Requirements to study in Germany for Indian students – A complete guide

requirements to study in germany for indian students

Countless scholars from across the world come to Germany every year to take their careers to new heights of success. Germany offers a host of benefits in terms of education. The country has affordable tuition fees, best-ranked universities, modern facilities, research-based courses, and award-winning study modules. It also offers part-time work opportunities, affordable cost of living, and a unique lifestyle. All of these put together ensure that students get the best study experience. A lot of Indian students want to study in German universities to improve their academic and professional capabilities.

Germany has made significant contributions to the world’s greatest discoveries in the fields of both science and arts. Hence, every German institution has stories of its scholars who were successful in Germany and across the world. To facilitate affordable education, the country has abolished tuition fees for all national and international students. Public universities in Germany offer free high-quality education for deserving students who go there with dreams of building their careers.

German education for Indian students comes with other perks as well.  German universities are internationally recognized and valued for providing excellent quality of education. According to the latest official data, 393,579 international students are currently seeking degrees from German universities and this number is on the rise.

According to the latest data, India sends the second largest number of international students to Germany. The number of Indian students studying in Germany has increased by 20.85% in the last one year.

Due to the absence of tuition fees and affordable cost of living, the competition to get admitted in public universities is increasing every day. Additionally, some students fail to get the desired band score in IELTS or TOEFL even after multiple attempts. Some students are also unwilling to pay high fees for the English proficiency tests.

But some excellent private institutions in Germany charge affordable fees and provide world-class education. With upGrad Abroad, students can now study at some of the best German universities  at affordable costs. That too, without taking IELTS or TOEFL.

Now, understanding the key requirements for studying in Germany could be a little tricky for many aspiring students. But don’t worry.

Our detailed guide will help you with important details about studying in Germany. This article will also help you learn more about upGrad Abroad and how it can help you to fulfill your wish of studying at some of the best German universities.

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Find the right study abroad program

The process of studying in German institutions starts with finding the right course. Germany has highly acclaimed institutions that offer more than 18,000 degrees in different fields of study. It also includes different levels like bachelor’s, master’s, and post-graduate programs. So, if you have already decided on your future goals, selecting the right course according to your interest shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Tip: Do proper research about your course details, and start collecting the information two months before the application call is closed.

Requirements to study in Germany for Indian students

Once you have made up your mind about what you are going to study, it is time to check the language proficiency test requirement at your preferred university.

You can visit the university’s website and check the requirements there. Take notes and plan accordingly to fulfil each requirement. If you have doubts or questions, you can email them directly to the university. Please note that every university and course has different requirements.

Below is a general list of requirements:

For students who want to study in German universities after passing 12th class exams

1) A student should be aged 18 years or above.

2) A student should have a class 12th authorized marksheet.

3) A student should have SAT or ACT scores ranging between 400-1600, depending upon the course and university they choose.

4) A student should have scored desired band scores in the English proficiency test as per university guidelines.


1) Copies of 10th and 12th marksheets.

2) Proof of funds in the form of bank statements.

3) Proof of scores of language proficiency tests.

4) A statement of purpose (SOP) document.

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Students who want to study in Germany for a post-graduate degree

1) The candidate should have a valid ID and passport.

2) The candidate should also submit proof of work experience if any.

3) Candidates should submit documents of their entrance qualification.

4) They should submit the proof of band scores for the language proficiency tests.

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What is the application procedure for Indian students?

After fulfilling your document requirement, it is time to complete the application process of the university. You can submit your online application by post, or in person. Some German universities accept only the post and in-person applications. However, most of them have a uni-assist platform that allows students to apply online.

What are the visa requirements in Germany for Indian students?

Before applying for the visa, you should know about the right visa you are entitled to. To get admission to a German university, you should get a visa beforehand. Once you get acknowledgment from the university visit the German embassy in India. There are several types of visas issued by the embassy of Germany that include job-seeker visas, work visas, learning visas, business visas, etc.

First, you need to apply for a German visa by submitting the following documents:

1) Application form

2) Valid passport

3) Proof of accommodation

4) Passport size photos

5) Return ticket

6) Invitation letter

7) Bank document for proof of finances

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Finding pocket-friendly accommodation in Germany

Being one of the most diverse and vibrant countries, Germany has affordable rented apartments at most of the popular locations. We recommend you to look out for rented apartments that are affordable and located near the university. If you are unable to find an apartment online, you can make a list of addresses where accommodations are available at affordable rates.

