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TOEFL Exam Registration: What is TOEFL Registration Number

Updated on 23 October, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

toefl exam registration

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is one of the most popular English language proficiency tests taken by non-native speakers willing to enroll in colleges/universities in English-speaking countries. The TOEFL registration is done by students who are planning to pursue higher education abroad. It is recommended for students to register 3 to 4 months in advance to experience a better chance of reserving the right test location and date. Walk-in registrations are not permitted at examination centers. International students can appear for the test by registering themselves through the online official website, phone, or by mail.

TOEFL Registration Process

TOEFL exam registration should be done four months prior to the examination date, as walk-in registrations are not allowed. Photo ID proofs like passports are compulsory while registering. Here’s the complete guide to register for TOEFL exam through different modes of registration: 

1. Registration through the official website

Registration through the official website is the easiest way to register for the TOEFL examination. Students can register through the TOEFL official website by creating an ETS account. When students choose to apply online, they can register without any time obligations. Also, students can access the map options to reach the test centers. 

Find below the detailed steps of TOEFL registration through the online mode with an ETS account: 

  • Visit the official website, or download the TOEFL application to get started
  • Create an ETS account: Students need to create an account by filling up the form with all the details mentioned in the photo ID proof. If students are using a National ID or passport, the name, date of birth, address, and parents’ name should be in the same order as mentioned in the ID. After filing the details, students need to set a username and a password. It is recommended to use a password with numeric, alphabet, and special characters to make it a strong one. Submit the password and username.
  • Select a testing method: Aspirants get the option to choose from three different methods of taking the test - TOEFL iBT test, TOEFL iBT Home Edition, or TOEFL Paper Edition. 
  • Select the examination center, date, and time: Select a particular date out of all the dates that are mentioned for examination. Students applying for a specific date will find all the available examination centers near them. The examination center should be chosen as per the convenience of students. Set a time as suitable.
  • Complete the online registration process: Complete the registration by selecting the test recipient and then make the payment of $190. The payment should be done through approved modes of payment like credit cards, debit cards, or any net banking mode. Students can also purchase the test preparation modules and sample papers for practice.

2. Registration through phone

TOEFL exam registration by phone can be done until 5 pm as per local test center timing. It is applicable only for working days, and the weekends are off. 

  • Students registering seven days before the date of examination need to pay a late fine of $40
  • Keep the photo ID proof handy to deliver the information as asked over the call to initiate the registration
  • Students can download the online registration form so that they already know what all information is needed over the call
  • Students need to call their Regional Registration Center (RRC) and get the phone number of the testing center where they will appear for the TOEFL examination
  • The registration will be initiated over the call, where the students need to confirm the test center, date, and timing. All information related to name, date of birth, local address, parents’ name, and address should be in sync with the photo ID that the students will carry with them to the examination center.
  • Payment can be done through electronic cheque, credit card, debit card, net banking, and any other approved mode of payment

3. Registration through Email

  • To register through an Email ID, students need to first download the registration form which is available in PDF format
  • Students need to manually enter some specific codes like Department codes, Country codes, and Native Language codes on the form or contact their test center or institution if they are unable to find the right codes
  • The filled-in form with payment should be mailed to the respective Regional Registration Center (RRC) by visiting the site of RRC and entering the specific test center
  • The forms should reach the destination address at least four weeks before the test date
  • If students don’t receive any confirmation through e-mail, then they should contact the address they have mailed the form to at least three days before the TOEFL exam registration deadline.


Download free guides for TOEFL preparation

TOEFL preparation guides
TOEFL preparation guides

Things to Keep in Mind Before Registering

  • Know about the fees, payment policies, and accepted forms of payment
  • Ensure that the name of the candidate matches the name on the identification proof
  • Students taking the TOEFL iBT Home Edition or Paper Edition have to meet the Equipment and Environment Requirements for taking the test at home
  • ETS also caters to applicants with disabilities or health-related needs. Students can download the necessary bulletins and forms to acquaint themselves with registration procedures and available Disability Accommodations.

TOEFL Exam Registration Deadlines

While students are generally recommended to register for TOEFL at least four months before the desired date of examination. Listed below are the TOEFL exam registration deadlines.

  • Regular registration: 7 days before the date of examination
  • Rescheduling of the test: 4 days ahead of the test date (with a fee of $60)
  • Late registration: 2 days ahead of the test date (with a fee of $40)
  • Cancellation of test: 4 days before the test

TOEFL Registration Fee: Mode of Payment

The TOEFL registration fee is $190. The acceptable methods of payment vary on the method by which the registration is done - online, by phone, or by email. Listed below are the acceptable modes of payment as per every method of registration.


Paper Check or Money Order

Electronic Check (e-check)

Credit Card/Debit Card


ETS Account

















TOEFL is conducted over 60 times a year at authorized test centers across the world. International students need to choose one mode of registration among the online, email, or phone. They must register for the TOEFL examination at least four months before to get a convenient test center and examination timing. There are various modes of TOEFL iBT registration, and students can choose the one that best suits them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TOEFL examination?

TOEFL is a leading examination that is designed to test the English language proficiency and ability of international students that do not have English as their first language for study. It is conducted 60 times a year, and assesses the ability of students in sections like writing, speaking, reading, and listening skills.

What is the eligibility for the TOEFL exam?

The TOEFL examination has no specific eligibility criteria in terms of age limit, educational qualification, and the number of attempts. It is a language proficiency examination for non-native English-speaking students for higher education. There is no prerequisite or any official eligibility criteria set by ETC ( TOEFL conducting body).

What are the important documents for the TOEFL examination?

International students need to have a valid passport or any valid National photo ID proof to appear for the examination. The photo ID proof is used for the registration process and should be carried to the examination center as well. 

Recommended Read: Documents Required for TOEFL Exam

What is the TOEFL registration number?

TOEFL registration number is the ‘appointment number’ mentioned at the top of the TOEFL iBT score report. The number has a few zeroes in the beginning and is referred by the universities and other institutions so that they can verify the official test results of the candidate.

How to fill out the TOEFL registration form?

To fill up the TOEFL registration form, students need to mention all the details that are mentioned in the photo ID proof. The name, date of birth, address, and parents’ name should be the same as mentioned in the ID if they are using a national ID or passport. After filling up the form, candidates need to set a username and a password and submit it.

What is the late registration fee for TOEFL?

The TOEFL registration fee is $190. Students failing to meet the deadline, need to pay a late registration fee of $40.

How to add universities to the TOEFL test after registration?

To add universities to their TOEFL profile, students need to log in to the ETS account and select the universities to their list of score recipients.

How to cancel TOEFL registration?

A candidate can cancel or change their TOEFL registration at latest four full days before the test date to receive a 50% refund. Students can cancel their TOEFL registration by logging in to their ETS account or if they had registered by phone, then they should provide the full name and appointment number used while registering.

How to find TOEFL registration number?

The TOEFL registration number can be found at the top of the TOEFL iBT score report. It is the appointment number which has a few zeroes in the beginning.

What is the national ID in India for TOEFL registration?

The primary identification proof that is preferred in India for TOEFL registration is a valid passport with the candidate’s name and signature. However, now the ETS is also accepting the Aadhar Card.

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