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How to Avoid Rejection of Student Visa?

Updated on 26 March, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

A student visa is one of the most vital documents students need to have while pursuing higher education abroad. A student visa plays a crucial part in studying abroad at a recognized institution. The visa stamping takes place after receiving the offer letter from your chosen foreign educational institution. The student visa is all about explaining your reasons for studying in that particular nation. Well, there could be cases where student visas get rejected for various reasons. Read this article to know Why do student visas get rejected?

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Why do student visas get rejected?

Below are some reasons why visas get rejected:  

  1. Absence of sufficient funding: Countries require applicants to showcase a fixed amount of money in their account that covers the tuition fee and living expenses for 9-12 months. This amount is often pre-defined and failure to meet the same or inability to showcase proper documentation will result in student visa rejection.
  2. False or improper documentation: Ensure all your marksheets, certificates, LORs, and other documents are legit, and carrying proper authority stamps. 
  3. Not confirming intent of returning to home country: You need to establish your intention of returning to home country after finishing your education. This must be reflected in your SOP/Motivation letter. 
  4. Misbehavior at the time of interview: It is important to carry yourself in professional manner for the entire duration of your application and interview process.
  5. Insufficient language skills: Not meeting the required IELTS/TOEFL or any other language course that is required. Also, you must be able to communicate well during the interview. Not giving convincing and confident answers during the visa interview may also lead to student visa rejection.

Tips to avoid student visa rejection 

Here are some tips that you can follow to avoid rejection of visa: 

  • Make sure that you apply on time. Applications submitted early will always have more chances of approval. The visa officers are usually stuck with a growing bunch of applications during the admission season. Late applications will have higher risks of rejection. 
  • Always check and double-check all documents required for the student visa. 
  • Make sure that you provide proper proof of English proficiency. 
  • Ensure that you have documented all your academic qualifications properly. 
  • You should have the necessary funding along with documentary proof of the same. 
  • Be honest and convincing in your visa interview without dodging questions. 
  • Be clear about why you chose the country, course, and institution while stating the reasons for returning to your home country. 
  • Write the SOP or visa letter carefully as per the guidelines prescribed for applicants. 

What to do if the student visa gets rejected? 

Getting a student visa can be a challenging task. Here are some tips to follow to avoid rejection:

  1. You can re-apply for the student visa once again. 
  2. You can either apply for the same country again or another if you have several rejections from the former. 
  3. Before re-applying, check all your documents carefully, including proof of funds, IDs, academic qualifications, and others. 

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Applying to the same country:

While re-applying for the visa in the same country, you should first identify the reasons for rejection. You can also ask your visa officer for the reason if you have gone through the interview. If you did not attend the interview, you would get a document mentioning the reasons for rejecting your student visa application. Do not repeat the mistakes, and examine all these reasons carefully. 

Applying for other countries:

If you have been rejected several times by the visa officers of a particular country and you do not want to go through it again, consider another option. Try applying for student visas in other countries. 

Take a closer look at universities and other educational institutions in other countries, offering good quality of education and your preferred courses. This move may also save you some money on tuition and other expenses. 

For instance, if visa officers of the United States have rejected you, you can think of applying for courses in Australia or the United Kingdom. There are multiple options available in many other European countries, along with Canada. Germany is one of the most popular options for global students as well. With several top-ranked universities under their belt, these nations sometimes have comparatively easier visa application procedures for international students. 

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upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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