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MBA in Finance in UK

An MBA in Finance course is a postgraduate program that helps students analyze company reports, forecast economic trends, take measures to maximize stock value, choose investment portfolios, and balance risk and profitability. MBA in Finance is a popular MBA specialization for individuals who want to associate with the financial industry and stay updated about the latest developments in the financial sector. The MBA in finance degree provides both practical and theoretical knowledge to equip students with an insight into the working method of businesses, detailed financing techniques, valuation methodologies, and accounting principles. The MBA in Finance in the UK is generally one year long and full-time. The tuition fees range between 12000-65,000 GBP. In this article, we will give you all the detailed information necessary for you to know about studying MBA in Finance in the UK. 

Why Study MBA in Finance in the UK?

The UK hosts the 'big four' accounting services firms, namely- Deloitte,  PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young (EY), and KPMG which are the top recruiters for MBA in Finance graduates in the UK. Graduates can make a starting salary ranging between 59,000 GBP and 105,000 GBP. The reasons why you should study MBA in Finance in the UK are-

  • As per the QS World University Rankings 2023 ranking, two of the top 10 universities in the world, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London, offer MBA in Finance in the UK.
  • Large investment banking firms like Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and J.P. Morgan employ graduates of MBA in Finance in the UK.
  • The top 10 in-demand jobs in the UK in 2023 are related to finance- Account Manager, HR Director, Operations Manager, and Business Analyst. 
  • The UK’s unemployment rate reported in November 2022 is only 3.7%, proving the existence of ample job opportunities in the country for graduates.

MBA in Finance in the UK Highlight

Degree Types

MBA with a specialization in Finance

Program Types

Full-Time, Part-Time

Course Duration

1 year

General Eligibility

Bachelor’s (Hons) degree with minimum overall aggregate of 60-70%,  Updated Resume, Personal Statement, 1-2 LORs, Official Transcripts, Essay Questions  

Work Experience

2-5 years

Average Tuition Fee

12,000-65,000 GBP 

GMAT or GRE Scores

GMAT: 580-680, GRE: Verbal- 156, Quantitative - 158

English Proficiency

IELTS: 6.5-7.5, TOEFL: 88-100

Average Salary

59,000 GBP 

Types of MBA in Finance in the UK

The curriculum of the MBA in Finance in the UK consists of various specializations. The different types of MBA in Finance in the UK are

·         Digital Enterprise and Digital Innovation

·         Marketing Management

·         Human Resource Management

·         Financial Decisiveness in a Multinational Corporate Setting

·         Bank Financial Management 

·         Financial Markets

·         Strategic Management

·         Corporate Finance

Best Universities for MBA in Finance in the UK

Here is a general overview of the top universities for an MBA in Finance in the UK with programs offered, annual tuition fees, course duration, admission deadlines, etc.

University Name


Annual Tuition Fees (GBP)

Course Duration

Admission Requirements

Application Deadline

the University of Cambridge

MBA (Finance)


1 year

Bachelor’s (Hons) degree, Essay Questions, One LOR 

Round 4: March 6, 2023 Round 5: April 17, 2023 Round 6: May 22, 2023,

Imperial College Business School

MBA (Finance)


1 year

Bachelor’s (Hons) degree, Updated Resume, Personal Statement 

March 20, 2023

University of Greenwich

MBA (Finance)


1 year

Bachelor’s (Hons) degree, Updated Resume, Personal Statement 


University of Bedfordshire

MBA (Finance)


1 year

Bachelor’s (Hons) degree

May 1, 2022,

Cardiff Metropolitan University

MBA (Finance)


1 year

Bachelor’s (Hons) degree, Updated Resume, Personal Statement, 2 LORs

May 17, 2023,

University of Sunderland

MBA (Finance)


1 year

Bachelor’s (Hons) degree

January 15, 2023

University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

MBA (Banking and Finance)


1 year

Bachelor’s (Hons) degree


Amity University-

London Campus

MBA (Finance and Banking)


1 year

Bachelor’s (Hons) degree, Personal Statement, Updated CV, 2 LORs


Edge Hill University

MBA (Finance)


1 year

Bachelor’s (Hons) degree


Course Curriculum of MBA in Finance in the UK

MBA in Finance in the UK offers a vast curriculum to prepare students for the corporate world. You will learn about the following topics -

·         Risk management, 

·         Portfolio analysis

·         Project Finance

·         Financial Management

·         Principles of Finance

·         International Financial Management

·         Credit Analysis

·         Research Projects

·         Professionalism and Ethics in Finance

·         Performance measurement

·         Regulation in Finance

·         Derivatives 

·         Valuation techniques

·         Research Methods

·         Corporate Finance

·         Investment Management

·         Foundation of Scholarship

·         Investment Banking

·         Private Equity

Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Finance in the UK

Here are the eligibility criteria required to pursue MBA in Finance in the UK.

