Cost of Studying Abroad for Indian Students in Rupees

Studying abroad opens doors to ample opportunities. However, it can be a bit expensive, depending on the country you wish to move to. The first thing students need to know is how to manage their finances if they plan to study abroad. At times, the cost of living in a foreign land can be more expensive than expected. In some foreign countries, the top universities may have high tuition fees and expensive lifestyles, and all these require either huge savings or education loans. Planning logically and thinking critically is a necessity in such cases. In this article, we will discuss the cost of studying abroad for Indian students, countries with the lowest tuition fees, better career opportunities, maximum healthcare benefits, and more. 

Cost of Studying and Living in Different Countries


An extremely popular destination among students, Canada offers one of the best education facilities. The degrees offered by Canadian educational institutions are not only career oriented, but also globally recognized. Canada witnesses thousands of international students moving to the country every year to pursue higher education. The job market in Canada is developing rapidly with more and more conglomerates and multinationals setting up their bases there. Being sparsely populated, Canada needs more skilled and professional workforce to help grow their economy. Therefore, Canada welcomes immigrants from across the globe.  It is also one of the reasons Canada has eased immigration and PR laws. Different scholarships are also offered to meritorious students in Canada-

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship
  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • IDRC Research Awards

Fees of Canadian universities-

University  Bachelor fee Master Fee
Memorial University of Newfoundland INR 2, 32, 503- 10, 46, 342 per year INR 5, 61, 781 per year
Simon Fraser University INR 17, 43, 904 per year INR 1, 15, 421 per year
Cape Breton University INR 4, 95, 972 per year INR 58, 125- 1, 04, 625 per year
University of Saskatchewan INR 11, 69, 252- 15, 69, 867 per year INR 76, 045- 2, 32, 525 per year

The cost of living in Canada is quite expensive in comparison to other countries. You can find homestays, student accommodations, and apartments on a sharing basis. If you’re planning to move to Quebec, Ottawa, or Montreal, you might save some money, whereas Calgary or Vancouver is the most expensive area of Canada. 

Here’s the expense breakup in brief to give you an idea:

  • University arranged stays cost INR 23, 234 to INR 46, 469 per month whereas student residences cost around INR 14, 523 to INR 36, 304. If you‚Äôre planning to stay in sharing, you‚Äôll have to pay between INR 17, 425 to INR 40, 656 approx.¬†
  • If a student prefers to eat home-cooked meals and is willing to buy groceries from the local markets such as Walmart, No Frills etc., it will only cost around INR 17, 445 per month.¬†
  • For students, there are many discounts on public transport approved by the government. The transport pass costs around INR 5,236 whereas the one-way ticket costs only INR 174.¬†

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Australia is one of the most common and sought after destinations for students around the globe for higher education. Australia is home to some of the best universities in the world. The country attracts many international students owing to its quality education, living standards, good quality of life, lucrative future career, research prospects and comparatively affordable educational costs. Australia readily accepts its university graduates in the job spectrum. So, if the students want to they can continue to stay and work in this country and later settle down. 

Here are the fees structure of different Australian universities-

University Bachelor Fee Master Fee
The University of Queensland INR 26, 15, 849  INR 26, 15, 849- 27, 25, 297 
The University of Sydney INR 21,21, 571- 26, 22, 840 INR 27, 04, 579- 36, 24, 136
University of New South Wales INR 25, 83, 529 INR 35, 83, 720
Australian National University INR 26, 16, 954 INR 27, 25, 993

With more than 700,000 Indian students, it is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand destinations for pursuing higher education. Although the study in Australia for Indian students costs lower than other countries such as the United Kingdom, living expenses are a bit on a higher end.

Read ahead to find the cost of living in Australia for Indian students-

  • The average cost for accommodation in Australia varies between INR 64, 529 to INR 1, 39, 849 per month. In Sydney, it is INR 1, 42, 515; in Melbourne, the cost is INR 98, 937 and in Perth, the accommodation cost is INR 79, 627.¬†
  • Food cost in Australia is not expensive but affordable. Groceries in Australia cost anywhere between INR 7, 530 to INR 15, 061 per week.¬†
  • The transportation cost in Australia is affordable for students as they receive concessions. However, transport fees in Australia may cost up to INR 1, 613 to INR 3, 227.¬†¬†

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Ireland offers numerous courses taught by world-known faculties, in world-class universities. The country is friendly to international students and offers high paying job opportunities to anyone willing to settle there. The Irish Government makes it a point to track and supervise quality of education in Ireland through the NFF (National Framework of Qualifications). Employment prospects are abundant in Ireland and the flourishing economy has created numerous openings for skilled graduates and undergraduates who want to do part time jobs along with their university programs.

Fee structure of universities in Ireland-

University Average Tuition Fee
St. Patrick’s College INR 3, 91, 513 per year
Cork Institute of Technology INR 3, 04, 514 per year
Trinity College, Dublin INR 6, 52, 442 per year
National University of Ireland INR 5, 21, 965 per year

In Ireland, certain cities like Dublin, Galway, and Cork are quite expensive compared to other cities, so students should plan and save before moving. 

