Spring Intake in USA- A Guide

spring intake in usa

The spring intake in the United States of America (USA) is also called the January intake. It is the second-most popular intake for students after the primary fall or September intake. The fall intake usually covers September and December or early January every year. The spring intake in USA is the period between January and May. 

Summer intake is least popular as students usually prefer the spring intake for MS in USA if they miss out in the fall. The summer intake covers the entire stretch between May and August. 

Spring intake in USA- Top universities

Many universities and institutions offer courses and admissions during the spring intake. Here is the list of universities in the USA offering spring admissions and some of their popular courses: 

  • Yale University (Biomedical Engineering, Natural Sciences, Physics and Geosciences)¬†
  • Harvard University (Earth and Marine Science, Geology and Geophysics, Social Policy and Administration, English Language & Literature)¬†
  • The University of Central Florida (Psychology, Biology, Nursing)¬†
  • The University of Massachusetts (Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Marketing, Journalism, Psychology)
  • The University of Illinois (Engineering, Social Sciences, Psychology, Veterinary Science)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT (Econometrics, Space Engineering, Physics, Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering)¬†
  • Pace University (Visual and Performing Arts, Marketing, Management)
  • Washington State University (Medicine, Pharmacy, Social Sciences)
  • The University of Colorado (Computer and Information Sciences, Journalism, Engineering)
  • San Francisco State University (Business, Ethnic Studies, Liberal and Creative Arts)
  • Nova Southeastern University (Osteopathic Medicine, Law, Sociology)
  • Temple University (Engineering, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts)
  • San Jose State University (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Engineering Management)¬†
  • The University of Maryland (Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Econometrics and Quantitative Economics)
  • University of Arkansas (Business, Management, Engineering, Fitness and Kinesiology)
  • The University of Memphis (Public Health, Psychology, Mass Communication)
  • George Mason University (Academic English, Anthropology, Homeland Security, Computer and Information Sciences)
  • The University of Connecticut (Economics, Finance, General Psychology)
  • Eastern Washington University (Computer and Information Sciences, Psychology, Biological and Biomedical Sciences)

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How to opt for spring intake in USA? 

You should make a note of the fact that most universities have either early or mid-December as their deadline or January to February. Some, like Columbia University, even have October deadlines for master’s programs. You have to keep checking the official websites of your chosen universities and colleges for information regarding the spring intake deadlines and apply accordingly with all your documents. 



Deadlines for spring intake in USA 2022

The spring 2022 application deadline in the USA is vital. It is mostly between mid-July and early November of the preceding year. Here are some deadlines for popular courses for your perusal:  

MS- Computer Science and Software Engineering

University of South Florida October 15, 2021
University of Florida August 30, 2021
Boston University October 01, 2021
Colorado State University November 01, 2021

MS- Engineering Courses

Arizona State University August 01, 2021
Cornell University October 01, 2021
Texas Tech University October 01, 2021
University of Florida August 30, 2021
University of Southern California September 15, 2021

MS- Data Science 

Boston University November 01, 2021
Illinois Institute of Technology October 01, 2021
University of Chicago August 15, 2021
The University of Illinois at Chicago July 15, 2021

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Eligibility Guidelines

The USA spring intake is ideal for those who have missed out in the fall. The season starts in January and concludes early in May. The deadlines for applying will usually be anywhere between July and September. While noting them with caution, you should also scrutinize the eligibility criteria across various institutions while noting the documents needed. They include: 

  • Official academic transcripts.¬†
  • GMAT or GRE scores.¬†
  • Transcripts for the last qualifying test.¬†
  • TOEFL, IELTS or PTE scores.¬†
  • Two to three letters of recommendation (LORs).
  • CV or Resume.¬†
  • Essay and SOP (Statement of Purpose).¬†
  • A valid passport.¬†
  • Certificates of all internships, co-curricular activities, etc.¬†
  • Passport-sized photographs.¬†
  • Details of work experience if applicable.¬†

Where should you apply? 

The spring intake is immensely popular for undergraduate and MS courses, although the latter are ideal in the fall intake since leading universities take applications majorly at this time. You should always apply to the best institutions offering courses in the spring intake. Shortlist those offering your preferred courses and do check the eligibility criteria. You should directly apply at the official websites of these institutions, submitting all required documents. 

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Benefits of  spring intake

There are several benefits of the spring intake (besides the lovely weather and the vacations). Here’s taking a closer look at them: 

  • The spring intake will give you more time to work out your academic preferences and work out multiple options after completing the course.¬†
  • You will gain some valuable time and space for analyzing your educational decision since there is always a buffer period at hand.¬†
  • You can take this time to prepare yourself thoroughly for any relocation, including applying for a study visa and other formalities.¬†
  • Although the count of universities offering courses is lower in the spring, it will always give you a chance to save one year while enrolling in a recognized institution.¬†
  • Meritorious students may use this time to wrap up their degrees in a shorter time span and move towards achieving the next goal.¬†
  • Class sizes are smaller during the spring intake, and hence the ratio of teachers to students is more favorable. This ensures more personalized attention and enhanced knowledge gathering.¬†
  • Spring intake students are clubbed with those from the fall intake, giving them a chance to interact with and learn from more experienced peers.¬†

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How to apply at universities in the spring intake? 

