Job opportunities after MS in Germany: Most in-demand career options

job opportunities after ms in germany

Germany, which is Europe’s strongest economic and industrial power, is the best destination in the whole world to pursue master’s in data science, computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering, and many more science-based specializations. The country is known for providing quality education for ages now and that makes the students from reputed German universities grab the best-paying jobs. In simple terms, Germany is the ultimate study hub for students who want to explore job opportunities in Germany after MS (Master of Science) in their areas of interest. 

Germany has always been a host to many international students all because of its student-centric approach to higher education. The country has adopted well-proven pedagogical practices that make students develop an expertise in their chosen subjects. This career-oriented approach takes the learners a step closer to finding the most lucrative and best-suited profession. 

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The German government, with an aim to universalize higher education, has waived off the tuition fees at almost all of its public universities. Thus, most German universities are funded by the government. The tuition fees, even at private institutions, are relatively pocket friendly.  

Besides the tuition fee, the cost of living in Germany is far more manageable than in other countries. Students in Germany are also free to take up part-time work to cover their living costs. Most students even manage to pay a chunk of their education loan while working part-time. 

Germany has outstanding research institutes that can shape the career of lakhs of students. These institutes and research centers have been the birthplace of ground-breaking innovations like printing press, mp3 and computer among others. Apart from the practical skills that a student can develop while studying here, the job opportunities in Germany after MS too draw lakhs of international students here.

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Best career Options available after MS in Germany

Here let us look at the best career options that are available post MS in Germany:

Job opportunities in Germany after MS in computer science

Germany offers several possibilities in the field of computer science. Top MNCs that hire students from the field of computer science are SAP, Zalando, INC, International Business Machines (IBM) Corp, Fraunhofer, and many more. A student can explore the following career options after MS in computer science: Blockchain developer, Database administrator, Network architect, Data scientist, and Big data analyst among others. 

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Job opportunities in Germany for mechanical engineers after MS

Mechanical engineers are often the best-paid in Germany, especially post their MS.  That’s mostly because the country has always been a world leader in technology and innovation.  

These are some job profiles that are available for mechanical engineers in Germany:

a) Mechatronics

This job profile requires the skills of both mechanical and electronic engineers. The knowledge of both these subjects could be used in different fields like designing, manufacturing, and many more. 

b) Automotive engineering

Even the world knows that Germany is a global leader in automotive engineering. The country has always managed to mesmerize the world for the innovations it offers in the automotive industry. Germany has the largest number of employees in the world in the automotive sector. 

c) Robotic system engineering

If you are a youngster who wants to make your career in mechanical engineering, then by all means it is possible that you are overwhelmed by the prospects of robotics. So, if you want a career in robotics then you must choose Germany for your post-graduation. 

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Job opportunities after MS in data science in Germany

Germany is the top destination for doing MS in data science. It has been said that the increasing demand for data scientists will create an additional 11.5 million job positions by 2026. So, out of the many profiles, you can choose to be a Data architect, Data analyst, Big data engineer or Machine learning engineer among others. 

Job opportunities in Germany after MS in electronics

Electronics is a sub-discipline of engineering that allows students to specialize in designing devices and systems based on printed circuit boards. Since the field covers a broad range of topics, a student can explore the following career options: Biomedical engineer, Electrical and Electronics engineer, Broadcast and sound engineering technician, Aerospace engineer and Computer systems analyst among others.

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