Top Reasons to study at Yorkville University

Reasons to Study at Yorkville University

Canada has become a prime destination for international students. The country’s  academic prowess is being driven by its high quality of education and an extremely desirable standard of living. Among the hundreds of educational institutions that the country has, Yorkville University has been gaining some serious attention and popularity within the global student community. Yorkville University is a Canadian university that was founded in 2003 and is situated in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The first enrolment of students took place in 2004, and the university has since set up physical campuses in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Concord (Ontario). This article explores the history, academic structure, courses it offers, and the benefits of studying at Yorkville University. You will also learn about the UA Accelerator Programs developed by upGrad and how they are excellent options for Indian students in the current scenario.

Introduction to the Yorkville University:

The institution was established in 2003 in the town of Fredericton, New Brunswick, in Canada. The university was founded with the mission to offer career-focused degrees which are flexible yet rigorous, for those wishing to make an impact in the real world. Yorkville University (YU) has grown exponentially since its first batch of students in 2004. It now has  campuses in three locations in Canada – New Brunswick, British Columbia, and Ontario. The institution confers degrees to thousands of graduates each year. The degrees help students launch meaningful careers or help them switch careers.

They equip the graduates with a strong foundation in specific fields, professional knowledge, skills required by the industry, and a rock-solid sense of workplace values. The university allows a course to be taken on or off-campus. It also offers a combination of both. This, in today’s world, puts the university on the map. 

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Meet Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes, President of Yorkville University

The university is headed by Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes who brings 25 years of experience. She is considered one of the leading voices on academic integrity and educational innovation in the country. Hughes was the founding dean of the Lang School of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph. She intends to bring about ground-breaking change in Canada’s higher education system using YU’s flexible and accessible teaching methods, and exceptionally small class sizes. This she believes will lead to a healthier learning environment and maximizing innovation and progress for the students. She has a record of leading institutions to be ranked on top of the charts in the past and students enrolling in an academic program under her stewardship will most definitely gain a lot from their tenure. 

  • The University’s Mission Statement: 

Yorkville University aims to build a national university that provides work-oriented degree programs that lead to rewarding careers and help individuals contribute to the betterment of  society.

  • Academic Courses offered at the Yorkville University:

Here are the various programs that are offered at Yorkville University. On successful completion, you will be awarded  Diplomas, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (online/on-campus)
  • Bachelor of Interior Design (online/on-campus)
  • Interior Decoration Associate Diploma (online)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (online/on-campus)

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Graduate Degrees:

  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (online)
  • Master of Education in Adult Education (online)
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership (online)
  • Doctor of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Below, we have compiled the course duration and the first-year fee for some of the programs:

Name of the Degree earnedCourse DurationFirst Year Tuition Fee in Rs
Bachelor of Interior Design4 Years12.4 Lakh
BBA in Energy Management4 Years11.7 Lakh
BBA in Accounting4 Years11.7 Lakh
BBA in Project Management4 Years11.7 Lakh
BBA in Supply Chain Management4 Years11.7 Lakh

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Key Benefits of studying at the Yorkville University

  • Flexibility of Learning

The cost of living in Canada can prove to be expensive for Indian students. It is a boon to be studying at YU as it allows students to take up part-time jobs to ease the financial burden. The course structure and online classes make it easy for students to take up jobs that are allowed for the student visa.

Part-time jobs also have added benefits. Besides helping you pay for your food and lodging, it adds positively to your resume and aids in building a network that is useful when you apply for jobs after graduating. It also gives you valuable insight into the community and work culture. 

  • Accelerated Degrees

The university provides optimum transfer of credits gained from your previous learning programs, which leads to students graduating faster. They also offer a year-round study option that maximizes the program’s efficiency and time management. This sets the institution apart from others in its category as utilization of time is crucial today.

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  • Year-round Start Dates

You are allowed to choose from multiple starting dates around the year suitable for you when you are ready to apply. This ensures that your education is fast-tracked and you waste no time waiting for the upcoming session. The sooner you finish your education, the sooner you can start your professional career. 

Additionally, take a look at all the resources and support that the students are entitled to when they gain admissions into the many programs at YU. 

  • Student Assistance

The university has a panel of program advisors who are dedicated to guiding you in every step of your academic journey, including figuring out which course fits your goals and aptitude to getting settled at the university and beyond. They will also assist you in understanding what part-time jobs may be suitable for you and help with any academic challenges that you may face while being there.

  • Student Success Centre

There is also a 24-hour online support system set up by the university, that covers subjects like writing/mathematics, labs and links for tutors; and one-on-one support. 

  • Career Guidance 

The university goes beyond just classroom teaching and  completion of the academic curriculum. Students from the graduating batch receive all the help they need in building impactful resumes, writing insightful cover letters, working on interview strategies, and searching for relevant work opportunities that match their ambitions.

  • Small Class Sizes

A class size of 20 students ensures that there is optimum one-on-one interaction which enhances the atmosphere of the class, creating a healthy learning experience. Individual students are given the attention and care they need when they face any challenge in dealing with the curriculum and otherwise. The small class size also helps create strong bonds among students that they can treasure throughout their lives.

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UA Accelerator Programs by UpGrad in association with Yorkville University

Considering the challenges Indian students face while planning to study abroad after their 12th examinations, upGrad has announced UA Accelerator Programs that ease the situation. These programs allow students to pursue the first two years of the four-year program from Chandigarh University in India and then complete the third and the fourth year on-campus at Yorkville University in Canada. This ensures that the candidates get a little more time after their high school to prepare for an international transfer and get accustomed to all the requirements of an international university and visa regulations.

Here are the various courses offered under the upGrad UA Accelerator Programs:

  • BBA (General)
  • BBA Project Management
  • BBA Accounting
  • BBA Supply Chain
  • BBA Energy Management

Benefits of doing the courses with upGrad

If you pursue the courses with upGrad from Chandigarh University you will be entitled to the following benefits and assistance:

  • You will be eligible for transfer to on-campus studies at Yorkville University in Canada
  • You will receive TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) training and will be following a Canadian curriculum
  • You will be saving a hefty amount of approximately Rs 25 lakh  compared to a traditional four-year course in Canada.
  • You will be a part of daily live classes along with coaching sessions.
  • Complete guidance related to visa application, admission processes, and counseling will be provided to you by upGrad.
  • You will also get post-study work visa opportunities for up to 3 years similar to all Canadian graduates. 

To conclude, studying abroad can be a daunting task to process and the UA Accelerator Programs by upGrad can truly help Indian students achieve their dreams more comfortably. 

Higher education from a Canadian University will enhance your resume and increase your chances of securing a job of your choice. So, hurry and get planning!

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