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Australian Visa Subclass 190: Vital Information

Updated on 22 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

The Australian visa subclass 190 is a temporary skilled workers’ visa for people who want to work and reside in various regions of Australia. Those holding this visa subclass 190 may reside in the country for a period up to five years. They can apply for PR (permanent residence) after a duration of three years. However, this visa is not extendable. Applicants should first submit their EOIs (Expressions of Interest) via SkillSelect for furnishing a valid visa application. This may be done either within or outside the country. An invitation for applying will be sent to the eligible candidate once he/she is nominated by any relative, territory, state, or region. 


The skilled nominated visa (subclass 190) is a permanent one, enabling indefinite stays in the country. The travel part does expire within 5 years from the date of granting the visa. Newly arrived Australian residents may have to be patient before accessing Government benefits and payments in the country. Family members may be covered within the application. They may be added after submitting the application or beforehand. Family members applying for the visa should adhere to the character and health guidelines. You will have to tell the authorities as to why you are not including any dependent children or partners in the application. The costs of the visa stand at AUD 4,115 (approx. INR 2.25 lakh) for the core applicant. Each family member applying with the applicant will have to bear a separate charge. Added charges may apply for applicants who are 18 years or older with English levels that are less than functional. This is the second installment charge and it must be paid only upon instruction. 

This charge stands at AUD 4,890 for family members (approx. INR 2.66 lakh). Those applying, when in Australia, should have the substantive visa or Subclass 010 Bridging A/Subclass 020 Bridging B/Subclass 030 Bridging C visa. Processing times depend on various factors including the time taken to respond to added information requests, whether a full application has been lodged, the time taken to do necessary checks on supporting data, the time taken to get added information via external agencies, places available for permanent migration visa applications and character, health, and requirements of national security. You may travel as many times as you wish in and out of the country for a period of 5 years. After this duration, the RRV (Resident Return Visa) will be needed. 

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Benefits of Visa Subclass 190 

There are numerous benefits offered by the visa subclass 190 including the following: 

1. You can study or work anywhere in the country. 

2. You can sponsor relatives (subject to eligibility criteria) for permanent residence in Australia. 

3. You can become a citizen of Australia eventually (if you are eligible). 

4. 75% and 90% of applications are processed within 4 and 15 months respectively. 

5. You can also get enrolled into the public healthcare scheme of the nation, called Medicare. 

6. You can travel in and out of Australia for a duration of 5 years. 

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Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) Requirements 

The requirements for the skilled nominated visa (subclass 190) include the following: 

1. Aspirants should have experience in any nominated occupation present in the Skilled Occupations List for Australia. 

2. They should have skills related to assessment with the assessing authority which is relevant for the specific occupation. 

3. They should submit the EOI (Expression of Interest). 

4. They should be more than 18 and lower than 45 years of age at the time of issuing the invitation. 

5. They should also adhere to health, character, and English language criteria along with other basic criteria for Skilled Migration. 

6. They should score a minimum of 65 points. 

7. Partners, dependent children, and dependent relatives can only be included in the application. 

8. States/territories nominating applicants will insist on the candidate staying in the region for at least two years, keeping the authorities informed about address changes and taking surveys and offering data whenever required. 

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How to apply for the Australian visa subclass 190 

Here is the application procedure for the Australian visa subclass 190: 

1. Submit your EOI (expression of interest) for the visa through SkillSelect. There is no fee for this process. 

2. Check whether your occupation is there on the list of eligible skilled occupations for the visa beforehand. 

3. Choose the Skilled Nominated visa. 

4. You will get the email confirmation on EOI submission. 

5. SkillSelect will estimate points/score and you should have 65 for getting the application invitation. 

6. EOI is not an application for a visa, and you will not have eligibility for a bridging visa. 

7. You can make EOI changes owing to changes in your circumstances or having upgraded with a higher degree or work experience. 

8. You will then get the invitation for applying. You will have 60 calendar days for your application thereafter. 

9. You may get invitations up to two years post submission of the EOI. You will get a SkillSelect email in this regard. 

10. The invitation will have the points to be scored on the basis of the claims made in the EOI. 

11. You should prove your ability to meet the points tally on the invitation and other eligibility guidelines. 

12. Not applying after receiving two invitations means removal of the EOI from the SkillSelect platform. 

13. EOI will stay suspended upon receiving the invitation although you can update further on the 60-day period getting over. 

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14. Gather all vital documents needed for backing your EOI claims. You will need relationship, identity, character and English competency documents along with documents for dependents under 18, partner’s documents, documents for dependents above 18 and documents for skill assessment. All EOI documentation will also have to be furnished. 

15. Login to the SkillSelect account and choose Apply for visa thereafter. This will land on ImmiAccount, the online platform for this purpose. 

16. Login or create your ImmiAccount. The login and password will be different from the login and password for SkillSelect. 

17. Attach all documents. 

18. Pay the fees for application. The first installment should be paid for application processing. 

19. Note down the TRN (transaction reference number). 

20. You will get the application receipt confirmation. 

21. Check if more information is needed within ImmiAccount like health reports, added details, biometrics and more. 

22. Pay the second installments once you get the invoice from the visa authorities. 

23. Add your family members and complete all processing formalities in this regard. 

24. If you made any application mistake, you should let the authorities know immediately. Complete the PDF form 1023 Notification of incorrect responses and attach this with your ImmiAccount application. 

25. You will receive the official email confirmation upon sanctioning of your visa. 

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