Statement of purpose for PhD: Important Information and Sample

Statement of purpose for phd

Getting admission for a PhD degree in any university is not a cakewalk. Almost all the applicants are scholars who have excelled in their master’s degrees. They tend to strive hard and provide a well-crafted statement of purpose for PhD. Hence, PhD candidates willing to get admission to a prestigious university should be impressive in their letter to the university administration.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) with respect to countries
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SOP for PhD: Format

The basic statement of purpose for pursuing PhD requires a candidate to express himself or herself precisely. The following format will help you draft an excellent SOP:

  1. Talking about oneself — Candidates should always start writing the SOP by briefly introducing themselves. The essay should let the university know how promising a candidate is and how this PhD degree can fuel the quest for knowledge.
  2. Explanation of the ‘why’ factor — The candidate should explain in brief why he or she is interested in getting admission to that university. They should also explain why they are interested in getting a PhD degree in that field.
  3. Displaying suitability — The university heads are interested in knowing why a certain candidate is most suitable for a seat in the PhD degree course. This is a sketch showing the unique salient features that are distinctive in the candidate making him/her ideal for the PhD seat. 
  4. Showing intellectual curiosity — When writing SOP for PhD, the candidate should provide some examples about their intellectual curiosity. Smart examples generally leave a good impression on the admission officers.
  5. Include research experience and skills — The admissions committee would like to know about the previous experiences and some special skills that the individual possesses. These skills help them get a preference in the admission procedure. 
  6. Addressing the past issues — The candidate needs to let them know about his/her past negative issues in the academic field. It will have a bad impact if they get to know about it from elsewhere (this might also impact the selection process). For example, if you had to take a sabbatical for some reason, specify and justify it.
  7. Assurance of great performance — A promising assurance of great performance in the future by the candidate in precise words also plays a key role in the selection process. So, this should be included in the concluding part of the essay to leave a solid impact on the reviewers.

Sample SOP for PhD

For individuals looking for statement of purpose for PhD samples, they should remember that there is a precise way to provide all their important details to the institutions. Whenever they start writing a PhD personal statement, they should keep it between 200-1000 words (depending on the criteria of institution). Additionally, it should not be so elaborate that the reader feels tired while reading the essay, nor should it be so short that it doesn’t convey the message properly. It’s essential to keep it to the point but precise and knowledgeable. For referrals, they can contact upGrad Abroad for some guidance in reaching out to the various universities.

Generic sample of SOP for a PhD candidate: 

I’ve always found computers intriguing and I am interested in the knowledge of how they work and interact with the world. Creating software, improvising upon them, and formulating further complex ones is the area I am looking to further explore via research at your university. 

As a millennial, I have seen the world revolve around various discoveries rapidly. The computer has been one of the most intriguing and interesting inventions ever. I got interested in computers when a PC was first introduced to me in my childhood. I was one of the best students for dealing with the various computer programs at my school. I even guided some of my classmates.

I opted for computer science as a special subject after my 10th standard and continued to get a degree from the XYZ Institute in my city. After achieving the top scores in the bachelor’s degree of computer science, the institute also awarded me a scholarship to continue my master’s degree as well. This further sparked my interest and enthusiasm in this field. I have also been a part of some of the important research work in this genre in my institute. I am interested in building my career as a computer scientist and professor after completion of my PhD.

I want to achieve the same through your prestigious institution to impart the knowledge I gain to the generations to come.  I have been awarded as the best student of the department by the institution for the last three years. I have also taught the various subjects of computer science as a teacher in a private coaching center.

While completing my master’s degree in computer science, I heard a lot about your prestigious institution being among the top places to attain a PhD degree in this domain – I decided that I will get my education from the world’s best institution. I have also heard about the alumni from your university gaining heights in their careers. This inspired me to stand firm in my decision of getting this degree under your guidance.

With a PhD in computer science, I don’t just intend to teach the students.  I also want to continue researching in the field. I am interested in fields like data security and cybersecurity infrastructure. With my research skills and teaching ability, I want to create an ideal team of computer science experts in the world who can help embrace these technological advancements in the best way possible for the future. 

I just hope your institution grants me admission to this course and helps in achieving my dreams and serve the society better. I promise that you won’t find me lagging in my quest or effort, and I pledge to do my best in all the tasks I am assigned.”

Note: If the candidate is persuasive enough and displays his/her abilities and future intentions in a clear and compact way, any university or educational institution would be happy to have them on board for the course.

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