Here’s a brief cost of living summary in Ireland-

  • As a student, you can live independently or at campus residence facilities offered by universities. You can also opt to live in sharing with other tenants. The accommodation cost in Ireland varies from INR 30, 316 to INR 69, 294.¬†
  • Food is one of the most important expenditures that people most often neglect. The money spent on food depends on the students, and so even if you decide to splurge, it will cost you somewhere around INR 8, 657 to INR 21, 641.¬†
  • Transportation fee in Ireland is extremely expensive. The charges of traveling via public transport can sum up to INR 11, 686. Students in Ireland also receive special travel passes reducing the travel cost up to 40%. Few renowned universities also provide transportation facilities, dramatically reducing the traveling cost.¬†
  • Health Insurance in Ireland adds to INR 1, 17, 099. To avoid extra expenditure on health, ensure to sign up for healthcare.¬†

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United States of America (USA)

The United States of America (USA) is known as the ‚ÄėLand of Opportunities‚Äô as the country promises ample scope to its citizens and immigrants to build an accomplished life. The country boasts of being home to the top ranked universities in the world. The quality of education and global exposure that these institutes provide attract many students. Abundant work opportunities often lure several to study the USA and gradually settle there.

Fees structure of some universities of the USA are:

University Tuition Fee
University of Wisconsin INR 9, 57, 586
Missouri University of Science & Technology INR 8, 83, 926
Arizona State University INR 9, 57, 586
Texas A&M University INR 6, 62, 733

The average cost of residing in the USA is around INR 7,35,305 to INR 13,23,549 per month. Living in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Boston, San Jose, and Miami might be expensive. Let’s bifurcate the average expense for you- 

  • The average monthly accommodation cost in the USA is INR 14, 702. However, this also depends on the area you‚Äôre residing in and the neighborhood you choose to live in. You can live alone, in a dorm provided by the university (if any), or share an apartment with other tenants.
  • The travel cost in the USA is anywhere between INR 20, 000 to INR 51, 471.¬†
  • Home-made meals will cost approximately INR 1, 83, 885 per annum. Eating out may turn out to be a bit expensive.

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Paris has been ranked as the most student-friendly city for the fifth consecutive year, and that tells why everyone dreams of going to the city. Higher education is subsidized in France; therefore, the tuition fees are comparatively lower. This means you can get a quality education with lesser tuition fees in this country. Also, the job opportunities after completing the courses are ample. The cost of living, safety, tuition fees, everything is under budget.

Fees of few best universities in France-

University Bachelor Fee Master Fee
Ecole Polytechnique INR 14, 69, 647 per annum INR 10, 93, 325 per annum
University of Paris INR 15, 536 per annum INR 21, 933 per annum
Jean Monnet University INR 43, 733-65, 599 per annum INR 43, 739-65, 609 per annum
Blaise Pascal University INR 1, 74, 932 per annum INR 1,74, 957- 2, 27, 445 per annum
Pierre and Marie Curie University INR 30, 617 per annum INR 2, 27, 000 per annum

France is one of the most expensive countries to live in. For instance, Paris is extremely expensive, but it all depends on which region you choose to stay. The expenditure will add up to INR 70, 000 per month. 

  • The average rent of a one-bedroom in France will be around INR 37, 603 per month.¬†
  • Basic utilities will cost you INR 9, 571 per month.¬†
  • Recreation, internet, and transportation will add up to INR 12, 032 per month.¬†
  • Food and groceries will be INR 10, 000 per month if you keep yourself on a tight budget.


Germany is counted amongst the five most popular study abroad destinations in the world. The cost of studying in Germany is less expensive compared to other European countries. With its focus on imparting quality education and tuition fee abolishment rules, Germany is one of the most preferred destinations for international students. The cost to study in Germany is very negligible compared to other countries which makes it the perfect choice for international students.

 Check the fees of few best universities from Germany-

University  Bachelor Fee Master Free
Humboldt University INR 26, 857 per sem INR 6, 99, 832 per year
University of Cologne Zero tuition fee. Social contribution fee of INR 43, 739 per year.  Zero tuition fee. Social contribution fee of INR 43, 739 per year.
Technical University of Munich INR 12, 631 per semester INR 12, 631 INR semester
Technical University of Berlin INR 26, 945 per semester INR 26, 945 per semester


Germany is one of the best European countries to live in. The economy is well developed, and there are plenty of job opportunities for skilled professionals.

 Here’s the cost of living in Germany for Indian students-

  • Accommodation price depends on the area you chose to stay in. Hamburg, Munich, and Berlin are expensive, whereas Frankfurt and Cologne are quite affordable. The rental charge is between INR 63, 911 to INR 89, 078.
  • The food cost goes up to INR 4, 500 per week. It may go slightly higher if you decide to eat out every day.
  • Monthly traveling will cost you INR 7, 784. Public transport is the preferred mode as the prices are economical.¬†
  • You can work along with studying in Germany. It will help you save more money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of studying in the USA for Indian students?

The cost of studying in the USA for Indian students can range from INR 19,35,167 to INR 29, 44, 060. 

2. Which is the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students? 

It depends on various factors such as scholarships, type of university, course and tuition fees.

3. In which countries can I study at low costs?

You can study in Poland, Malaysia, Germany, Norway and many other countries as they all charge less tuition-fees.

4. What are the points that I should consider while taking admission abroad?

You should consider school fees, accommodation, how safe the locality is and how many immigrant students have enrolled there. 

5. What challenges will I face if I move to another country?

You might face language barriers, cultural differences, financial stability, and, most importantly, a feeling of homesickness.

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