How to find part time jobs in Australia?

Part Time jobs in Australia

International students usually look for part time jobs in Australia while they are studying in this beautiful country. Australia is the third-highest popular global destination in the English-speaking world for students after the UK and the U.S.  As of March 2017, a whopping 502,544 international students received enrollment into Australian universities, indicating 14% growth as compared to the international students enrolling in May 2016. The highest number of international students was from India and China along with Vietnam, Malaysia, and other nations. Australia has innumerable courses available at its globally acclaimed universities and colleges along with providing competitive living and tuition costs in comparison to the U.S. and UK. 

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Part time jobs in Australia for students- Rules to follow 

There are several rules for part time jobs in Australia for students. These govern the application and execution of part time jobs in Australia for international students. Student Visas have undergone a change in Australia from 1st July 2016. The previous Subclasses, namely 571-576 have been clustered under Subclass 500. Hence, students venturing to the country under this subclass will have eligibility for working up to 40 hours every fortnight while their course is in session and unlimited hours when the course is not in session, i.e., during breaks and holidays. However, the student cannot start working till the course starts. The fortnight means a duration of 14 days, commencing on a Monday and concluding on the Sunday of the following week. Hours may be divided as per the convenience of students. For example, students may work for 10 hours in a week and 30 hours in the second week or even 15 and 25 hours respectively in the two weeks. 

Breaching the guideline of 40 hours will lead to the visa cancellation. Those seeking continuous part-time work should restrict themselves to working for 20 hours every week on average. As mentioned, students may not start working until the beginning of the session. For example, suppose a course begins in January this year and you arrive by December in the previous year. Then you cannot start part time work until the session officially starts. If casework is a regular component of the course curriculum that you have enrolled in, then this limit will not be applicable. This will apply only in case of compulsory internships linked to integrated courses. Students falling under the Post Graduate Research Sector may work for unlimited hours when their doctoral thesis or research work starts. If there are any preliminary courses that students have enrolled in, they will have the eligibility to work for 40 hours every fortnight as per the standard guidelines. 

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Those completing study requirements for Australia may apply for the Post Study Work Permit in the Graduate Stream. Yet, those enrolling in ELICOS will be unable to apply for Post Study Work Permit for Australia. If students are applying under the Post Graduate Research Sector or taking any preliminary course, then they will have the eligibility to work for just 40 hours in a fortnight throughout the tenure of the course that they have enrolled in. Only when the Research Course starts, students will have permission for working for unlimited hours. You should remember that a Tax File Number is required for working part time and as a global student with a foreign passport, and you may apply for TFN online itself courtesy of the official website. 

The Australian Government has stipulated that all students will have similar privileges with regard to working while they are studying. They will have the right to minimum wages as laid down under the Fair Work Act of 2009 and may challenge unfair dismissal from any job along with being entitled to rest periods and breaks while being entitled to safe and healthy working environments as well. 

How to find part time work in Australia

Finding part time jobs in Australia for Indian students is not that hard. With a little effort and the right networking channels, you can get access to part time jobs in Australia for English speakers. You will require a good resume before you start finding and applying for part time jobs in Australia. Many institutions come with their own career program where they will help you with creating and formatting your resume that lists out your skills, knowledge, education, experience, and interests. You should ensure that your resume is completely error-free, and you may consider asking a strong English native speaker to look over it for you. 

You can visit your local shopping center and hand over your resume to various stores. Ask te managers about available positions; if they are not available, leave your resume with the store for vacancies in the future. Wear good attire for a positive first impression. You can search the careers tab on various industry and employment websites for getting information about available vacancies. Most websites will enable online applications as well. Use Australian job search websites for coming across part time vacancies in your city or area. Some options in this regard include CareerOne, MyCareer, Seek and ApplyDirect. The university itself may have a career service which will help you get in touch with prospective employers, or they may have a page for searching job listings as well. You can make an inquiry at the university in this regard. 

Type of part time jobs in Australia and minimum wages 

If you are a professional who is obtaining higher education in Australia, you may apply for and obtain a job that is in line with your skills and educational qualifications. Along with the same, students usually get part-time jobs in sectors like sales and telemarketing, cafes, restaurants, bars, retail outlets, stores, supermarkets, motels and hotels. There are jobs in housekeeping and administration along with kitchens at hospitality establishments while jobs are also available in farming and related endeavors. There are clerical and administrative positions in several entities while tutoring either at institutions or privately is another good option for a part-time job. 

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Cinemas, sporting venues, take-away food stores, chains of retail stores, fuel stations, call centers and other industries may also require part-time employees on a regular basis. Students on the student visa will be entitled to the minimum wage, which is $18.23 every hour or roughly $719.20 for every 38-hour week before taxes and for working both on and off campus throughout the tenure of full-time study. Work which is formally registered as part of the course will not be included in these limitations. It is compulsory for every student working in a part time job to file tax returns in Australia. Before payment, employers will be deducting PAYG taxes or Pay As You Go taxes and these will be deposited directly with the Australian Taxation Office or ATO. 

If the overall amount that is received within a particular financial year is lower than $18,200, then students will have eligibility for getting a full tax rebate. Any work linked expenditure otherwise will be eligible for tax deductions including uniforms, laptops, traveling and so on. Filing tax returns is a seamless affair that can be conducted via the official ATO website or on paper itself. Before filing income tax returns, the employer will offer a tax slip which will be covering the total income, superannuation, bonuses, and the taxes paid in the form of PAYG. 

