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Student Visa for New Zealand

Updated on 08 November, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

New Zealand is one of the world’s most popular study abroad destinations. However, many feel that applying for a student visa to New Zealand is complicated. Is this true? Nothing could be farther from the truth! A New Zealand study visa application is not rocket science. You have to focus on the eligibility, documentation, and application process, ensuring that you do not miss out on anything.

The study visa helps you pursue full-time higher education in your preferred course and institution in New Zealand. You can also work for up to 20 hours each week on a part-time basis and full-time during the holidays, depending on the visa terms and conditions. Here is a helpful guide to the New Zealand study visa requirements and several other aspects. 

Student Visa for New Zealand – Necessary Documentation:

Here are some of the major New Zealand study visa requirements for aspirants, in terms of documentation: 

  • Statement from education provider, confirming their accommodation in compliance with the Education Code of Practice 2021. It may be included in the offer of place
  • The offer of place from the New Zealand institution. 
  • Copy of the identity pages in the passport (valid). 
  • Proof of tuition fee payment in full for one year or a single program (whichever is shorter) or that you have money available to pay the tuition fees if you are outside the country and wish to take the Approval in Principle option. If you are exempt from paying fees, you should provide proof of confirmation from the educational institution. 
  • Proof of funds to cover living costs in New Zealand. You will require NZD 20,000 per year of tertiary/English language/non-school study or NZD 1,667 per month if the tenure is less than one year. Those in compulsory education (years 1-13) will require NZD 17,000 per year or NZD 1,417 per month with tenures lower than one year. 
  • Fully paid ticket out of the country or evidence of additional money to purchase a ticket (proof of ample funds to leave New Zealand). 
  • Proof of health and character (medical examination, chest x-ray and other details along with police certificate with translation if not in English). 
  • Supporting information- A cover letter or statement of purpose about why you wish to study in the country and information on the student. This should have the study plan outline, future goals, reasons for choosing the education provider, and details of education and training in the past or current studies. Information about educational gaps or work history should be explained. 
  • Academic transcripts, confirmation of enrolment, confirmation of online learning attendance or progress if applicable, proof of work and employment history via salary slips, employment contract, income tax returns, etc.
  • English language proficiency proof. 
  • Indian students should provide Aadhar Card or PAN Card. They also require proof of sufficient funds in their/sponsor/financial guarantor’s name. 

You should check the New Zealand study visa requirements for Indian students carefully before applying. 

Student Visa from New Zealand from India- Application Procedure

Here is the application procedure for a student visa for New Zealand: 

  • Prepare your documentation based on the checklist on the official website. 
  • Apply online and upload all documents before paying the applicable charges. Always check the who can apply section and use the checklist for further guidance. 
  • Payment of the application fees completes the process. These payments are not refundable in case the application is rejected. Payments are possible through UnionPay, Visa, and MasterCard. 
  • You have to then wait for the visa decision. 
  • Once you get the visa, you should check the conditions and apply for the entry permission. 

New Zealand Study Visa Fees

The New Zealand student visa costs are approximately NZD 430. An IVL (International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy) of NZD 35 is charged and included in the final cost. 

New Zealand Student Visa Processing Time

The New Zealand student visa processing time varies across applications and depends on several factors. 90% of applications are usually processed within a maximum of 67 days. The average processing time is around 20 days. 

New Zealand Student Visa – Where Should You Apply

You can apply for the student visa at immigration.govt.nz/apply-student-online. All necessary guidance is available to help you proceed with your application seamlessly. 

Eligibility and Duration of Student Visa

The average length of the student visa is around four years, or the length of time of your educational program. The eligibility requirements include the following: 

  • You should be in good health and of good character. 
  • You should have a genuine intention towards meeting your visa conditions. 
  • You should have an offer of place from an approved New Zealand education provider. 
  • You should have sufficient money to pay tuition costs, unless exempted. 
  • You should have full travel and medical insurance throughout the duration of your stay in the country. 
  • You should have sufficient funds to meet your living costs in the country. 
  • You should have a ticket to leave New Zealand after the completion of your course or sufficient funds to buy one or get sponsorship for your onward travel costs. 
  • You should have written permission to work in the country, if applicable. 
  • You should provide information about your course and holidays. 
  • If practical work experience is necessary as a part of your course, then you should provide proof of it being a necessary requirement for the same.


Getting a student visa for New Zealand may seem a daunting affair initially. However, if you invest a little time and effort into understanding the process, you can expect a smooth ride ahead. Here’s to a successful application process that sets you on the pathway towards achieving your educational dreams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much fund is required for a New Zealand student visa?

You will require at least NZD 17-20,000 for a year of study in terms of living costs. You have to furnish proof of these funds while applying for your New Zealand student visa. 

Is it difficult to get a New Zealand student visa?

It is not excessively difficult or impossible to get a New Zealand student visa. The procedure is complex and will take time to understand and execute. However, there are several aspects that candidates have to cover throughout the process.

Is New Zealand accepting student visas now?

The country has already begun taking applications from international students for the new academic sessions beginning from 2023. 

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

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