·         Bachelor’s degree (Hons)

·         English Proficiency Test Scores: TOEFL: 88-100 or IELTS: 6.5-7.5 

·         Minimum aggregate of 65-70%

·         2-6 years of working experience

·         Updated Resume/CV

·         2-3 LORs

·         Official Transcripts

·         Personal Statement

·         Student Visa

·         Valid Passport

Admission Requirements for MBA in Finance in the UK 

1: Documents requirements: 

·         Copy of university transcripts

·         Official translation of documents not issued in English

·         Application essay

·         Proof of English Language Proficiency

·         Work Experience

·         Updated CV

·         Statement of Purpose

·         Evidence of sufficient fund

·         Letters of Recommendation

·         Copy of Passport

2: Exam requirements: You need to take an English proficiency test in case your native language is not English. The required IELTS score is 6.5 or equivalent for admission. You also need to achieve a GMAT exam specified for MBAs, and the required score is 600 and above to get into the top universities in the UK for this course. 

3: Visa requirements: You need to apply for a Tier 4 visa at least 3 months prior to the program start date to study in the UK at the nearest UK embassy in your home country. 

4: Work experience: Work experience can be a valuable addition to your application for admission to a popular program like MBA in Finances. Some institutions require work experience for admission, while some do not require any for admission to MBA in finance. Universities that do not ask for the same are Coventry University, University of Sunderland, London School of Business and Finance, University of Northampton, University of Bedfordshire, etc. Below listed are the universities and their work experience duration requirements.


Work Experience Requirements

The University of Cambridge

2 years

Imperial College Business School

3 years

The University of Greenwich

4 years

Cardiff Metropolitan University

5 years

The University of Sunderland

3 years

The University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

2 years

Amity University-London Campus

2 years

Edge Hill University

2 years

Admission Process for MBA in Finance in the UK

Most of the universities offering MBA in Finance in the UK require a 4-year undergraduate degree with a minimum aggregate of 65-70%. Upon securing these criteria and any additional work experience criteria, you must follow the following admission process.

  • Visit the university website and check the available intakes and application deadlines. The Universities in the UK usually hold admission twice a year for semesters starting in January and September.
  • Complete the online application form with the required genuine information and pay the necessary application fee.
  • Prepare the documents for admission and submit them. You also need to check the requirements for evaluating your academic documents.
  • Upon submitting your application, wait for some time for the admission decision. Meanwhile, you can track the application status.

Cost of Studying for an MBA in Finance in the UK

Cost of studying the course includes visa fees, IELTS exam fees, and other expenses. The student visa fee can be around  363 GBP. Here is a detailed chart of MBA in Finance in the UK fees at the top universities.

Other than the tuition fees, the cost of living for international students can be around GBP 1,120. Here are the average expected monthly expenses.

Expense Type

Estimated Cost (GBP)





Household Expenses








Scholarship for MBA in Finance in the UK

UK offers some of the best scholarships for the MBA in finance in the UK. The following chart informs about the top scholarships for the course in the UK, their eligibility, and the scholarship amount offered. 



Award Amount (GBP)

Commonwealth Masters Scholarship

Resident of commonwealth countries and Official transcripts, along with at least 2 references

Full tuition fee coverage and a Stipend of 1,236 GBP/month

Imperial Excellence Scholarship

Academic merit, Leadership potential, Internship experiences

Up to 15,000

Sidney Sussex Hanadi Jabado Scholarship for Cambridge MBA students

Female candidates enrolled in MBA at Cambridge University


International Scholarships Award

Undergraduate or postgraduate at University of Greenwich

discount up to 3,000 for the tuition fee in first-year

Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship

Edge Hill University


International Scholarship 2022/23

Undergraduate or postgraduate at University of Sunderland

900 fee reduction

Job Scope for MBA in Finance in the UK

Scope of MBA in Finance in the UK is vast. Students can pursue accountancy, banking, administration, etc., after completing the course. MBA in Finance in the UK jobs, along with their salary, are as follows-

Job Roles

Average Salary (GBP)

Average Salary (₹)

Investment Banker


61.53 lakhs

Business Consultant


59.51 lakhs

Finance Analyst


39.34 lakhs

Financial Controller


55.48 lakhs

Leveraged Finance Associate


53.46 lakhs

Finance Manager


45.39 lakhs

Financial Accountant


46.40 lakhs

Risk Analyst


46.40 lakhs

Financial Management Associate


33.28 lakhs

...Read more
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2 results found

Master of Business Administration (Finance) MBA

University of Sunderland, UK

The Master of Business Administration (Finance) MBA offered by University of Sunderland is a specialised Masters course that delves into the intricacies of Business Adminstration. This course covers a wide range of topics enabling students to develop a deep understanding of the field. Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical applications, students will gain the skills necessary to tackle real-world challenges in Business Administration. The course is designed to foster critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication skills. Upon completion, graduates will be well-prepared to embark on successful careers in Business Analyst, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager,Human Resources Manager, Financial Analyst and make meaningful contributions to the industry. ...Read more
    1 Year
  • FEES
    INR 15.21L/yr
    OCT 2024

Master of Business Administration (Finance) MBA

University of Bedfordshire, UK

Get on the right pathway towards future job roles like Team worker, Leader after pursuing this Master of Business Administration (Finance) MBA in the UK. This masters proram in the UK will take you through several vital tenets of the field including Business, Commerce And Management. At the same time, you should allocate a duration of 1 Years for the program. The admission requirements may vary across institutions although there are some general criteria as well. ...Read more
    1 Year
  • FEES
    INR 15.52L/yr
    AUG 2024



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