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Sample Statement of Purpose for MBA in International Business

Updated on 08 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Writing an SOP for an MBA in International Business is essential since this is a vital document that will positively influence university admission committees in your favor. The SOP (Statement of Purpose) should showcase your professional and academic expertise extensively. 

SOPs for MBA

SOP for MBA in International Business- Format Tips

Before getting into SOP samples for an MBA in International Business, make sure to follow some basic tips regarding the format. These include the following: 

  • The first paragraph should give a brief insight into the applicant’s candidature. It should contain details like programs studied earlier and the institution’s name, the program being applied for, your residence, your reason for pursuing the MBA in International Business, and instances in your personal life that led to this decision. 
  • The next paragraph should cover your academic background, focusing on the programs you studied, projects, courses, extracurricular activities, clubs, student activities, and developed skills. 
  • The next paragraph should emphasize your professional background, i.e., showcasing promotions, professional recognitions/awards, contributions made to the organization, skills like global experience, dynamism, multicultural knowledge, teamwork, and soft skills like work ethics, honesty, and leadership. Volunteering or non-project work will also find a place here. 
  • The next section will discuss your future plans and professional short- and long-term goals. Talk about how pursuing this MBA program will help you fulfill the same. 
  • The final paragraph will be the conclusion, summarizing the SOP with a final note on how you are the right fit for this institution or program. Highlight your abilities in terms of global knowledge, management, communication skills, and team building. 

Sample Statement of Purpose for MBA in International Business 

Here is a sample statement of purpose for an MBA in International Business. Note the fact that this is only illustrative and should not be taken as the only example. 

My name is (name of applicant), and my father is employed as a manager at a leading multinational organization while my mother is a teacher of Economics. I completed my high school from (name of school) and obtained (percentage) of marks in the (name of stream) stream. After this, I finished my undergraduate (UG) degree in Bachelor’s of Business Administration or BBA from (name of university) University with (percentage) marks. 

After completing my course in (year), I applied for an internship with (company name). Impressed with my professional development and skills, they offered me an opportunity to obtain full-time employment with them. I worked as a management trainee for a period of (number) months, and then I got promoted to a senior managerial position. 

Throughout my professional tenure, I got ample opportunities to collaborate with several foreign colleagues and delegates. It helped me realize that to possess better insights and global experience, a world-class master’s program is vital. Hence, taking the differences in teaching methodologies between my home country and abroad, I chose to seek an institution outside my country. 

I quickly ended my search at (name of the institution you are applying to) since the location, subject material, curriculum, academic requirements, financial needs, and exposure are all ideal for me. My parents have agreed to cover the cost of my education, while I have a suitable academic track record as per institutional requirements, including a year of work experience which I will have completed by the time of receipt of my offer. I have checked with the institution’s admissions counsellor, and the email written by him on the eligibility criteria fulfilment is attached with my application. 

The co-scholastic achievement and academic records, standardized test reports, employer’s letters, reference letters and sponsors, and other vital documents are attached with this application. 

A master’s in international business will open new avenues for me globally with more multinational companies looking to hire skilled graduates in India and abroad. I wish to be a skilled candidate with insights and an extensive understanding of global markets and the world economy at large. With proper experience and industry knowledge, it is possible for someone like me to eventually carve my niche in managing international businesses in the future and possibly look towards entrepreneurship. This degree will be a career-building and game-changing opportunity for me, and I remain hopeful of getting a favorable reply from your esteemed institution. 

Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Respect to Countries:

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upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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