How to register for the TOEFL exam?

How to register for the TOEFL exam?

Updated on 21 January, 2022

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Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is one of the most popular English language proficiency tests taken by non-native speakers willing to enroll in colleges/universities in English speaking countries. The TOEFL test is mostly undertaken by students who are planning to pursue higher education abroad. It is recommended for students to register 3 to 4 months in advance to experience a better chance of reserving the right test location and date. Walk-in registrations are not permitted at examination centers. International students can appear for the test by registering themselves through the online official website, phone, or by mail. 


TOEFL registration process

Registration should be done four months prior to the examination date, as walk-in registrations are not allowed. For registration, Photo ID proofs like passports are compulsory.


Here’s the complete guide to register for TOEFL exam through different modes of registration: 

1. Registration through the official website: 

Registration through the online official website is the easiest way to register for the TOEFL examination. Students can register through the TOEFL official application or the online official website. When students choose the mode of online application, they can register without any time obligations. Also, students can access the test centers and map options. 

Find below the detailed steps of registering through the online mode with an ETS account: 

  • Visit the official website , or downoad the TOEFL application to get started.
  • Create an ETS account: Students need to create an account by filling up the form with all the details as mentioned in the photo ID proof. If students are using a National ID or passport, the name, date of birth, address, and parents’ name should be in the same order as mentioned in the ID. After filing the details, students need to set a username and a password. It is recommended to use a password with numeric, alphabet, and special characters to make it a strong one. Submit the password and username.
  • Select the examination center and date: Select a particular date out of all the dates that are mentioned for examination. Students applying for a specific date will find all the available examination centers near them. The examination center should be chosen as per the convenience of students. Set a time as suitable.
  • Complete the online registration process: Complete the registration by selecting the test recipient and then make the payment. The payment should be done through approved modes of payment like credit cards, debit cards, or any net banking mode. Students can also purchase the test preparation modules and sample papers for practice.


2. Registration through phone:

Registration by Phone can be done until 5 pm as per local test center timing. It is applicable only for working days, with weekends off. 

  • Students registering 7 days before the date of examination need to pay a late fine.
  • Keep the photo ID proof handy to deliver the information as asked over the call to initiate the TOEFL registration. Students can download the online registration form so that they already know what all information is needed over the call.
  • Students need to call their Regional Registration Center (RRC) and get the phone number of the testing center where they will appear for the TOEFL examination. The registration will be initiated over the call, where the students need to confirm the test center, date, and timing. All information related to name, date of birth, local address, parents’ name, and address should be in sync with the photo ID that the students will carry with them to the examination center.
  • Payment can be done through electronic cheque, credit card, debit card, net banking, and any other approved mode of payment.


3. Registration through Email

  • To register through an Email id, students need to first download the registration form. It will be in PDF format.
  • Since it is not done through the online mode, students need to manually enter some specific codes like Department codes, Country codes, and Native Language codes on the form. Students can contact their test center or institution if they are unable to find the right codes.
  • The filled-in form with payment should be mailed to the respective Regional Registration Center (RRC). The e-mail address of the testing center can be easily available by visiting the site of RRC and entering the specific test center.
  • The forms should reach the destination address at least 4 weeks before the test date. If students don’t receive any confirmation through e-mail, then they should contact the address they have mailed the form at least 3 days before the deadline of registration.


TOEFL is conducted 60 times a year, and international students need to choose one mode of registration among the online, email, and phone. Students must register for TOEFL examination at least 4 months before to get a convenient test center and examination timing. There are various modes of registration, students can choose the one that best suits them. 


Q. What is the TOEFL examination?

TOEFL is a leading examination that is designed to test the English language proficiency and ability of international students that do not have English as their first language for study. It is conducted 60 times a year, and assesses the ability of students in sections like writing, speaking, reading, and listening skills. 

Q. What is the eligibility for the TOEFL exam?

The TOEFL examination has no specific eligibility criteria in terms of age limit, educational qualification, and the number of attempts. It is a language proficiency examination for non-native English-speaking students for higher education. There is no prerequisite or any official eligibility criteria set by ETC ( TOEFL conducting body). 

Q. What are the important documents for the TOEFL examination?

International students need to have a valid passport or any valid National photo ID proof to appear for the examination. The photo ID proof is used for the registration process and should be carried to the examination center as well. 

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