Tips to Write an Insightful SOP for Hospitality Management

sop for hospitality management

Want to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for hospitality management? You should follow samples and keep a note of some important pointers since the SOP is a vital document for securing admission into a leading hospitality management institution abroad. An SOP is basically an essay that is a mandatory part of the admission process while applying to universities abroad. The SOP describes the applicantā€™s intentions with regard to the course he/she has selected and future prospects.

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SOP for Hospitality Management- Key GuidelinesĀ 

Writing a sample SOP for hospitality management will give you an idea about what you need to do in this regard. However, here are some guidelines to help you:Ā 

  1. You should talk about your specific professional and academic qualities that will help you do well in the hospitality or hotel management arena.Ā 
  2. Mention your leadership attributes and professional/academic experience garnered to date.Ā 
  3. Discuss career objectives and purposes that have spurred you towards pursuing your course in hospitality management.Ā 
  4. If you have any gap years present in your experience, you should explain the same with suitable reasoning and explanations.Ā 

Ensure that you remain confident and completely transparent about all information that you are providing. The SOP should have negligible spelling and grammatical errors while being completely free from plagiarism.Ā 

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Sample SOP for Hospitality ManagementĀ 

Here is a sample SOP for hospitality management:

I hail from a small town (name) in (State) in the (region) part of India where access to quality education is limited, so locals usually move out from the area to gain quality higher education. Like others, even I shifted to (place) and studied in (institution) while staying in the hostel. After completing my secondary education, I pursued graduation from the (institutionā€™s name) with (percentage) marks, it was in college that inculcated my interest in hospitality.

Throughout my training and internship, I was able to gain more knowledge about hospitality functions and operations, including customer service, ala carte and buffet events, customer service, bar, kitchen and bakery and even catering services for various occasions. I was fortunate to participate in marketing campaigns and research for space selling and also event and theme party organization at hotels. I was also chosen for catering to several foreign delegates during my practical training, owing to my skills in hygiene and safety standards applications.Ā 

I have recently taken up a (duration) higher training and diploma in leadership management in hospitality at (name of the hotel). I have also come across the brochure and other materials of your institution throughout my working tenure and came to know how you are a leading global institution offering management degrees in the field. This was tantamount to fulfilling my dreams and I could not believe how such tailor-made courses are readily available for professionals like me.Ā 

My desire to obtain a degree in hospitality management is not restricted to possessing a good employment opportunity. I dream of opening an exclusive hotel chain globally which can offer home-like comfort at a reasonable price away from home.Ā 

After I got to know about the degree in question, I checked for all eligibility criteria and then cleared IELTS with 7.0 bands and a minimum of 6.5 in every module. My academic record fulfills the criteria established for admission into the institutions and my parents are also willing to sponsor the costs of foreign education. I am excited about the idea of possessing a global degree for commencing my international aspirations and dreams.Ā 

I hope that I will be able to do justice to the requirements for obtaining admission into the (course name) which has leadership management training interlinked with the course curriculum. I am attaching all relevant transcripts of academic records along with records of professional and training accomplishments, that make me eligible for securing admission into the institution.

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