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SOP for MS in Computer Science – How to Write with Samples

Updated on 27 March, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Computer science degrees are one of the most sought-after courses in the world. Hence, universities globally get a large number of applications for MS in Computer Science every year. In such a scenario, a unique Statement of Purpose or SOP for MS in Computer Science becomes a crucial factor in securing a seat at an institution. 

It is essential for an international student to write a well-structured and impressive SOP to get admission. The SOP or statement of purpose is an important document that acts as a pathway for a student to get admission to a certain college or university. An ideal Statement of Purpose for MS in Computer Science should include details of past internships, educational qualifications, work experience, interests, career plans, and projects that a student has worked on.

It is an opportunity for students to present the long-term educational goals and motives behind choosing a particular degree or university. An SOP is a formal document that has a structure, format, and rules. Refer to the format and samples below to write an SOP for MS in Computer Science with work experience or as a fresher.

SOPs for MS

The Importance of an SOP

A good SOP makes it easy for students to enroll in international colleges and universities. With an increasing number of applicants for overseas education destinations, the only thing that differentiates one international student from another is a unique SOP. An SOP is an essay that a student writes with clarity and offers past educational and professional experience, stating the purpose of choosing that particular course, college, and country. 

1. It is very important to write a good statement of purpose interweaving the long-term and short-term goals. A statement of purpose offers insight into the student’s career aspirations and how dedicated they are to studying a particular course. 

2. The personal statement is a vital component in an SOP, and universities consider it important. It narrates everything about a student and allows the selection committee to understand the student well. 

3. Applicants can showcase their experience, internships, projects, educational qualifications, and training taken in the past. 

4. It demonstrates communication skills and how well a student showcases and pens down all the little details about oneself. 

5. An SOP can break or make the future of a student. It holds a lot of importance, and a student can grab the chance to get admission with a unique SOP. Degrees and good scores are important, but a well-written and well-structured statement of purpose is unique and helps in decision-making. 

Statement of Purpose (SOP) with respect to countries
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Format of SOP

An SOP needs to be written in crisp paragraphs with the general rules of essay writing. Bullet points can be used but minimally. It is a two-page-long document with a 12-point font size and double-space margins. The length of the SOP should not exceed 1,000 words. The text should be plain black. The format of each paragraph is discussed below: 

First Paragraph

Start with an introduction about yourself and your goals. Choose the right words when you are drafting the introduction. It should not be too formal or too informal. Your opening statement should be precise, about yourself, and your goals related to the degree. An MS in Computer Science should have goals related to computer science.

Second Paragraph

Career progression and academic records need to be mentioned here. It will start with the school, colleges, and a vivid description of all the courses that the student has taken. It can include work experience and internships if there are any. This paragraph focuses on how a student has aspired to work hard since school and now aspires to get a degree in computer science. 

Third Paragraph

It is the most important part of the SOP. This paragraph will focus on the reasons behind choosing a specific university or college, the country, and, of course, why MS in computer science. The students need to draft a convincing statement as to why they are the right fit and what their plans are after studying MS in Computer Science. The more emphatic and ambitious the writing is, the better and more unique the statement will be. 

Fourth Paragraph

This paragraph marks the end of the SOP. A student needs to focus on how the goals will be achieved. Draft a plan that will lead to the fulfillment of goals, short-term and long-term. This should be a promising one that will convince the selection committee to choose a particular SOP over someone else’s. 

A Sample SOP for MS in Computer Science

Sample #1 SOP for MS in Computer Science

My inclination towards computer science began during my school days when I learned the basics of programming. I was amazed by the fact that machines could work with instructions and conduct so many functions efficiently. I took up computer science and enrolled in the department of_________at________in__________.

During my graduation, I focused on both practical and theoretical knowledge. I gained an understanding of programming languages and various algorithms during the course. I went through journals, research papers, and various references to understand the subject from every aspect.

I started my internship with ___________, for a tenure of ___________. I got to implement a lot of the knowledge gathered during my bachelor’s degree. During this internship, I learned about standard mail delivery protocols such as POP3, SMTP, and IMAP.

