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MS in Computer Science in Australia: Your guide

Updated on 26 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Australia is home to some of the top-ranked universities globally, making it one of the prominent study abroad destinations for international students. Australian universities are globally recognized, and attaining an Australian degree can open doors to excellent career prospects. Computer Science is one of the most preferred subjects among international students to pursue from Australia. A plethora of courses are available in Australia for students in the field of Computer Science. Pursuing MS in Computer Science in Australia can be a life-changing decision for a student as the education imparted in Australia is of unbeatable academic excellence.

Below are some of the vital facts and information related to MS in computer science, which will make your study abroad decision simple and quick. 

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Eligibility criteria for MS in computer science in Australia

International students must meet certain eligibility criteria to take admission in MS (Masters of Science) in computer science. A Master’s degree in computer science from Australian universities is accepted and valued worldwide. There’s a huge competition, and students need to fulfill MS in computer science in Australia eligibility to take admission in one of the best educational institutions. 

  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of studies like computer science, engineering, information technology, software, and network engineering. Students must complete a 4-year full-time bachelor’s course without any study gaps. The degree should be from a recognized university or board of study. 
  • Financial proofs will ensure that the students have enough funds to sponsor the tuition fee and living cost for at least the first academic year of study. Without sufficient financial proof, it will be difficult to get admission. For scholarships or financial aids, students need to provide the essential documents as well. 
  • English language proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL are compulsory in Australia. To prove English language skills, non-native English-speaking candidates need to take an English proficiency test. The applicant is required to have an IELTS score of 6.5.
  • GRE and GMAT scores are compulsory admission requirements in Australian universities. Students need to take the GRE test to take admission to top-ranked universities. However, GRE scores can be waived off if you have a good GPA or prior work experience in fields like information technology, computer science, and software. 
  • Top universities need a high GPA requirement. Out of scale 7, the minimum GPA requirement to take admission is 5. The competition is high, and the students with maximum GPA are eligible to take admission in MS in computer science. 
  • Documentation is an important eligibility criterion to take admission to Australian universities. Documents like transcripts, passports, certificates, SOP, and letters of recommendation are mandatory. For admission procedures, documentation is vital. 
  • Schooling of 15 years from a recognized board of study is essential, without any gaps. 
  • Updated resume with some prior job experience is important. In Australia, various universities waive off the GRE score requirement for students with previous work experience. 

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Top universities in Australia to study MS in computer science

Tabulated below are the details of top universities in Australia for MS in computer science and the course duration and cost. 

University NameDuration of course in years          Cost of MS
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)2INR 21.1 lakh
University of MelbourneINR 37 lakh
La Trobe UniversityINR 19.45 lakh
University of AdelaideINR 32.8 lakh
The University of Queensland1.5 INR 34 lakh
Flinders UniversityINR 24.40 lakh
University of WollongongINR 24.14 lakh
Edith Cowan UniversityINR 24.41 lakh
University of New England2INR 14.44 lakh

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Cost of MS in computer science in Australia

Australia has public and private universities, where public universities are relatively affordable. The average cost of studying MS computer science in Australia is around INR 59 lakh. However, students can opt for scholarship and financial aid programs to completely or partially waive the tuition fee. Apart from the tuition fee, the cost of living in Australia can add up to INR 11 lakhs. Here are some of the top universities in Australia that offers MS in computer science along with course fee: 

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Scholarship options for MS in computer science in Australia

Meritorious and needy students are eligible for full funding and partial scholarship programs. Australian universities offer financial aid in the form of scholarships, loans, bursaries, and grants. Apart from merit-based, universities offer department-based financial aids to help deserving international students. 

  • Student Enrichment Grants
  • Academic Tuition Fee Bursary
  • Jack Wynhoven Scholarship
  • International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship
  • Australian Government Research and Training Program
  • UTS President’s Scholarship
  • India Bursary – University of Wollongong
  • Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program
  • Merit Scholarship by Curtin University
  • AGSM Global Reach Scholarship – The University of New South Wales
  • Excellence Scholarship from La Trobe University
  • Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships – The University of Sydney

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Admission requirements for MS computer science in Australia

  • Test scores: Good scores in IELTS or TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT examinations are an important admission requirement in Australia. Without the test scores, the application will not be completed. 
  • Filled application form: It is important to have a copy of the application form or acknowledgment slip. 
  • Statement of purpose: A statement of purpose (SOP) is a unique document and holds a lot of importance in the admission process. It includes the purpose, goals, and expectations of the students. In SOP, students also write about their achievements and extracurricular activities. This is the best way to convince the admission panel why you are the right fit over other applicants. 
  •  Resume: An updated resume is important. If you have prior work experience, it may help you waive the need for GRE test scores. Many universities in Australia require students with some previous experience.
  • Photograph: Two passport size photographs are important to apply for the MS courses in Australia
  • Application fee: For every university, students need to pay the application fee. The fee payment acknowledgment slip is an important document to confirm an application. 
  • Letter of recommendation: Letter of recommendation (LOR) is important to understand the applicant’s academic progress, behavior, skills, and if they are fit for a master’s degree or not. Minimum 2 LORs are accepted by the university. It should be from past employers or faculty members.  
  • Academic transcripts are important for substantial academic proof. Students need to provide transcripts of high school and graduation. 

