list of universities in usa that accept duolingo test

Which Universities Accept Duolingo Test In USA? Know Here

Updated on 23 January, 2023
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is one of the English proficiency tests recognized by universities globally. In the USA, many universities have started accepting the Duolingo test to enroll international students. This test became popular when institutes could not conduct IELTS and TOEFL tests during the global lockdown. Since then, the test has been preferred by students and instructors globally for its convenience. This post will cover all the necessary details about universities that accept Duolingo test in USA.

What is the Duolingo Test Used for?

The Duolingo test is a computer-based English proficiency examination considered at par with Cambridge English Exams, PTE and TOEFL. It is simple to conduct and is affordable for students seeking admission abroad. 

The primary advantage of this test is students can take it from anywhere and it has a duration of just an hour. Results are available within the next two days. Due to such convenience, more than 3,000 institutions globally recognize the DET test scores for English proficiency.

If you are taking the test, you can immediately share the results after receiving your score.

Duolingo Scores Break-up 

The DET score ranges between 10 and 160. There is a basic, intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced scores. These scores are per the Common European Framework of Reference. Let's understand the score breakdown here.

Score Range 











To understand the student's command over the English language, Duolingo analyzes various facets. These are called sub-scores and are as follows - 

  • Literacy 
  • Comprehension 
  • Conversation 
  • Production

Universities in USA that Accept Duolingo Test: List

1,326 universities in the USA accept Duolingo test scores for enrolling students. Some of these reputed institutions are listed below– 

  • Yale University - minimum score 120
  • Harvard University - minimum score 125
  • Cornell University - minimum score 120  
  • NYU Stern School of Business - minimum score 120  
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - minimum score 120 
  • University of California Berkeley - minimum score 115
  • University of Pennsylvania - minimum score 120 
  • Johns Hopkins University - minimum score 120

Besides, other American universities like St. Thomas University (Florida), Harcum College, Ursinus College, Goshen College, University of the Pacific, Lasell University and Seton Hill University also accept DET scores. 

However, to get admitted to these top institutes it's recommended to obtain a score of at least 100.

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Duolingo Syllabus

What are the Various Parts of the Exam?

The DET consists of three parts - test setup, adaptive test, writing and speaking sample. Let's look at each part in a bit more detail. 

Test Setup 

In this phase, the Duolingo platform will help you set your laptop or computer up for the test. After you purchase the exam, the platform will instruct you how to install the app. You then have to log in and check if your camera and microphone are working properly to take the test. 

You also have to take a picture of your identification, document your face, and agree to the test security rules. Duolingo will provide instructions to execute every step.  

Adaptive Test 

The next part of the exam is an adaptive test where you will be tested for your speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills. The duration for this section is 45 minutes. You might have to answer the following type of questions - 

  • Taking out a statement after hearing its recording.
  • Selecting correct English words.
  • Reading out a sentence of raise aloud.
  • Answering short essay-type questions.
  • Describe an image in one or two sentences.
  • Filling in the missing letters to complete a sentence.
  • Say a statement and record it.
  • Talk for 30 seconds about an image.

After you complete the test, you will receive a score between 10 and 160.

Writing and Speaking Test 

This is the final part of the examination, where Duolingo will test your speaking and writing skills. The duration of this section is 10 minutes. The writing test might include the following types of questions - 

  • Write about a specific topic for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Describe a particular person or event that has left an impression on your life.

You have to answer these questions within the time frame provided by Duolingo. 

In the next speaking or interview part of the test, you have to answer a particular question in detail. Like the previous section, you will have to complete it within a set timeframe, indicated by the timer.

How Many Times Can a Student Take the DET? 

You can take the test as many times as you want. However, you can't take the test more than 2 times within 30 days. So, if you are unsatisfied with your results, Duolingo offers unlimited chances to get the score you want.  

Who Conducts the Test? 

The Duolingo online learning platform conducts the Duolingo English Test. It will cost you only USD 49 (INR 3,918.65 *).


* "Disclaimer! All course fees/salaries/expenses are indicative."

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