and their accomplishments.

Are SOP and College Essay the same?

The SOP is always submitted to the college before admissions; it emphasises emphasizes a student’s qualifications, capabilities, and why they wish to apply for a particular college. It is covered in 800 to 1000 words. On the other hand, a college essay allows the applicant to showcase their personality and usually comprises 250 words.

Should I start SOP with a quote?

Most admission committees do not find the use of clichés and quotes impressive. However, some students can use inspiring quotes related to their vision and impress that impresses the admissions committee. The use of inspiring quotes done wisely can be a hit.

How long does it take to write a statement of purpose?

Applicants are always encouraged to discuss relevant challenges and how they deal with them. These are long and must be written in a detailed manner.

Is SOP and resume the same?

The applicant’s resume contains a list of accomplishments and experience. At the same time, SOP depicts the candidate’s achievements in his past academic record and states the purpose for joining the university of his choice.

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