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Top Reasons to Study in Ireland

Updated on 08 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Ireland has higher educational standards because it is committed to excellence. Ireland has made enormous expenditures on its academic infrastructure, making it a popular study destination on a global scale. More than 5000 programs are offered to students from all over the world by the country’s higher education institutions, which also grant internationally recognised and quality-assured certifications and qualifications. Ireland is the ideal study abroad location for anyone seeking a top-notch education in a progressive, innovative country with promising career options. 


Ireland is at #23 overall in the 2021 Best Countries rankings. Additionally, it ranks at #15 for quality of life and #10 for the Open for Business sub-ranking.

The QS Best Student Cities ranking provides an overview of the top places to live and study around the world, and Dublin is ranked #39. The rating takes into account a variety of aspects, including affordability, desirability, and the opinions of existing students. Dublin also ranks 12th in the QS Best Student Cities 2022 for student mix. This is a reflection of the city’s high student density and a large proportion of international students. Dublin also receives a lot of praise from students who took the survey for Dublin’s diversity, nightlife, and friendliness.

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Why Study in Ireland- Major reasons 

Below are the top five reasons why Ireland could be an ideal study destination:

1. World-Class Education System

Education Ireland has a world-class system, backed by some of the top-ranked institutions in Europe and globally acclaimed educational degrees and credentials. Universities in Ireland have rapidly advanced in several fields including pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and technology. Ireland is a well-known and reputed global hub for scientific research as well. In the year 2019, 28 scientists in Ireland were ranked among the top 1% in the whole world for their pioneering contributions. Ireland is also a land of scholars and literary icons like Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, W.B. Yeats, and Bram Stoker. There are splendid degrees in English Literature in Ireland. The Trinity College library in Dublin houses one of the world’s most famous and important books over the ages, namely the 1000+ years old Book of Kells from the medieval era. 

2. High-quality institutions 

1 out of 10 full-time students in Ireland is an international student. This goes to show the level of excellence and quality standards maintained by top-rated educational institutions in the country. The Irish Government makes it a point to track and supervise the quality of education in Ireland through the NFF (National Framework of Qualifications). This means that irrespective of the university that you are enrolling in, the education quality will remain absolutely uniform. This is one of the key reasons to study in Ireland. The high-quality study abroad programs in the country will delight academics and researchers alike.

3. Abundant employment prospects

Irish university degrees are globally accepted and acknowledged. International students will position themselves aptly for global employment by studying at a leading Irish University. Employment prospects are abundant in Ireland itself and the flourishing economy has created numerous openings for skilled graduates and undergraduates who are desirous of working at part-time jobs alongside their university programs. In the Republic of Ireland, students can apply for work permits while many universities also enable internships for global students at the same time. After graduating, international students may want to stay in Ireland where several leading global corporations have a sizable presence. Some of the big names here include Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM, Pfizer, Twitter, and GlaxoSmithKline. They have central European offices in Ireland, meaning ample job opportunities for graduates here. Ireland has more than 1,000 MNCs as per reports with 9 out of 10 global ICT entities, 8 out of the top 10 global pharmaceutical entities, 6 out of the top 7 diagnostic companies, and 8 out of the top 10 gaming companies in the world. It also has 15 out of the top 20 companies making medical devices in the world along with 50% of the top financial services firms globally. 

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4. Cultural diversity

Ireland was traditionally on the lines of a homogenous culture and citizens were majorly Christian and Caucasian. However, this has evolved considerably over the last two decades, especially in the larger Irish cities. It is a true fusion of traditions, cultures, and ethnicity. This diversity is quite visible on campuses of universities in Ireland, enabling an environment of greater tolerance and inclusion. The economic boom and pro-active immigration policy have been key reasons behind the cultural diversity and inclusive environment in Ireland.

5. Research and Innovation

Ireland has a rich tradition of innovation and research. The country has colleges and universities making up the premier or top 1% of the leading global institutions. This covers 19 disciplines including natural science, social science, healthcare, and humanities. Naturally, this ensures ample scope for graduate and undergraduate students to apply for research programs backed by innovation and abundant opportunities. Names like Oscar Wilde, John Bell, James Joyce, and Ernest Walton have left their stamp on Ireland’s tradition of innovation, research, and problem solving along with ample creative excellence.

6. Safe community living

Ireland has been ranked among the top 10 global countries with regard to safety. It is one of the world’s safest countries to live in and one where you will have the same rights as local Irish citizens. The society is warm, welcoming, and friendly while being ever-ready to help or offer support.

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These are truly compelling reasons that should make you consider Ireland as your first choice for studying abroad. Ireland is a melting pot of intriguing cultures, festivals, traditions, welcoming citizens, literature, history and the highest standards of scientific, research and academic excellence. It is one of the most beautiful countries to study in and you may also find suitable employment after completing your studies, enabling you to settle in this magical country. The wonders of Europe are all at your fingertips while the economic boom means greater prosperity and employment opportunities. All in all, this is a global educational destination worth choosing!


Which are the best courses in Ireland?

The top courses to study in Ireland are Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, and Computer Science.

Why is Ireland a good place to study abroad?

Ireland is a desirable location to study abroad due to a variety of factors, including the high standard of teaching and education, the career opportunities, and the pleasant lifestyle. Additionally, Ireland was recognised as the 16th most innovative nation in the world by The Bloomberg Innovation Index 2020.

Where to study in Ireland?

There are numerous renowned universities in Ireland where students can study such as Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology, Griffith College, Maynooth University, Trinity College Dublin, and University College Cork.

What are the living expenses in Ireland?

The cost of living will vary depending on the institution’s location, the kind of housing preferred, and the student’s own spending. According to location and lifestyle, on average, a student will spend between €7500 and €12,000/year.

Can I study in Ireland without IELTS?

You can now study in Ireland without IELTS if you select and apply to certain universities that are open to alternative tests. Many colleges in Ireland, including Maynooth University, National University of Ireland, University of Limerick, and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, offer programs without the IELTS test.

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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