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Career scope after MS in computer science in Australia

A master’s degree in computer science opens up ample career opportunities. Applicants can opt for various job opportunities in different sectors. After completion of course work, the majority of the MS candidates opt for top global IT brands and tech giants. Students can also establish an academic career in research and development after completing MS and completing a PhD in computer science. The Australian job market offers significant and lucrative job opportunities for technical background students. Some of the most popular career options available for students after completion of MS computer science are : 

  • Computer Software Designer 
  • Data Scientist
  • Computer Operators
  • IT Consultant
  • Computer System Specialist Supervisor
  • Data Analysis
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Production Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Full-stack developer
  • Web Designer
  • Database Manager

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Admission deadline for MS computer science in Australia

For students intending to study in Australia, getting accustomed to the admission intakes and deadlines is important. Universities are very particular about the application deadlines, exceeding which the application gets canceled. Admissions are conducted in three intakes – spring, winter, and fall. 

In particular, the admission intakes during the fall season have a deadline between December to January. For the spring intake, the online application process needs to be completed by February. However, some universities offer deadlines throughout the year; hence, international students need to apply earlier to get the right admission slots.

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Why study MS in computer science from Australia? 

  • Australian universities have formed strong ties with global IT brands and tech giants. These universities offer 100% placement opportunities to MS degree holders. Moreover, multinationals hire MS in computer science graduates from top American universities. This offers huge scope for STEM background students to opt for a lucrative career opportunity in Australia. 
  • Australian universities offer a wide range of specializations that makes it easy for international students to choose their area of interest. Popular specializations offered are artificial intelligence, machine learning, engineering, data science, network, web development, data management, and spatial information technology. All of these specializations are popular worldwide and generate a good number of job opportunities. 
  • The course duration is only 1.5 years to 2 years. International students can get their master’s completed within 1.5 years. 
  • Australia offers huge scope for funding. Meritorious and needy students can opt for loans, scholarships, grants, and bursaries to make the study cost affordable. Full financing and partial funding aids are available in Australia. 
  • 4,70,000 international students enrolled in Australian universities in the session 2018-20. It is a preferred destination for study abroad programs due to its world-class education system and academic excellence. 
  • Australia welcomes international students wholeheartedly. Be it Sydney or Melbourne, the vibrant lifestyle and multicultural environment allow the international students to integrate and mingle with the Australian way of life. 
  • A plethora of research and development opportunities. In particular, the universities in Australia allow students to research and innovative ideas by teaming up with faculty, attending live projects, participating in internship and research assistant opportunities. 
  • Australia is a safe country for international students. There are strict legal bodies that ensure 100% safety. The campuses in Australia are safe and completely under CCTV surveillance to ensure maximum safety.

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Job prospects and permanent residence after completing MS from Australia in computer science make it one of the popular study destinations. International students need to meet the eligibility criteria and admission requirements to study MS. With the huge demand for computer science and IT professionals in Australia, the annual salary of an MS graduate is around INR 57 lakhs.

International students need proper assistance regarding the admission process, eligibility cost, and scope of MS in computer science in Australia. Get in touch with the academic counselors of upGrad Abroad today for a simplified application process. 

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Is a Master’s in Computer Science from Australia Worth It?

Yes, doing a master’s in computer science (cs) from Australia opens up many opportunities and job prospects. Australia is considered to be one of the top three study abroad destinations. 43 Australian universities are recognized as world-class in terms of research and development. Australia has forged internships and placement opportunities with leading IT brands and Tech giants for students to choose a brilliant career.

How much does it Cost to Study MS in Computer Science from Australia?

To study MS in computer science (CS) from Australia, the average tuition cost is INR 59 lakh. International students can opt for scholarship and financial aid programs to waive off the tuition fee. There are various financial aids like scholarships, loans, and bursaries to ensure an affordable abroad program.

What is the Course duration of MS in Computer Science?

Masters in Computer Science in Australia is a 1.5 to 2 years program. It varies from one university to another. The maximum duration is 24 months. During the course, students can enroll for practice, research, and internships.

What is the Minimum Percentage for doing an MS in Computer Science?

The minimum percentage for international students to opt for MS in computer science is 75% in bachelors with mathematics and statistics. The minimum GPA accepted by the Australian universities is a minimum 4-5 GPA out of a scale of 7. The competition in top-ranked Australian universities is high; therefore, international students need to score well to be eligible for an MS degree. Other eligibility criteria include the English language proficiency test, standardized tests, SOP, and LOR.

Is Australia Good to Study for MS?

Australia is a prominent study abroad destination that offers huge scope for MS in computer science. The education system is robust and flexible with reputed faculties. The ample number of opportunities in Australia for research and development help shape the career of MS graduates in Computer Science. The students become industry-ready to be eligible for employment with top global brands. Being one of the top three study abroad destinations, MS in computer science in Australia is a prestigious career move.

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upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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