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PTE Writing Test - Things to Know

Updated on 27 June, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a standardized English language test that assesses the level of English proficiency of non-native English speakers. The PTE exam process makes work, study, or visa applications simpler and is accepted by governments and universities worldwide. PTE is useful for securing admission into leading universities in several countries like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and more. 

The examination is computer-based and takes place at nearby testing centers for candidates. They are evaluated on their reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. The examination has 20 types of questions and requires two hours for completion. In this blog, we will discuss PTE writing in detail.

Parts of PTE 

The PTE examination has three parts. They are listed below: 

  1. Speaking & Writing- This requires 54-67 minutes. It has seven types of questions. You will have to use both your speaking and writing skills in this portion. This is the basic PTE writing section that we are talking about. This is not only about speaking but also contains two PTE writing tasks. 
  2. Reading- This part requires 29-30 minutes on average. It has five types of questions, and writing skills are also analyzed in one item. 
  3. Listening- This takes 30-43 minutes and has eight types of questions. This also contains the write from dictation section. You can find the most repeated write from dictation PTE questions online. The PTE write from dictation scoring pattern is one mark for each correct answer. 

PTE Writing Section in Detail

Coming to the Speaking and writing section in PTE, you should note that it takes approximately 54-67 minutes. The key writing parts are the following: 

  1. Summarize Written Text
  2. Essay 

The PTE writing summary is all about writing a summary of the passage within a single sentence. The maximum word length should be 75 words. You will be given 10 minutes to answer this question. You should include the main points mentioned in the passage while using connectors for PTE summary writing

The PTE writing essay involves writing 200-300 words on a given topic in 20 minutes. PTE writing essay templates will ask you to respond to any given prompt or topic with an argumentative essay. There is a word count on the screen which will keep you on track. 

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Guide for PTE Writing Section 

Here are some PTE exam writing tips that will help you immensely. 

PTE Summary Writing

  1. Check that your answer is in a single sentence. 
  2. You should start the first word of a sentence with a capital letter and use a full stop at the conclusion. 
  3. You should write your answer in 5-75 words and keep checking the Total Word Count given at the bottom of the screen. Writing more than 75 words or less than five words will lead to a zero score. 
  4. For this section, practice writing complex and compound sentences. Make sure that you mention the core points of the passage while using connectors to combine them into an understandable sentence. 

PTE Essay Writing

  1. You will find several samples of PTE essay writing with answers. 
  2. Go through them to get an idea of argumentative essay writing techniques. 
  3. Always note the keywords given in the topic. Plan the main points that you will mention in the essay and other viewpoints that you wish to highlight. 
  4. Your essay should always have explanations, reasoning, and examples to back your viewpoint. It should address the given topic. 
  5. Aim for a logical structure and proper organization of points. You should have an introduction, body (with multiple paragraphs), and conclusion. 
  6. Full credits are given for essays between 200-300 words. Writing less or more will lead to a lower score. Writing essays less than 120 words or exceeding 380 words will reward with zero. 
  7. Full credits are given for complex sentences, suitable vocabulary, and creative expressions. 
  8. Spelling and grammar checks are non-negotiable for the essay. 

These are some tips that will help you ace the writing tasks in the PTE. Make sure that you practice beforehand with sample essay topics and answers. Practice sticking to the time limit and analyze the type of prompt/question given before writing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to write an essay in the PTE test?

You should first begin with an introduction. Talk about the topic and any related details. Mention ideas backed by examples in the next two paragraphs. Then write a conclusion summing up your ideas and viewpoints and stating the final opinion or perspective you wish to highlight.

How to improve writing from dictation in PTE?

You can improve your score in this section by inculcating a calm and measured approach. You should review your answers carefully while using shorthand to your advantage. Use the scratchpad properly and focus on retaining what you hear.

How many marks is given for writing from dictation in PTE?

One mark is given for every correct answer in the write from dictation portion in the PTE Listening section. The maximum that you can score is one mark. However, you should make sure that your sentences do not have any spelling errors.

How to improve writing scores in PTE?

Make sure that you plan out the arguments and points before you start writing. Have a proper structure, with an introduction, core points in paragraphs, and a conclusion. Make sure that your paragraphs are concise and express your ideas clearly. You should avoid unnecessary words and other jargon.

How to write a summary in the PTE exam?

You should carefully read the passage first. Thereafter, you should summarize the core points in a single sentence. Make sure that your answer is not less than five words and not more than 75 words. Type into the box given on the screen and make sure to submit a response that suitably summarizes the core points given in the passage and is grammatically correct. Check your spellings as well.

How to get 90 in writing PTE?

It is not easy to get a score of 90. You should always use more complex sentences to score higher points. Make use of antonyms, synonyms, and other academic terminology. You may use a few colloquialisms along with idiomatic expressions as well. You should remember that the essay has two marks as a maximum figure. Make sure that you write between 200 and 300 words. Plan your essay structure cautiously before writing.

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