Highest paying part-time jobs in Australia for international students

Part-time jobs

Average pay per hour
Aged care worker

AUD 35 (INR 1,961)

Delivery driver

AUD 20.33 (INR 1,136)
Personal tutor 

AUD 20.33 (INR 1,136)

Sales representative 

AUD 30 (INR 1,681)
Customer Service 

AUD 26 (INR 1,457) 


AUD 25 (INR 1,401)
Oral Hygienist 

AUD 32 (INR 1,793)


AUD 24 with tip (INR 1,345)
Personal trainer 

AUD 25 (INR 1,401)

Admin Executive 

AUD 30 (INR 1,681)

Part-time jobs available in major Australian cities

i) List of top part-time jobs in Sydney for international students:

Part-time jobs 

Average pay per month Cost of living in Sydney/monthly Tentative savings
Cashier AUD 2,000 (INR 1,11,976) AUD 1,754 (INR 98,173)

AUD 246 (INR 13,774)

Sales Assistant

AUD 2,320 (INR 1,29,962) AUD 1,754 (INR 98,173) AUD 566 (INR 31,699)
Retail Assistant AUD 2,060 (INR 1,15,404) AUD 1,754 (INR 98,173)

AUD 306 (17,149)

Warehouse Operator 

AUD 2,804 (INR 1,57,167) AUD 1,754 (INR 98,173) AUD 1,050 (INR 58,852)
Administration and Support AUD 2,846 (1,59,481) AUD 1,754 (INR 98,173)

AUD 1,092 (INR 61,200)

ii) List of top part-time jobs in Perth for international students:

Part-time jobs 

Average pay per month Cost of living in Perth/monthly Tentative savings
Customer Service Representative  AUD 3,000 (INR 1,67,882) AUD 1,936 (INR 1,08,550)

AUD 1,064 (59,527)

Marketing Consultant 

AUD 2,800 (INR 1,56,543) AUD 1,936 (INR 1,08,550) AUD 864 (INR 48,309)
Tutor  AUD 2,000 (INR 1,11,976)  AUD 1,936 (INR 1,08,550)

AUD 56 (INR 3,578)

Pharmacy Assistant

AUD 2,000 (INR 1,11,976)  AUD 1,936 (INR 1,08,550) AUD 56(INR 3,578)
Accounts Assistant AUD 2,083 (INR 1,16,551) AUD 1,936 (INR 1,08,550)

AUD 147(INR 8,226)

iii) List of top part-time jobs in Melbourne for international students:

Part-time jobs 

Average pay per month Cost of living in Melbourne/monthly Tentative savings
International Student Support Officer AUD 5,000 (INR 2,79,950) AUD 1,500 (INR 83,986)

AUD 3,500 (1,95,938)

Customer Service Attendant

AUD 4000 (INR 2,23,929) AUD 1,500 (INR 83,986) AUD 2,500 (1,39, 951)
Administration Support Officer AUD 2,603 (INR 1,45,717) AUD 1,500 (INR 83,986)

AUD 1,103 (INR 61, 751)


AUD 2,419 (INR 1.35,432) AUD 1,500 (INR 83,986) AUD 919 (INR 51,452)
Student Services Officer AUD 1,799 (INR 1,00723) AUD 1,500 (INR 83,986)

AUD 299 (INR 16,740)

iv) List of top part-time jobs for international students in Australia’s capital Canberra: 

Part-time jobs 

Average pay per month Cost of living in Canberra/monthly Tentative savings
Pharmacy Assistant AUD 1,920 (INR 1,07,511) AUD 1,740 (INR 97,400)

AUD 180 (INR 10,077)

OSHC Assistant Coordinators 

AUD 2,080 (INR 1,16,507) AUD 1,740 (INR 97,400) AUD 340 (INR 19,039)
Administration Officer  AUD 2,028 (INR 1,13,559) AUD 1,740 (INR 97,400)

AUD 288 (INR 16,125)

Academic Tutors 

AUD 2,400 (INR 1,34,373) AUD 1,740 (INR 97,400) AUD 660 (36.956)
Sales Assistant  AUD 2,160 (INR 1,20,946) AUD 1,740 (INR 97,400)

AUD 420 (INR 23,517)

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Things to remember know when searching part-time jobs in Australia

-A student cannot start his part-time job before the official start of the academic session. He/she may be able to arrive a few months or days early but can’t begin his/her job. 

-This limit doesn’t apply to students who are enrolled in a course that demands casework regularly. 

-Students who are enrolled in a PhD program or are from the postgraduate research sector can work for unlimited hours when the thesis work begins. Working hours in Australia are limited to 40 per fortnight if these students are pursuing a preliminary course. 

-You can get a post-study work permit in Australia if you fulfill all the study requirements. 

Laws applicable to international students working part-time in Australia

Studying and working in Australia for international students has been made rewarding because of the several laws that are in place to protect their rights. Here are some of the rights reserved by the Australian government for part-timers, irrespective of nationality: 

-A minimum wage of AUD 20.33/hour or AUD 772.60/week as dictated by the Fair Work Act 2009. 

-Proper rests and breaks. 

-Right to oppose unfair dismissal. 

-A secure and healthy workplace. 

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Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) in Australia

Purchasing and maintaining OSHC for your entire span of stay is an important requirement if you want to go to Australia on a student visa. It is a key visa requirement as well. 

It covers the cost of hospitalization and health treatment. An OSHC can also help you save on ambulance service. The cover for singles will cost a minimum of AUD 478 (INR 26,740) for a year. 

 Some OSHC providers in Australia are:

-BUPA Australia

-Medibank Private 


-ahm OSHC

-CBHS International Health

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Manage your cost of living in Australia with upGrad Abroad 

While the part-time jobs for international students in Australia pay decently, they can cause some discomfort to those who find it difficult to multitask or solely want to focus on their studies. 

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