General guide to study in Australia for Indian students after 12th standard

Study in Australia for Indian students after 12th

Australia attracts the largest number of Indian students after the US and the UK. The country offers opportunities across various streams to students looking to study in Australia after their 12th. The bachelor courses offered by Australian universities are also equally valuable.

In addition to the quality of learning, Australia has a lot more to offer. Its clean atmosphere, amazing food, progressive culture, and zero tolerance for misbehaving with foreigners, make it a perfect place for students from all over the world. Australian universities also offer quality education that prepares students for their careers in a welcoming environment.

Employers from across industries respect Australian education and the skills that students develop while studying there. Education at Australian universities instills confidence in students and gives them a worldwide view of future prospects. Students from different countries dream and aspire to study in renowned Australian universities Are you an Indian planning your graduation studies in Australia? This article will help you know more about the requirements of studying in Australia after the 12th standard.

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Why study in Australia?

1) Australian institutions offer a variety of courses and job-oriented programs, which makes them suitable for getting globally recognized degrees.

2) Australian universities use research and training methodologies that are valued for their academic excellence.

3) Students can work while studying that allows them to get industry experience along with education.

4) Studying in Australia also exposes Indian students to international students from diverse countries making it a global experience.

5) The country also offers scholarships that can significantly reduce study costs. These scholarships help students to access world-class education at affordable costs.

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Requirements for studying in Australian universities after 12th

Indian students need to meet certain requirements to study in Australia. They differ depending upon the courses, programs, and level of studies. Listed below are the eligibility criteria for studying in Australia:

1) The students need to attain 18 years of age before starting the degree program.

2) Students should have scored at least 60-65% marks in 12th exams. They should also have high band scores in language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

3) Students need to submit documents like mark sheets of class 10th and 12th, resume, statement of purpose (SOP), the score of GMAT/TOEFL/ IELTS, and documents of accomplishment at the state or national level.

4) For Visa, students need to submit certain documents like records of availability of funds, resume, academic certificates, genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement, and eCoE letter.

5) Students also need to write a statement of purpose (SOP) in which they need to explain why they want to apply for a particular college.

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How to study in Australia after the 12th?

Students can easily study in Australia by choosing the right course and fulfilling the requirements of the university. However, students often get confused while deciding the best course for them. Thus, to make it simple, here is a list of good stream-wise courses that will help you in making the final selection:

There are three major streams offered to study after 12th class in India – science, commerce, and arts & humanities. Thus, we will explore stream-wise to have a better idea about the study programs in Australian universities for Indian students. Check out the list of best stream-wise courses that will help you in clearing your doubts:

Study options in Australia after 12th for science students

According to records, most Indian students choose the science stream for their 11th and 12th classes. Below is the list of science courses offered in Australia for both medical and non-medical students.

Course options in Australia after 12th for medical students (physics, chemistry, and biology)

Students who have physics, chemistry, and biology in their 12th class as their core subjects can apply for the following courses in Australia:

1) Bachelor of medicine

2) Bachelor of pharmacy

3) Bachelor of science

4) Nursing

5) Biotechnology

Course options in Australia after 12th for non-medical students:

Students who have physics, chemistry, and math in their 12th class can choose from the following courses:

1) Architecture

2) Engineering

3) Bachelor of science

4) Bachelor of computer application

5) Pilot training

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Study options in Australia after 12th for commerce students

Like science, there are countless options available for students who have chosen the commerce stream for their 12th. Some of the best commerce related courses available in Australia include:

1) Law

2) International Business

3) Business and Management

4) Business and Commerce

5) Accounting and Finance

6) Marketing and Public Relations

7) International Studies and Commerce

8) Business Commerce and Information Technology

Options for arts students for studying in Australia after 12th

For arts & humanities students can choose from the following courses:

1) Bachelor of Visual Arts

2) Bachelor of Media

3) Bachelor of Creative Arts

4) Bachelor of Arts in Art History

5) Bachelor of Arts in Creative and Professional Writing

Can a student afford the cost of studying in Australia?

Yes. Australia is an affordable country. However, tuition fees may vary depending upon the degree level, the course you choose, and the university you are going to enroll in. With a strong academic record and the third-highest number of international students, Australia is ranked among the world’s most desired study destinations. Thousands of students manage to pay their finances by availing themselves of government-funded scholarships. Every year, the government of Australia provides scholarships worth AUD 200 million to students. Australia also has various organizations related to tourism, hospitality, retail, marketing, and more that make it easy for students to pick part-time jobs and earn money to cover living and study costs.

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Is it good to study in Australia?

Australia is undoubtedly the best place to study. It offers a world-class education in different fields. According to QS World University Rankings, Australian universities are reputed for providing academic excellence.

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Does Australia offer work opportunities for international students?

Yes, in Australia, International students can manage to work with their studies to earn extra money. This will help them to pay their bills and spend on other activities. Australia is one such country that allows part-time work even with full-time studies. International students have the flexibility to work up to 20 hours a week. However, students need to strictly follow rules and regulations suggested by the Australian government. These include:

1) The student should have a visa grant by their university allowing them to work with their studies.

2) Students should be part of a full-time program that is approved by the Australian government.

3) The students need to achieve a minimum attendance as per the requirement of the course.

4) Students also need to enroll in overseas student health cover.

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