It also helped me gain insights into the processes and tools (like Version Control, Static Code Analysis) used in the industry to build robust software solutions. I was inclined to take up computer science and explore a career in this field, and that is why I want to pursue an MS in Computer Science from ___________.

Sample #2 SOP for MS in Computer Science

As a child, I was always fascinated by machines and computers. I was mesmerised when I was introduced to this supremely powerful machine, computer, at the age of 10 by my parents. Since then my world has changed completely. I spent hours glued to the screen learning things related to programming and C++ language. My passion grew to an extent that I decided to take up computer science as a subject in my 12th standard. 

I graduated from one of the top colleges,____________ in BSc.  Computer science. During my graduation years, I actively participated in many intercollege tech fests and acquired the first position. I was so engrossed in learning about new technologies and using those technologies to my support in devising new applications. I had devised many applications with the knowledge I had. 

In my last year of college, I was placed in one of the top firms of silicon valley of India,__________ where I spent around 2 years working on __________________. During my two years at the firm, I did some certifications in __________ that led me to joining another tech giant _________  where my work role include___________, __________ & __________. Now after attaining enough experience I strive for becoming a data scientist after completing MS in Computer science from your esteemed university.

I believe my career will grow leaps and bounds and I will be able to add value to the world after learning from the reputed faculties of your esteemed university.

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Things to Keep in Mind for SOP for Computer Science

As already discussed, an SOP or a Statement of Purpose is a significant piece of document that supports one’s admission application for an international university. It is an indispensable document required to be included in the admission process for an MS in Computer Science. Universities use these SOPs to appraise and inspect your eagerness and suitability to pursue a particular course at the university. Let us now look at some things that a candidate needs to keep in mind before writing an SOP for an MS in Computer Science:

1. Things to bear in mind for an SOP without work experience:

a) Your co-curricular activities and academic accomplishments must be mentioned.

b) Evaluate your goals and mention how pursuing an MS will help you achieve them.

c) Discuss your areas of interest and explain how an MS from that particular university will help you advance in your professional career.

d) Emphasize why you wish to apply to that particular university and what attracts you to the faculty and facilities.

e) Always proofread your SOP before sending it.

2. Things to bear in mind for an SOP with work experience:

a) Clarify and point out the parts of your past work experience that you feel are pertinent to an MS program.

b) Keeping in mind your work experience, you should accentuate your leadership qualities.

c) Discuss specific incidents or projects that you may have worked on during your work experience which correlate to an MS program.

Mistakes to Avoid in SOPs:

Keeping in mind the paramount significance of an SOP or Statement of Purpose in your admission process, it is of utmost importance that you handle the scenario responsibly and avoid any mistakes whatsoever. Here are a few commonly made mistakes in SOPs that you must avoid:

1. Not preparing early on-

You must not forget that you should start preparing your SOP early on and not at the eleventh hour.

2. Not putting forth a strong introduction and conclusion-

“The first impression is the last impression.” Keeping this popular phrase in mind, you should pay attention to a strong introduction as well as a solid conclusion.

3. Using unprofessional language-

Using informal language, slangs, and abbreviations is one of the most commonly made mistakes. You must maintain a polite and respectful tone when writing your SOP.

4. Not sticking to the word limit-

You should remember not to exceed the word limit given to you. Writing unnecessarily long SOPs will lead to the admissions staff not focusing on your achievements.

5. Dwelling on your weakness-

You must not emphasize your weakness or show any insecurity because of them. You must illustrate how your mistakes helped you learn and advance in your affairs.

You should also keep in mind not to make your statement of purpose too gaudy or ostentatious. Exaggerated flattery in SOPs helps it in no way. You should do your best to avoid entering irrelevant information in your SOP for MS.


Universities treat SOPs very seriously at the time of granting admission. The SOP for MS in Computer Science should be a well-drafted document that helps a computer science student to get admission to any international university that offers specializations in computer science. Students can seek help from counselors of upGrad Abroad and learn how to write an SOP for MS in Computer Science.

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