Here are the steps that you should keep in mind: 

  • Start your applications by April and May since the procedure will require some time. You should begin narrowing down institutions offering admissions in the spring and select those where you are eligible. Start your homework on the admission procedure, the examinations you need to sit for, and the required documents.¬†
  • Check the official university website for viewing the tests you will need like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL or IELTS. Start registration by June for these examinations and appear for them swiftly.¬†
  • Start applying to your chosen colleges in August and September while sending all necessary documents alongside LORs, SOPs, and other paperwork.¬†
  • By October and November, you will start getting replies from these institutions. Once you obtain your official acceptance letter, you will have to pay your admission deposit, which is non-refundable quickly.¬†
  • You will have to apply for the student visa and education loan by year-end.¬†
  • Purchase your flight tickets by end-January of the next year, since it will be time for you to move to the country soon.¬†

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Scholarships available for the spring intake

Here are some scholarships that you can check out for the spring intake: 

  • Dream Big- This is available with a deadline of 1st March and is available for any student attending a university or college in the USA. The amount is $1,000 or INR 74,860 (approx), and a scholarship essay is crucial.¬†
  • FormSwift Scholarship Program- This has the same $1,000 or INR 74,860¬† amount with a 15th March deadline. Those currently in college can apply and an infographic of a business plan is needed.¬†
  • Richard Holland Memorial Scholarship- $2,500 or INR 1,87,153 (approx) is granted under this scholarship to eligible undergraduate students. The deadline is usually 15th March. A video essay is needed for applying.¬†
  • Stewart J. Guss College Scholarship- The scholarship money is $1,000 or INR 74,860, with the deadline being 31st March. The scholarship is open for present and aspiring college-goers. The GPA should be at least 3 or more, while an infographic is also required.¬†

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Exams during this intake

The examinations that you should consider in this intake are the following: 

It all depends upon the specific eligibility guidelines at leading universities and colleges in the USA. 

Myths about the spring intake 

There are several myths and wrongful perceptions about spring intake in the USA. Here’s taking a look at the same: 

  • Spring intake always has low-ranked educational programs: It is a big myth about the USA spring intake. The courses may be comparatively lower in comparison to the intake for fall. However, they are still offered by top institutions in the country and are taught by skilled and experienced faculty members. The education system in the USA is tailored in a way that the quality of learning and curriculum stays the same irrespective of the intake or admission season.¬†
  • Tougher to get admission during the spring intake: This is another myth that students should not be scared of. The difficulty is always at the same level for all admission intakes in the USA, including the fall.¬†
  • Internships are not there during the spring intake: This is another wrong perception that internships are non-existent during the spring intake. Students can readily choose from multiple internships at this time. They are only slightly lower in number than the intake for fall.¬†
  • Issues with visas- Another myth about the USA spring intake is that it is near-impossible to obtain the student F-1 visa in this period. Visas are granted based on the eligibility of the applicant and their qualifications. This is another myth that visas are impossible to get at this time.¬†

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is spring intake in the USA?

The spring intake is the secondary USA intake. It is usually seen during the January to May period. Those missing the intake for fall may apply for the spring intake likewise. The number of courses is slightly lower, but many institutions still provide admissions to international applicants. Those who have missed the fall intake between September and December can apply for this intake. It is followed by the summer intake that begins in May.

What is the deadline for spring 2022 in the USA?

To get an idea, you should look at the official websites of your chosen institutions. The average deadlines may range between July and December of the preceding year. You should carefully note each application deadline and then complete the process before the final deadline. Make it a point to allocate some extra time for standardized examinations and gather your documentation in advance.

Is GRE required for MS in the USA for spring 2022?

GRE is often required by many universities and colleges in the USA for the admission of international students. However, owing to the current pandemic scenario, the requirement for GRE has been waived off for all applicants at several USA universities right till spring 2022, as per reports. Do check the official websites of your chosen universities for more information in this regard. You can still submit your GRE score, but it may not be required.

Is Duolingo accepted in the USA for spring 2022?

Many universities in the USA have started accepting the Duolingo English Test as official proof of proficiency in the English language. If the university allows it, you can submit scores in the Duolingo test instead of appearing for the IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL iBT. This online test usually requires 60 minutes, and the results are available swiftly for students. This helps them process the admission formalities faster.

When should I start applying for spring 2023?

You should start applying early and finish everything by September or October of the preceding year. Hence, for the spring 2023 intake, you should complete all your application formalities by October 2022 at the most. Some institutions may have application deadlines that are even earlier. Check all the official websites carefully before applying.

What is the fall and spring semester in the US?

The spring semester is the one between January and May. This is the second intake period. The most popular intake period is the fall intake, and it is between September and December in most cases. The spring intake comes before the summer intake that commences from May. The number of courses is limited during this time.

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