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Average GMAT Score for Top Business Schools: Harvard, Stanford, Yale & More

Updated on 19 June, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Dreaming of an MBA from a top-tier business school? A Master of Business Administration can double your salary, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  Now, wondering what GMAT score will make you stand out? Getting into top-ranked B-schools is challenging. Typically, the top business schools require GMAT scores as high as 730.

Let’s uncover the average GMAT scores you need to hit to unlock the doors to the world’s most prestigious MBA programs!

What is GMAT

The GMAT is a computer-based standardized test that measures analytical, quantitative, and verbal skills. It’s essential for admission into top business schools, especially for those of us looking to study abroad. High GMAT scores can significantly improve our chances of getting into prestigious programs.

What is a Good GMAT Score for Top Business Schools

The top business schools' average GMAT score typically ranges from 700 to 750. For elite institutions like Harvard and Stanford, a score of 730 or higher is often necessary. If you know what a good GMAT score is, you can set realistic goals and focus your study efforts strategically.

Average Score Requirements for GMAT

The GMAT Focus Edition score ranges between 205 to 805, and the average total score is 565. The GMAT score requirement for top business schools increases every year. The GMAT score, which is between 650 to 690 is considered good, but for top-ranked universities such as Harvard University, and Stanford University you will need a score of 730 or higher. The average GMAT score for most business schools in Europe falls in the range of 630 to 750.

Average GMAT Scores Accepted by Top Business Schools 

The top-ranked universities for MBA programs offer attractive career opportunities, and hence, boast strong competition. To be eligible for admissions to the best B- schools worldwide, you will need a high GMAT score. Let me give an idea of the average GMAT scores of top business schools globally with an example of Harvard University.

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GMAT Score Required at Harvard University

From my experience, getting admission to Harvard University is very difficult. Harvard University features among the top 10 universities for MBA courses for international students. Getting admission to Harvard University is very difficult.

  • For MBA programs, aspirants require a GMAT score of 730 and must also fulfill the GRE score requirements. 
  • The GRE score requirement at Harvard ranges from 260 to 340. It means a score above 300 is a good one to get admission and meet the eligibility criteria for MBA programs there. 
  • The scores of applicants need to be between 155 to 166 for the verbal portion and 155 to 174 for quantitative analysis.

Average Harvard GMAT Score

I knew the competition was tough when I applied to Harvard Business School (HBS). Harvard Business School (HBS) MBA Class of 2025 has a competitive average GMAT score. While there’s no minimum GMAT score requirement, the median total is 740. 

This highlights the academic strength and analytical skills of HBS students. Compared to other universities’ GMAT scores, 

Harvard’s median score is among the highest average GMAT scores for top MBA programs.

Harvard GMAT Range

When preparing my application for Harvard Business School, I found it helpful to know that HBS accepts a wide range of GMAT scores, showcasing the diversity of its student body. For the MBA Class of 2025, GMAT scores for Harvard are as follows:




Total GMAT Score

500 - 790


Verbal Section Score

25 - 51


Quantitative Section Score

31 - 51


These numbers show that HBS students have strong verbal and quantitative skills. Knowing the GMAT score required for Harvard helps you understand what it takes to join one of the top business schools.

GMAT Score Required at Top 100 B-Schools

If you aim to study at one of the top 100 business schools, you’ll need a strong GMAT score. Let us look at some of the most popular B-schools and their average accepted GMAT scores.

UniversityAverage GMAT Score Requirement
Stanford University738
University of British Columbia550
Harvard University740
University of California, Berkeley733
Northwestern University731
University of Pennsylvania728
Dartmouth College726
Yale University720
University of Massachusetts690
University of Michigan719
London Business School700
University of Melbourne630
Cornell University710
University of Cambridge682
Rice - Jones702
University of Oxford650
Michigan State University670
Penn State540
Boston College576
Iowa State610
Kent State559
Clark Atlanta550
Virginia Commonwealth540


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You must meet the GMAT and GRE score requirements to get into top business schools. Given the low acceptance rates, I remember how crucial a strong GMAT score was during my application process. For detailed insights on average GMAT scores for top MBA programs and tips on achieving top MBA GMAT scores, contact the experts at upGrad Abroad. Good luck with your application journey

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FAQs on Average GMAT Score for Top Business Schools

What is the average GMAT score for top business schools like Stanford?

As per the official website, the average GMAT score for Stanford University is 738. However, if you are seeking admission to Stanford you should aim for 750 as the score keeps on fluctuating between 630 and 790.

How to get admission to Harvard Business School?

Apart from aiming for a good GMAT score, you must meet additional criteria for Harvard admissions. Here’s what you need:

  1. Stellar Academic record
  2. Leadership skills
  3. Strong letter of recommendation (LOR) from your professor
  4. Valid justification for any year gaps.

What is a good GMAT score for Harvard?

Harvard's GMAT score cut-off starts at around 730. To increase your chances, aim for a higher score. However, a good GMAT score is just one part of the application. You’ll also need a strong GPA, an impressive resume, a quality letter of recommendation, and a compelling application.

What is the acceptance rate for Harvard Business School?

Harvard Business School has a highly competitive admission process with a low acceptance rate. For the incoming Class of 2024, the acceptance rate was 9.5%. As per the university's official website, 69% of the Class of 2025 chose to submit GMAT scores in their applications.

What is the average GMAT score required for top business schools?

The GMAT scores needed to make it to the top business schools usually fall in the range of 590-750. The average GMAT score required for top business schools is mentioned in the table provided below:

University/SchoolAverage GMAT Score
Stanford University738
Harvard University740
The Northwestern University731
University of Pennsylvania728
Dartmouth College726

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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