You can also look for students who want to share their accommodation. That will save some extra costs. If you don’t have any relatives in Germany, then you can join the online forums made by Indian students already living in there and ask them if anyone is willing to share the apartment.

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Important points to note down

1) Check for available funding options:

Germany is an educational hub as it grants a large number of scholarships and has no tuition fees. However, you should be aware of the sources from where you can seek funding in case of an emergency.

2) Check your financial resources:

You are allowed to study in Germany as a foreign student only if you have sufficient reserve funds in your blocked account. The German government is interested in providing opportunities to students who don’t need to depend on government scholarships and funds as it may burden the country’s education budget. These days, Indian students should have at least €8,700 deposited in their bank account before the approval of their visa.

3) Work with studies:

You can cover a certain portion of your expenditure by working part-time along with your studies. Germany allows overseas students to work up to 20 hours a week. This income can cover some of the expenditure.

Important Resources to Read About Germany:

Language requirements to study in Germany for international students

Germany offers a range of courses taught only in English. However, some courses are taught both in English and German – a great way to sharpen German language skills.

The two German language tests accepted by German institutions include

1) DSH – This test is accepted by German universities only.

2) TestDaF – This is accepted by universities in 90 different countries.

You need to undergo English proficiency tests for courses taught only in English. They are:

1) PTE Academic

2) IELTS Academic


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Best German universities for Indian students

1) TU Munchen

2) TU Darmstadt

3) TU Kaiserslautern

4) RWTH Aachen

5) TU Chemnitz

6) Freie Universität Berlin

7) University of Duisburg-Essen

8) University of Stuttgart

9) University of Magdeburg – OVGU

10) Rhine-Waal University

11) TU Dresden

You can avail scholarship to study in German universities

Studying abroad at well-known universities comes with expensive price tags. But Germany is one such country where students can study excellent courses for free, or with minimal costs. The majority of German study institutions provide education free of cost. Some private institutes do charge money but it’s very little.

Here is a list of Germany’s most popular scholarship programs:

1) DAAD: This scholarship is designed to promote academic excellence and is offered by the best higher education institutions in Germany.

2) The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program: This scholarship offers numerous study programs for students who come to Germany to get master’s or doctoral degrees from developing countries.

3) The HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Scholarship: This scholarship is provided by Germany’s oldest business school for international students in different fields of study.

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Health insurance coverage for Indian students studying in Germany

Having healthcare insurance is mandatory for international students. Indian students should have a health care policy that can cover all their medical needs in case of a health emergency. You need to apply for healthcare coverage before enrolling in any German university.

How to study in Germany from India?

Students choose to study in Germany to experience world-class education from top institutes. However, the COVID 19 pandemic has made students rethink their plans of studying abroad. Many students want to study in Germany but are still in a dilemma about what to do next.

To help students in their process of studying abroad, upGrad Abroad has launched its pathway programs that enable learners to study at the best overseas universities of the world from the comfort of their homes. This includes at-home learning for one year and on-campus learning for the next year. That too, without taking IELTS, TOEFL, or any other language proficiency tests. With these programs, learners can study online from their location, and then we will help them move to Germany for on-campus studies.

upGrad abroad is an Edutech provider aimed to bring excellent world-class education to learners residing across different geographies. With our courses, learners can save up to 80% on tuition fees. International courses on upGrad Abroad cost only around 10% of the cost of full-time campus studies.

During the first year of online studies, learners get an opportunity to learn with other fellow peers of different cultures. This helps them experience  new cultures as they start adapting to  university-style teaching. During the first year, mentors put special emphasis on academic language so that you overcome the fear of studying in an English-speaking environment.

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Why choose upGrad Abroad?

1) Live interaction with peers from different geographies.

2) Timely doubt resolution by peers and technical experts.

3) Group case studies to create an experience of teamwork and a team player.

4) Personalized mentorship from industry experts to help you to shape your career well.

5) Access to high-quality tutorials, lectures, and seminar-style classes by lecturers and industry experts.

6) Personalized assistance from counselors to help you in visa approval and other stages of the journey.

upGrad Abroad is the right place to explore avenues of international education. You can easily choose the right course according to your preference. For more information, please leave your queries below.

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