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Write About Your Family- Sample Essays For IELTS

Updated on 17 April, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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write about your family

‘Write about your family’ IELTS essay shouldn’t be a difficult task for the test-taker. All they need to do is write logically and clearly, mentioning their family members and mentioning snippets of what they do. You can also mention the family structure if you live in a joint family.  This essay draws upon your personal experiences and needs an objective writing style.

Write About Your Family: Samples for IELTS 

Sample Essay 1: 

My family is my biggest pride and joy. We are a family of six living in a spacious and sparsely furnished apartment with three rooms. Our family comprises my paternal grandparents, my parents, a younger sister, and yours truly. I believe that we are fortunate to live with our grandparents since the love and care that we get from them are unparalleled. My parents are also supportive of our dreams and aspirations while giving us the space that we require to lead our own lives. 

My grandfather retired from service as the General Manager at a nationalized bank. He has had a long and illustrious career. My grandmother taught mathematics at a leading Government school. She also retired from service some years back. My father is a chartered accountant, running his practice and consulting with several MNCs and corporate biggies. He has been a good student from childhood, just like my grandparents. All three of them also share another passion, namely running and athletics. Both my grandparents were into marathon running in their younger years. They still go for jogs and walks each morning. My father runs at least ten kilometers each day without fail. 

My mother runs her salon; she has always been passionate about beauty and wellness. She also loves cooking delicious dishes that we love feasting on. My sister studies English in the first year of college. She is good at creative writing and debate; she wishes to study media, journalism, and communications in the future. I am currently working as a data science specialist at one of India’s biggest technology firms. I also pursue clay modeling in my spare time. We are an eclectic family with diverse tastes, and that lends a special dimension to our life and time together. 

Tentative Band Score: 6.5

Word Count: 294

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Sample Essay 2: 

I happen to live in a family of 32 members, which is surprising, considering today’s nuclear-family explosion and the dismantling of the joint-family structure. Yet, I feel blessed and grateful to reside in a home where there is unbridled love and unquestioned support at all times. Our family comprises my grandfather, grandmother, father, and his four brothers (my uncles). All five brothers are married and have two children each. This makes it 22 members in all. I have a younger sister, while my uncles all have two daughters each. 

My family also comprises my grandfather’s brother and his wife. They have two children (two uncles) who are both married and have two children each (all sisters). The best part is that I am the only brother in a team of 14 siblings. You can imagine the kind of love and pampering that I get, along with unconditional support. Food at home is still cooked in the same kitchen, and every family gets to decide the menu for a particular day. Every family equally contributes towards the household expenditure, which is now digitally created and shared among everyone. 

We have always grown up having a blast together. Every day is like a special occasion at home. For us, it is not only about having our parents to fall back on; we have two sets of grandparents and multiple sets of parents in the form of my uncles and aunts. Another interesting aspect is that we take a family vacation once every year, all 32 of us. This is usually an elaborate affair, with travel plans being chalked out well in advance. Needless to say, we always have a blast on your vacations together. I am proud of the values of togetherness and sharing inculcated in us through our family dynamics. 

Tentative Band Score: 7

Word Count: 299

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I describe my family in IELTS?

You can describe your family succinctly and objectively in your IELTS essay. You have to first talk about all the members, mentioning them and your relationship with them one by one. You can also mention what they do and some other passions/special talents that they possess. In this manner, you can describe your family in your IELTS essay.

How do I write an essay about my family?

There are several ways that you can write an essay about your family. You have to follow this pattern- 

  1. Talk about your family structure in general and the number of members. 
  2. Give an introduction to yourself first. 
  3. Then mention the people in your family, their profession/passions, and your relationship with them in a nutshell. 

You can also talk about extended members of your family who stay in your house along with mentioning any special traits/attributes of your family, things you like to do together, etc.

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