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Ireland Student Visa : Procedure, Requirements & Cost

Updated on 09 April, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Indian students who want to study in Ireland should apply for a student visa to study in that country. Students interested in getting an Ireland student visa are recommended to check the eligibility requirements with the INIS (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service).

It takes eight weeks or longer to process an Irish student visa, so a person should apply at least three months in advance.

To make things easy for you, here’s a comprehensive guide to learn all about getting an Ireland Student Visa for Indian students.

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Ireland Student Visa Requirements

Ireland is a safe and academic-oriented place that focuses on services and high-tech industries. Ireland student visa requirements are aplenty, and here’s a list for you to keep everything in check:

  1. You will need your provisional school results with your application.
  2. Supporting Student Application Form. 
  3. A police clearance certificate.
  4. Colored copies of all original documents and pages of your passport. These are the documents that are not in A4 size format. If they are, you don’t need to get a colored copy for an Ireland Student Visa.

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How can Indian Students Apply for Ireland Student Visa?

Ireland has some really good internationally ranked universities. Once you get admission into one of them, you need to know how to apply for an Ireland student visa. 

Applying for an Ireland student visa can be a very lengthy process. Students are suggested to check the eligibility requirements with the INIS (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service). As soon as you receive the letter of acceptance from a university, you should start applying for the student visa process. In this process, a student will have to undergo various steps of scheduling, writing, and consolidating, so you need adequate time.

Here’s a step-by-step process of how to go about it:

  • First, complete the online visa application form that is required.
  • You should then clearly write on the signed AVATS summary sheet stating which university or college you will be attending.
  • You will then have to use the VFS Check and Verify Service.
  • Submit all the Ireland student visa requirement documents 
  • The decision will be made on these documents. There is a possibility the Visa Office may interview you regarding your application.

Note: The Visa Office might put your application on hold unless you submit your results under the Approval in Principle Scheme.

If you have got a late offer, don’t worry. You can also submit your application for a student visa in Ireland three weeks prior to your course’s starting date. However, you will have to provide evidence of the later offer when the class starts.

Costs for Ireland Student Visa as an Indian Student

Keeping it short, an Ireland Student Visa would cost you around INR 4,100 for a single-entry visa. However, there are other requirements that apply to Indian applicants regarding the Ireland student visa process.

Here’s all the other information you require:

  • You can apply for a visa without paying your course fees altogether in advance.
  • You must, however, pay EUR 6,000 (around INR 5,00,000) towards the cost of your course fees.
  • The remaining course fees will be submitted after you get your final results and when you get a confirmed letter of offer.

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Ireland Student Visa Checklist

In order to make the process of acquiring an Ireland student visa easier, here’s an Ireland student visa checklist for you:

  • Get a cover letter stating your purpose for travel.
  • Ensure you have a passport. Please keep track of your previous passports as they will have to be submitted too.
  • Don’t forget to complete the AVATS Online Application. 
  • Get an appointment booked through VFS and its confirmation.
  • Fill out the student visa Ireland application form.
  • Keep your letter of acceptance handy.
  • You should have an English Language proficiency test score. It can be the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.
  • Write out your Statement of Purpose.
  • You should have a Resume/Curriculum Vitae.
  • Your secondary school education mark sheets.
  • If you are applying for a Master’s, then your Bachelor’s degree documents will be required.
  • You will have to confirm in writing that you intend to return to your country after you finish your education.
  • You will be asked to provide proof that you have sufficient finances to support your tuition and living cost while studying in Ireland.

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Ireland has become one of the most popular destinations for higher education among Indians. The quality of the education system in Ireland is excellent, and the educational education expenses in less. Additionally, many top universities are all present in Ireland. 

Ireland has its own set of policies you need to adhere to when applying as a student for a visa. Getting an Ireland student visa is not difficult, and this guide would have helped make the process easier for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is the Processing Time for Ireland Student Visa?

Ireland student visa processing time is generally 20 days. However, unforeseen delays can arise as well, which may be out of your control. For example, there may be delays in procuring your biometric information. So, it is recommended that you apply six weeks in advance of your travel dates. This way, you can be sure of receiving a valid visa before you go to university.






How Much are Ireland Student Visa Fees from India?

The Ireland student visa fees from India are not much. As an Indian student, the cost for a single-entry visa is INR 4,100 only.






What are the Financial Requirements for a Student Visa For Ireland?

In order to study in Ireland, you must show that you are financially stable. You will have to give evidence that you have enough funds, that is around EUR 7,000, or INR 6,00,000, to maintain yourself. That is just for the initial part of your stay. After this, you will have to give proof that you have a sponsor or at least access to EUR 7,000 for each subsequent year of studying. That is to show that you can maintain the cost of living. You will also have to give evidence that you can afford the course fees. You’ll have to show proof that you have private medical health insurance.






Is IELTS Required for an Ireland Student Visa?

The IELTS test measures your English language proficiency level for academic space. It will test you on academic language. It evaluates you to see if you are ready to begin training or studying. This test is required if you want to get your Irish visa for studies, as well as for admission into an Irish University. You should make sure to have the test scores handy in order to avail of an Ireland student visa.






Does Ireland Student Visa Application Often Get Rejected?

Fortunately, in Ireland, the rate of student visa rejection is low. It means that there is a high chance that your application will be accepted as an international student.






Is there an Interview for a student visa in Ireland?

Ireland is not like other destinations. It does not require you, as an international applicant, to attend a mandatory visa interview. If you do end up in the interviewee’s chair, it will be conducted in an official Irish Visa Facilitation Service centre or VFS.








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