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IELTS Essay For Writing Task 2 - Complete Details

Updated on 07 July, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the popular English language proficiency tests that is taken for study, migration, and work. In the writing section of the IELTS test, writing task 2 or IELTS essay is a pivotal part of the examination. You can always find several IELTS essay samples and information on topics to help you throughout the process. Here is a guide to help you crack the writing task with a high band score.

What is IELTS Essay? 

The essay for IELTS is part of Writing Task 2. It is the same for the General Training and Academic of the IELTS. You will get a topic and have to write an essay on the same. You should complete your essay in 250 words within a time limit of 40 minutes. 

Writing Band Descriptors- Scoring Criteria for IELTS Essays

The writing test scores are calculated based on four parameters. They include the following: 

  • Task achievement – This examines how you answer all parts of the given task with a reasonable opinion, position, and stance while including various ideas at the same time. 
  • Coherence and Cohesion This analyzes whether you can organize your thoughts, information, and arguments in a logical manner. It also assesses whether there is a logical build-up of ideas. 
  • Lexical Resources – This examines your vocabulary and usage of the same accurately. Lexical item usage and their refinement is the key marking criteria here. 
  • Grammatical range and accuracy – This measures grammatical components, accuracy, structures, and usage of complex sentences. 

These are given individual band scores, which are tallied together to form the final band score for this section on a scale of 0-9. This is why you should keep practicing on various essay topics for IELTS to refine your language and writing skills.

IELTS Essay Topics with Answers

Individual Greed and Selfishness

Essay On Generation Gap

To Understand the Most Important Characteristics of a Society One Must Study Its Major Cities

Young People Are Often Influenced By Their Peers

Nowadays the Way Many People Interact

What Gets Sharper the More You Use It

Which Of These Is The Easiest Way Of Communication

Modern Forms Of Communication

Letter Email Telephone Are Example Of Communication Channels

School Essay On Mobile Phone For Students

Advantages of Reading Books

Every Year Several Languages Die Out

Write About Your Family

COVID-19 Pandemic Opportunities And Challenges Essay

Nowadays Many People Choose to be Self-employed

Difference Between Paragraph and Essay

Learning is A Continuous Process

Largest Species of Penguin

Life in A Big City Paragraph

My Childhood Memories Paragraph 150 Words

Famous Brands of Clothes

Essay on Online Shopping

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Trending IELTS Essay Topics

Difference between Online and Offline Classes

Women Empowerment Essay 250 words

Essay on Coronavirus 150 Words

Oral Communication is better than Written Communication

Disadvantages of A Nuclear Family

Government Should Spend Money On Railways Rather Than Roads

How To Face Problems In Life

Essay on Water Scarcity

Paragraph On Digital India

A Paragraph About Sports

Telecommuting Has Many Advantages And the Following Drawbacks

Essay On Positive Thinking

Advantages of Plastic Containers

Disadvantages of Mass Media

Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Some People Say that Music is a Good Way

Honesty is the Best Policy Essay

Write a Paragraph on the Internet

Theme of the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’

The Tendency of Human beings to Copy One Another


Tips for IELTS Writing Task Essays

Here are some tips that you should consider carefully: 

  1. Always answer the basic questions – Ensure that you read the entire topic carefully and answer all the questions. You should suitably and completely address the entire line-up of questions or tasks in the essay. This is essential for scoring well in this section. 
  2. Plan the essay with care – Always take a little time out to plan the essay before you begin writing. Analyze the main points you will highlight, along with examples or other supporting instances. Consider how you will build up the essay and the sequences of thoughts/points. An essay that is neatly organized will help you score more for cohesion and coherence. You can spend a few minutes planning. Make sure to split your essay into paragraphs within 250 words. Do not meander off the topic; stay on track with a crisp essay that will help you score higher marks. 
  3.  Reviewing is vital – First, write a draft without aiming for perfection. Finish this swiftly and then review it with care. Rewrite the portions where you think improvements are needed. Check for grammatical accuracy and the proper usage of vocabulary. Try and swap some words, including stronger and more complex ones in their place. Phrase some portions afresh to showcase your grammatical knowledge. 
  4. Build vital examination skills – Build up your examination skills in advance. This means being able to plan your essay swiftly in 3-5 minutes while thinking of examples and points to support the same. You can write as many essays as you can before the examination. 
  5. Hone your language capabilities – Many aspirants fail to get a high band score in the essay due to a particular reason- language issues. Writing grammatically correct sentences and free from silly mistakes or errors is important. The pressure of sticking to the time limit often leads to the same but getting sufficient practice beforehand should help. You should write your practice essays and get feedback and input from your teachers or family members. This will help you work on your weaknesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to write an essay in IELTS?

You will have 40 minutes to complete an essay of at least 250 words. Make sure you organize the essay, covering all the questions and points mentioned in the prompt. Also, divide it into paragraphs, outlining your points with suitable examples or instances. Have a suitable introduction and conclusion too.

Q. How many types of essays are there in IELTS?

There are five kinds of essays in the IELTS examination. They include Discussion and Opinion Based Essays and Problem and Solution Essays. The other types are the Agree/Disagree, Advantages and Disadvantages, and Compare and Contrast Essays. You should practice these types of essays cautiously before sitting for your examination.

Q. How to improve essay writing in IELTS?

You can readily improve your essay writing skills for the IELTS examination. The best way is to practice as many sample topics as possible before the test. Get feedback on your writing. This will help you write grammatically correct sentences and develop the ability to plan your essay in the first few minutes.

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